Sunday, March 29, 2015

Cross Ange 25 (Finale)

Ange and friends have a final showdown with Embryo.

Bye bye Jill. You served your purpose.

Aura contributing to the war effort.

Salia brings the wounded Jill back to the Aurora, where Jill has a smoke and calls Salia her little sister before dying. The merging of the two Earths is nearly complete, but Aura uses her powers to hold on for a little longer, and the almighty dragon tells Tusk and friends to use the Villkiss to travel to where Ange and Embryo are. According to Aura, all Ragnamails will react to humans with strong will and courage.

Four power rangers flying in to rescue their leader.

Witnesses ruin the mood for sexual assault.

Meanwhile, Ange wakes up on a copy of Arzenal floating in space. Embryo appears and explains that this was the original Arzenal where he conducted research and discovered the multiple dimensions, and the first Ragnamail was an interdimensional exploration vehicle. Thanks to an accident, the island is now in the space in between dimensions where things do not age, and Embryo has operated out of this pocket dimension. Ange tries to run from Embryo, but Embryo roughs her up, ties her to the ground and prepares to rape her.

Oh Tusk and Ange... they just can't stop. Also Hilda was being hilarious in the background.

Yet another color change for the Villkiss.

Back on the Aurora, Tusk is given the honor of trying to activate the Villkiss, and after screaming for a bit Tusk finally gets the job done when his tears hit Ange's ring. Tusk, Sala, Salia and Hilda (the latter two piloting Embryo's Ragnamails) then travel through the dimensional portal. Sala starts singing her song, and Ange can hear it and sings back which leads Tusk and company to the floating Arzenal. Tusk and girls arrive just as Embryo is starting to rape Ange and this forces Embryo to back off. Tusk hands the Villkiss back to Ange, and he borrows Sala's sword to fight Embryo's human body. Ange's return prompts the Villkiss to change colors yet again and also give Ange a white rider's suit. The four girls then go after Embryo's Ragnamails, and Embryo responds by summoning three Villkiss-clone Ragnamails to even the numbers.

I stab you. You stab me. We are a big happy stabby family.

Human powered Ragnamails prove to be more powerful.

On the ground, Tusk hits Embryo and figures out that while Embryo can teleport, he cannot regenerate his body in this dimension. Embryo then resorts to spamming teleport and using his revolver. Embryo gets behind Tusk and stabs him in the shoulder, but Tusk takes the opportunity to stab behind him into Embryo's stomach. In the sky, Embryo takes over Salia and Hilda's Ragnamails to turn the numbers in his favor, but Salia and Hilda use their willpower to retake their Ragnamails. Sala, Hilda and Salia then destroy the Ragnamails they are fighting, and Ange finishes off Embryo's Ragnamail with the shoulder cannons and slicing the remaining torso bits in half. Back on the ground, Tusk also finishes Embryo by slicing him in half down the middle.

Die, you damned rapist!!

Putting the final nail on the coffin for Embryo.

The destruction of Embryo's Ragnamail causes a dimensional rift that transports everybody (including Aura and the Aurora) to the Arzenal on the real Earth which the dragons live. Ange and friends then agree to build a nation where everybody can live together peacefully. On the Earth that Embryo had created, the Misurugi Empire is ruins, but Sylvia is leading a band of survivors.

Good to see Sylvia taking control of her own destiny.

Happily ever after.



The ending was predictable, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. It was a solid final episode with a decent battle, and that's not a bad way to end the series. Embryo the narcissistic manipulative womanizer and rapist finally got his deserved ass-whooping at the hands of Ange, her girlfriends, and her boyfriend Tusk. Embryo was actually brought down by his obsession with Ange, since he could have just bailed into this pocket dimension and Ange and friends would have trouble finding him and stopping the dimensional convergence. All the important good characters got their little moments and worked together to beat the bad guy, and Tusk got his face in Ange's naked crotch while Hilda was looking. It turns out that the panties Ange gave Tusk did come in handy since Embryo had removed all of Ange's clothes, but I don't know if the Villkiss would have generated a pair for Ange anyways when it gave Ange her new uniform. It would have been hilarious if Tusk had somehow used the panties to win his sword + gun fight with Embryo though.

