Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Bleach 609

Zero Divsion vs. Yhwach... muhahahaha I think not!

Oh hey, the girl group ain't all dead yet.

Back on the ground, Liltotto ventures underneath some rumble to find Giselle sucking Bambi's blood to revive herself. Liltotto then has a gun pointed at her head by Accutrone (mustache Sternritter). Accutrone then goes nuts screaming that the Sternritters left on the ground are finished because Yhwach didn't take them up to the Soul King's realm. On cue, the powers of the Sternritters on the ground are drained by Yhwach, and only Liltotto and Giselle manage to avoid Yhwach's light by hiding under the rubble. Yhwach then uses the power to revive his four special Sternritters.


Bleach never ceases to amaze with the random plot twists. Now the special Sternritters are going to come back 10 times as powerful. The Zero Division may be in trouble, but maybe not since not all of them have fought yet. I guess Bleach will keep doing this to kill time until Ichigo and friends, after going the long way around, finally catches up to Yhwach. It'd be pretty stupid if the Zero Division ended up losing off screen, so hopefully that won't happen. A question raised by this chapter is what will happen to the Sternritters on the ground, if Yhwach's drain didn't kill them outright. It's not like they were going to beat Rukia/Byakuya/Renji anyways, but they are even more screwed now. Maybe Mayuri will end up experimenting with Giselle or something, since she made the mistake not to die. Oh, and apparently the moustached pistol Sternritter actually has a name. Too bad he got killed off two pages later.

Naruto 698

The conclusion to Naruto vs. Sasuke: The Final Battle in an extra long chapter.

One final hurrah.

Sasuke steals Naruto's chakra and tries to finish Naruto off, but Naruto counters with an uppercut to knock Sasuke away. Yin Kurama gives Naruto one last bit of chakra, and Naruto and Sasuke clash one more time with power moves, which causes an explosion. Afterwards, both Naruto and Sasuke are on the ground and can't move but can still talk. Over the next day (because they fainted and no one went to find them), Naruto and Sasuke realize their love for each other... as brothers/friends, and Sasuke admits that he lost. Oh, and both Naruto and Sasuke lost an arm from the final clash.


That was... a pretty reasonable and decent conclusion to the final battle. The battle ended in a draw, which is probably the happiest ending we would have gotten, and Sasuke didn't need too much one-sided talk-no-jutsu to come back into the light. All it took was another fight and beating on each other for Naruto and Sasuke to affirm their bro-mance. Lol... them feels. As much as some of us wanted, obviously the series isn't going to kill off either Sasuke or Naruto, and this was a more balanced ending then somebody winning outright. I sound like I'm making fun of the ending, but really it's a decent conclusion, and better than a whole lot of other things that happened during the final war story-arc. Naruto and Sasuke both lose an arm, but that's probably not huge problem in the world of Naruto. One more chapter to go to wrap up the show.

Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis 04

Favaro and Amira have a swashbuckling adventure on the high seas.

Is this any way to greet a family friend?

Well, Amira seems to be attracted to seafood.

Following Bacchus' advice, Favaro leads Amira to a port city to look for a ship to Heruheimu. A sketchy guy introduces Favaro and Amira to a ship that happens to be captained by Armon, who is a buddy of Favaro's dad. Some time later, Kaisar and Rita arrive at the same port city looking for Favaro, and the same sketchy guy introduces them to another ship. On the ship, Rita starts asking Kaisar about why he hates Favaro. It turns out Kaisar and Favaro were childhood friends growing up, but it fell apart when Kaisar told Favaro about his father transporting treasures for the king. It turned out Favaro's dad was a Robin Hood-type thief, and his gang attacked the convoy led by Kaisar's father, and this led to the downfall of Kaisar's family.

On Armon's ship, Favaro and Armon also talk about some past history, and Armon reveals that after the robbery, the thieves were attacked by powerful demons drawn to the treasure. Favaro's dad was killed, and Armon was the only survivor. Suddenly, the ship is attacked by a giant monster crab, but Amira transforms into her demon form and easily sends the crab into retreat. Meanwhile, Kaisar and Rita find out they've boarded a ship full of pirates who want to rob them, but Kaisar easily dispatches the pirates and Rita turns them into zombies she can control.

Now is not the time to be hanging around, Favaro.

Zombies vs Fishman, just in time for Halloween.