So in the end, Ange and all the Arzenal staff end up living happy ever after in the dragon world, which is probably fine giving how they were ostracized in Embryo's magic people Earth. I guess Tusk is the big winner here since he is the only guy in the whole group, and we haven't seen a single dragon-human male in human form. Fake Earth still lives on though and Sylvia is at least taking her destiny into her own hands. The death toll in this final episode was rather low. Other than Embryo, the only other character death was Jill. Even the two scrub pilots that were following Vivian around survived.

Overall, Cross Ange has certainly been an entertaining series, although it's not really what'd I call a good series. Some of the writing and fan service is terrible, but they are terrible in a hilarious and outrageous way. The combination of mecha, pretty girls and fan service is effective in making things interesting. The propensity towards torture and sexual violence (and also people peeing themselves) in this show can be a little off-putting, but at the same time these elements contribute towards the outrageous-ness of the show. Of course, being a Sunrise show, the production quality was good for the most part. It was definitely better than Gundam Reconguista in G, that's for sure.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Gundam Reconguista in G 26 (Finale)

The Capital Army, Amerian forces, and the Megafauna have a three-way battle on Earth.

Time to drain down the G-Self's power level a little bit to make the battle more interesting.

Free for all battle royale breaks lose.

Bellri, Mask, and all the other surviving combatants from the previous space battle descend into Earth above some wilderness. Commander Jugan and the Bruzin also join the fray, and everybody runs into an Amerian battle group that is trying to invade Capital territory. Meanwhile, Willmitt and Cumpa come to a rough landing on a plateau because Cumpa wants to stop by and observe the battle.

Poor Cumpa, but he brought this upon himself.

Nice pose. Not sure how much sense it made to destroy Amerian ships, but nice pose.

What comes next is a messy battle where everyone is fighting everyone else. Klim and Mick end up fighting Kun and Chikara, who are backing the Capital Army. Klim ends up killing Chikara and Kun retreats after her Mazraster is damaged, but Klim and Mick decline to pursue as their mobile suits have sustained damage during the battle. From the Megafauna, Raraiya and Noredo in the G-Lucifer stops Aida from becoming involved, but they then go on and deal heavy damage to the Rattle Python that is leading the Amerian fleet.

Klim puts the spin cycle.

Once again, poor Cumpa. Funniest and most insignificant death for a scheming mastermind, ever.

Mask and Manny have their eyes set on ending Bellri and the G-Self, and Mask actually damages the G-Self with the rings and the G-Self is running low on power. Bellri is forced to improvise to escape and hide in forest, and Mask's Kabakali is damaged by the G-Self in the process. Bellri hides in some tunnels which Manny's G-Rach is too big to fit through, and escapes out of a waterfall just in time to see Kerbes and Ringo take down Jugan's flyer. Bellri jumps onto the plateau to meet up with his comrades and it happens to be the plateau where Willmitt and Cumpa are located. Bellri is however attacked by Kun and Mazraster, and Kun accidentally kills Cumpa by kicking the glider in Cumpa and sending him flying off the cliff. Bellri uses the G-Self's tractor beams to restrain Kun's Mazraster, and Kun gets the message that Bellri doesn't want to kill her and she stand down. However, Mask spots the G-Self and makes one last attempt to kill Bellri. Bellri and Mask both deal heavy damage to the other's mobile suit and both end up falling in a river, but Bellri flies away in the core fighter which leaves Mask to scream in frustration and failure.

You got close this time, Mask, but Bellri and the G-Self are still better.

Mask, forever a failure.

With most of the belligerent parties destroyed or too damaged to fight, Aida and the Megafauna take control of the battlefield and calls an end to the fighting. Some time later, Bellri, Aida and friends on the Megafauna go on a world tour with the Crescent ship which has also descended into the atmosphere. Upon arriving at Ameria, the group finds Klim's dad the president giving a public war speech and tries to claim that Klim died in the war to drive the war propaganda, and Klim promptly orders the Crescent ship to crush his own dad. Some time later, the Megafauna is over Japan and Bellri descends to climb Mount Fuji using a mechanical walker, and Noredo is pissed that Bellri left without telling her. Also, Luin/Mask and Manny are camping somewhere out in the wilderness.