Back on Armon's ship, Armon reveals that he has sold out to the demons and has command of a bunch of fish-man monsters. Armon uses some magic to tie Favaro up and reveals that the deaths of Favaro's and Kaisar's fathers were all planned out by him. Armon plans to collect the bounty on Amira, but Favaro manages to get free and climb up onto the mast with Amira. At this time, Kaisar and Rita's ship crash into Armon's ship, and Rita's zombies start fighting Armon's fish demons. Armon follows Favaro up to the sails and the two have a sword fight on the ropes. In the end, Favaro knocks Armon off of the sail, and the giant monster crab reappears just to toss Armon into its mouth before disappearing into the ocean once again.

Amira would have easily defeated this guy and his cronies, but what would be the fun in that. And Favaro needs his moments.

Loser becomes crab food.

Now that Armon and his demons have been defeated, Kaisar climbs up the sail to confront Favaro. Suddenly some giant tentacles appear from the sky. Kaisar and Amira are struck by lightning and grabbed into the clouds by the tentacles. It turns out that Kaisar and Amira have been captured by the demons led by Lucifer.

Kaisar should be happy now that he's so close to Amira.


That was a really fun episode, with a good mix of plot development, comedy and action. The setting on the high seas and the aquatic monsters reminded me a little bit of the Pirates of Caribbean. It turns out all of the bad blood between Favaro and Kaisar was all Armon's fault, but even if Favaro knows the truth he is going to have a hard time explaining it to Kaisar. And it's not like Favaro really wants to bother with Kaisar these days. The two of them certainly have a complicated history together though. Armon suddenly turning into an evil villain was fun, since he looked sketchy at first but then got presented as a somewhat decent guy. The part where the crab reappeared and ate him was over the top, but it's in line with the tone of the show.

Rita had a good showing as Kaisar's new travel companion, since even though she's a zombie, she has her full personality and can still create and control zombies with her umbrella. These abilities proved pretty useful in this episode. It'll be interesting now that Favaro is with Rita while Kaisar and Amira have been captured by the demons. Wonder how Favaro is going react when he sees Rita again. I also wonder how he and Rita are going to rescue Kaisar and Amira from the powerful demons. It seemed that Bacchus was trying to protect Amira and Favaro from the demons' surveillance, but Cerberus found Amira when Amira powered up.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Cross Ange 04

Zola's harem members try to make Ange's life more difficult.

There is a conspiracy afoot.

Looks like Ange is embracing the yuri culture.

Ange has transformed into a bad-ass dragon slayer, but she isn't a team player and not exacting making herself popular. Ange's performance has impressed Jill, who plans to use Ange as the centerpiece of her plan. Salia, Mei, Maggy and Jasmine are in on the plan, although Salia isn't pleased that Ange is taking over her role and getting the special Paramail. Meanwhile, Zola's clique members Rosalie and Chris try to make Ange's life difficult, but Ange is mostly able to turn the tables on them. Fellow clique member Hilda decides to take over Zola's role and takes Rosalie and Chris into her harem. Hilda then sabotages Ange's Paramail to get revenge.

The battle of who hates Ange more.

Imitation is sincerest form of flattery... Zola would be proud.

The team is scrambled to fight some dragons, and during the fight Ange's Paramail is damaged due to Hilda's sabotage. Ange's Paramail and a dragon fall into the ocean, and Ange ends up losing consciousness as the cockpit takes on water. Some time later, Ange finds herself tied-up and naked in a bed with a guy sleeping next to her.

This is no time to play around in the water.

Once again the victim.


This wasn't as fun or shocking as the previous episodes. Rosalie and Chris' antics aren't all that effective or interesting for that matter, and things only picked up a little when Hilda decided to take over Zola's place and go the extra mile to get rid of Ange. Given the animosity that Zola Hilda's harem has for Ange and that Hilda tried to have Ange killed, it's hard to see them ever being comrade in arms. I suppose Ange eventually will figure out that having some allies will help her survive.

While Zola the sexual predator may have bitten the dust last episode, Ange once again finds herself a potential victim of sexual abuse, finding herself naked, tied up and in bed with an unknown guy. Looks like Ange getting sexually abused is going to be recurring theme for this show. In this case, said naked guy looks like the male protagonist, so maybe nothing really bad happened and this may be played for comedy, but still...

The other interesting tidbit from the show is in the beginning where Jill wants to use Ange for some plan she has with some of the staff and Salia. Salia wants the special Paramail and to be the star, but Ange took that role with her badassery. We'll see if Salia will develop a rivalry or animosity towards Ange as well. Given that Jill wants to keep the plan secret especially from the magic user Emma, perhaps Jill wants some sort of revenge on the world of magic that condemned Normas like herself to fight dragons. That would be a pretty interesting story.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Gundam Reconguista in G 05

Bellri helps the Pirates fight off another Capital Army attack.

It ain't Gundam without a masked pilot.

Not only is Bellri a natural pilot, he has good reflexes and self defense skills too.

The Megafauna gets resupplied and prepares for flight back into space. Bellri and friends and still onboard and act like they are part of the crew, and everybody seems to be okay with that except for Aida, who is still pissed at Bellri for killing Cahill. The Capital Army dispatches another force to rescue Bellri and friends, and this time the force is led by mysterious masked pilot Mask and his bigger than usual transformable mobile suit Elf Bullock. The pirates learn of the impending attack, and Bellri promises to fend off the Capital Army to make up for accidentally killing Cahill. However, the attack came so fast that the G-Self's core fighter is still outside, and Bellri has to figure out how to fly the thing.

Get ready for the beam spam.

Even beam spam is no match for a Gundam.

Mask and his squad converge on the Megafauna which has taken off from the waters. Klim head out in his Montero to battle Mask. Mask uses the Elf Bullock's massive number of lasers to gain the upper hand, but Klim manages to deal some damage to the larger mobile suit. Aida uses the G-Arcane as a sniper from Megafauna, and during the battle she is ordered to push G-Self out of the hangar to the launch pad. Bellri eventually figures out how to get the core fighter off the ground and flies in to dock with the G-Self. Mask sees the G-Self and closes in on the Megafauna. The G-Self doesn't have its flight pack, but Bellri jumps up with G-Self's thrusters and swings around the G-Self's extensible beam sabers to force Mask and his squad to retreat. Afterwards, Aida thanks Bellri for helping to defend the ship, but then she goes to cry in a corner because she still can't get over Cahill's death. Meanwhile, Bellri and friends decide to stay to spy on the pirates a little longer and then escape with the G-Self once the Megafauna goes into space.


This story is starting to make less and less sense. The whole episode was strange. What kind of (para)military squad (aka the Pirate Corps) just lets prisoners roam around and also pilot their most powerful and prized mobile suit? Bellri's actions makes a little more sense since he is supposedly spying on the pirates and has no love for the Capital Army, but piloting the G-Self against the Capital Army messes up his chances of returning to the Capital in the G-Self. That's the plot development the show will go with to "force" Bellri join the pirates, although Bellri is pretty much part of the crew already. All that's left is for Aida to come around and get over Cahill's death.

This episode featured the debut of the rival, uber-cool masked pilot that's so prevalent on Gundam shows. However, unlike the previous masked pilots, Mask isn't actually that skilled and had a bad initial showing. The Elf Bullock (what sort of name is that?) has overwhelming firepower via beam spam and was technically superior to Klim's Montero, yet Klim was able to do some damage to it, and we all know that Klim isn't that good. I guess this is Gundam Reconguista in G is trying to break the mold. Instead of giving the masked pilot an average (or better than average) mobile suit for him to show off his skills, they give the masked pilot a superior mobile suit to show off the mediocrity of his piloting skills. It's too early to judge, but at this point Dellensen seems to be more of a challenge than Mask.

So after the first 5 episodes, my impressions of Gundam Reconguista in G is mixed. Hopefully the show will improve once it really gets into its central plot. I'm also interested in finding out some of the history, especially what happened at the end of the Universal Century that prompted the change into the Regild Century.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis 03

Favaro, Amira and Kaisar converge upon a strange village.

Favaro has a penchant for trouble.

Hey, what's that on your chest? Let me get a closer look.

Favaro and Amira continue traveling together, and Favaro learns that Amira had lost one of her wings when she stole the gods' key. In need of some coins, Favaro looks up a bounty poster. To prepare for the bounty, Favaro climbs the walls of a valley to get special plant, but in the process he is attacked by a giant serpent monster. Favaro defeats the serpent, and also collects the plant.

Kaisar isn't having a very good day.

Meanwhile, Kaisar has wandered into a foggy forest after his latest defeat at the hands of Favaro. Tired, Kaisar falls down a slope and is knocked out. Kaisar is rescued by a young girl named Rita and taken to the village of Nebelville. Rita is the daughter of the village's doctor, and Kaisar joins the family for a meal after he wakes up. During dinner, Rita's parents tell Kaisar of monsters that attack the village, and Kaisar vows to help. Rita acts strange and is rude to her parents, and she walks out of the dinner. Kaisar goes to talk to Rita and reveals his family history. Kaisar comes from a family of knights, but his father was hanged for failing to protect tribute goods that were being transported to the king, and Kaisar's family was shamed. Kaisar vows to regain honour for his family, although Rita wasn't really into his story

Just in time for Halloween.