Apparently Flamina is secretly a midget. Who cares?

A giant spaceship scraping the street is a pretty scary sight.

This defeats the purpose of hiking.

Noredo is sad because she knows how badly this show sucked.



When I saw that this was the final episode of the series, I thought it would just be the ending for the first half of the series and Sunrise will put out another 2 cours to finish the story (like Gundam 00). To my surprise, this episode actually concludes the story, and what an incredibly stupid ending that was. That ending was so terminally dumb that I couldn't help but laugh at it. Actually, this final episode actually started off pretty well by setting up a messy battle between all surviving parties. Of course the story has never made any sense in this show, but at least the mecha combat was pretty decent, and for the first time (and last time) Mask actually got some licks in on the G-Self and put Bellri in real danger. I have no idea why Mask and especially Manny suddenly hate Bellri so much that they want to put him to death, but then again we already accepted the fact that the story makes no sense. And Cumpa's death was face-palm material. Never thought the mastermind behind the Capital Army would get such an insignificant death. Still, the episode was decent up to the point where Bellri triumphed over Mask once again.

And then everything just crashed into the ground. What we ended up getting was a condensed version of the "everybody suddenly get along" ending that abruptly put a stop to the series. The "everybody suddenly get along" is a pretty common ending in Gundam series, but that problem is that this didn't seem like the right point to end the series. There is so much left unexplained about the Hermes Foundation, the SCord religion, the Rayhunton family, the ties to UC, and everything else that was set up in this series. The Capital Army isn't destroyed, although Jugan and Cumpa are both dead. The Amerians are also not going to suddenly forgive the Capital for hogging the proton batteries, but the ending took care of that with Klim ordering the Crescent ship to scrape the street and crush his own father. Klim just casually decided to kill his own dad, and he did it by ordering a giant spaceship to scrape along the street where a public speech attended by hundreds if not thousands of people are taking place... doesn't this sound completely idiotic!? Sure, we know Klim is an idiot, but the other people just let him do this, and they murdered a head of state on their "peace tour"? It's so stupid that it makes my head hurt.

Overall, Gundam Reconguista in G was the worst Gundam series I've watched. Compared to this, Gundam AGE (which was mediocre at best) looks like an award-winning anime. I had high expectations for Reconguista, given how it's billed as the sequel to the Universal Century timeline. The setting of a more peaceful Earth after long period of war certainly had a lot of potential. Instead, the series turned out to be a strange mess. The whole story made little sense, and the ending left a whole bunch of stuff unexplained. The characters are all weird and not in a good way, and the random comedy and acts of incompetent just throws off the show. I'm not sure what kind of show Reconguista is trying to be. Part of my displeasure with the show is that it wasn't what I was expecting, but the other part is that it just sucked. It's not like the show started well and then faded; it didn't even start well, and certainly didn't get better over time. The only positives were that the production quality was good as expected of Sunrise, and the mecha designs got better through the series, but the writing is just oh so terrible. Get a better story next time, Sunrise. Two thumbs down!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Bleach 621

Yhwach releases black goo all over the Seiretei.

Gooey blob babies, to be precise.

After absorbing Soul King's right arm, Yhwach envelopes the Seiretei in darkness. Yhwach then releases a bunch of blobby homunculus (like from Fullmetal Alchemist) babies down. Sui Feng and a couple of other shinigamis fight and get overwhelmed by the blob babies, but Aizen arrives in his chair and crushes the blobs with his reiatsu.


Apparently absorbing the Soul King's right arm causes Yhwach to spew blob babies. I wonder this black goo has anything to do with Ichibei's black ink. Homunuculus blob babies don't have anything on Aizen though. He just strolled onto the scene all cool in his chair. I wonder who's moving that chair? Supposedly they were guys who were supposed to carry Aizen's chair, but their fingers get burned off if they get too closes. I have no idea where Bleach is going these days, but let's hope Aizen gets some trolling on Yhwach. We need some entertainment until Ichigo finally makes his way back up the tower again.

Oh, and apparently there is going to be a Naruto gaiden, which to some was probably the most exciting page of the chapter (in the Mangastream scan).