After the chat, Kaisar is alerted by the villagers that monsters are approaching the village. Kaisar confronts the two monsters, one of whom knows Kaisar's name. The monster manages to stuff a cloth into Kaisar's face. Kaisar smells something strange, and then sees that the monsters are actually Favaro and Amira. What's more, all of the villagers except Rita are zombies. The village had been wiped out a long time ago with only Rita surviving, and the story is that she got a necromancer book and resurrected the villagers as zombies. The village air also causes people to see the zombies as people, but Favaro has gotten the plant to dispel the hallucinations. Kaisar joins Favaro and Amira in fighting the zombies, and he confronts Rita. Suddenly, Rita's mother zombie bites Rita, and Kaisar kills the zombies. Rito falls due to the bite and drops the spell book, and Favaro shoots the book with arrows and turns the book into a card for bounty collection. After Favaro and Amira had left, Kaisar is still with Rita who is turning into a zombie. Kaisar is struggling whether or not to kill Rita, as Rita turns and lunges after Kaisar with her mouth open.

Kaisar must have a soft spot for lolis.

Later, Favaro and Amira collect the bounty from Bacchus, and Favaro learns of the bounty on his and Amira's heads. Meanwhile, Kaisar is walking around with a zombie Rita in tow, although Rita still retains full intelligence and personality.


Another fun and entertaining episode, and a taste of zombies is appropriate as Halloween is coming up. This episode was a side adventure mainly to introduce Rita into the show. From the episode, it sounded like the necromancer book was controlling Rita to summon the zombies, so that's why the zombies attacked her at the end? Not 100% sure about that part, but it looks like Rita will be Kaisar's sidekick now. I'm not sure what Kaisar did at the end there. I guess he must have fended off Rita, and then Rita gained control of her zombie urges? The pairing of Kaisar the unfortunate knight and Rita the deadpan girl zombie will be interesting. Wonder if Kaisar is still enamored with Amira now that Rita is following him around.

We learned a bit about Kaisar and Amira's background this week. Kaisar's father was executed for failing the king, and this is what prompted Kaisar to become a bounty hunter. If he wants to regain honour for his family, hanging out with Favaro is probably not the best idea. As for Amira, she somehow sneaked into the gods' domain and stole the key, although she took damage during her escape and lost a wing. We still don't know why Amira stole the key though. We'll find out though as the gods, demons, and Jeanne d'Arc's knights are closing in on Amira.

One Piece 765

Law's flashback continues as Corazon tries to steal the Ope Ope no Mi.

The power of silence.

Corazon gets a call from Doflamingo saying that he has info on the Ope Ope no Mi. Some pirates found the fruit and are selling it to the Marines for a huge price, and Doflamingo plans to steal the fruit and have Corazon eat it, and Corazon can then heal Law. After the call with Doflamingo, Corazon is ecstatic, but he knows that Doflamingo is probably suspicious of him, and he also knows that Doflamingo wants Corazon to eat the fruit so Corazon can be sacrificed to give Doflamingo immortality. Corazon also can't eat the fruit because he already has a Devil Fruit power. So Corazon's plan is to steal the fruit before Doflamingo can and have Law eat the fruit. Being a spy of the Marines, Corazon calls Sengoku and gets details of the exchange, and also informs Sengoku of Doflamingo's plans. Corazon plans to use the Marines to take out Doflamingo while he steals the fruit for Law.

Three weeks later, Corazon and Law sneak onto the island where the exchange is going to happen. Law's condition has deteriorated, and so Corazon goes into action on his own. Using his Devil Fruit powers of silence, Corazon sneaks into the mansion where the pirates are staying and steals the Ope Ope no Mi. Corazon is overjoyed, but he trips and falls down a snowy slope after running out the castle and is caught by pirates who are guarding the perimeter.


Doflamingo calling Corazon about the Ope Ope is what I thought would happen. Corazon has things all planned out, playing off the Marines to take care of Doflamingo, but of course the best laid plans can go awry. Corazon's power is useful for stealth since people can't hear him, but his own clumsiness cost him in this chapter. Since we know the Donquixote family survived this encounter and was not wiped out by the Marines, we know Doflamingo probably had some other plans. Doflamingo was suspicious of Corazon anyways, and probably will make the attempt to steal the fruit.. maybe even when Corazon was captured. Looks like this flashback is coming to its conclusion.