One Piece 781

Guess who's not dead.

Special delivery for evil mastermind.

Doflamingo explains that he is closing his Bird Cage to slice everybody in Dressrosa into thin slices, and he wants to see if Luffy can stop him before everyone is killed. Luffy charges at Doflamingo, but it ends up being a distraction as Law teleports himself in and stabs Doflamingo with the Gamma Knife attack to destroy Doflamingo's organs. Law actually secretly maintained "Room" around the palace and substituted himself with another body after Doflamingo shot him. Doflamingo is hurt bad but doesn't go down, but Luffy puts him on his back with a kick. Luffy wants to hit Doflamingo some more but Law states that ending Doflamingo is his job. Trebol tries to interfere but Luffy kicks him aside. Law stands over Doflamingo and tells that he is going to finish what Corazon started. Law hits Doflamingo with a Counter Shock before falling to the ground from injuries, but Doflamingo surprisingly gets up. Doflamingo explains that his strings can repair his organs. Doflamingo then tries to stomp Law's head in, but Luffy puts a stop to that by putting his foot in the way.


We all knew Law was alive. He did take the first bullet, but switched himself out when he fell over and Doflamingo didn't notice. Law's attack did lots of damage on Doflamingo, but apparently Doflamingo can self-repair via his string powers so even Gamma Knife is unable to keep him down. This just all sets things up for Luffy to finish the job. Law is spent, but he's still alive which means he might still be able to help Luffy a little bit. The way that Luffy stopped Doflamingo's stomp was pretty badass though. Don't know how much of a role Trebol will play though since Luffy kicked him aside pretty easily.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Cross Ange 24

Ange and friends continue to battle Embryo's forces.

Ha, I had sex with Ange already! Take that, Embryo!

Going into the water might be a better strategy anyways, unless the disc drones can move in the water.

Jill takes over the fight with Salia, which frees up Ange to go help Sala. Jill tells Salia that Embryo is just using her, but Salia refuses to believe Jill and the two keep on fighting. Meanwhile, Tusk holds his own against Embryo, and taunts Embryo with the fact that he and Ange had already had sex, and that pisses Embryo off. At the same time, Sala has made it to the underground chamber where Aura is being held. Sala can't break the barrier with her beam cannon and sword and she gets harassed with more disc drones. Ange arrives and takes over warding off the drones, while Sala sings for half the episode to power up her tornado shoulder cannons to try to break the barrier.

Swat the drones for me Ange while I take half the episode to sing.

Reinforcements have arrived.

Back above ground, the Aurora and its defenders are getting overwhelmed by the endless swarm of disc drones. The Aurora loses an engine and ends up in the water again. Ersha sorties in her Paramail to back up Vivian and company, but they still can't keep up with the drones. Ersha tries to lead the drones away from the other girls and her Paramails gets cut up. Just as Ersha is about to be sliced, the dragons arrive through dimensional portals caused by Embryo's merging of the worlds, and they save Ersha. Seeing that the dragons are here, Embryo teleports Salia's team into the middle of the dragons to draw attention. The two unimportant Ragnamail girls instantly become dragon food, while Jill has to save Salia from being eaten by a dragon. Chris goes nuts after realizing she has been abandoned again, but Hilda and Rosalie work together so that Rosalie tackles Chris out of her Ragnamail in midair. Hilda saves Rosalie and Chris from falling to their deaths, and Rosalie and Chris reconcile. Back down in the hole below the Tower of Light, Sala finally finishes singing and breaks Aura out of its prison.

Mid-air tackle for the win!

The aura of Aura.

Meanwhile, Jill follows Embryo down to the underground chamber where Sala and Ange had already left. Jill asks Embryo to take her with him, but Embryo refuses. Jill then uses a hidden ice cannon in her robotic right arm to freeze Embryo's body to capture him, but Embryo can still control his Ragnamail and shoots Jill with a laser. Embryo also destroys his old body with the lasers and declares that he is going to retrieve Ange. Back outside, the good guys realize that the dimensional convergence is still going even though Aura has been freed. Embryo then teleports to Villkiss to explain that Aura's energy is only needed to start the process. He then nabs and teleports Ange away.

Nice try, Jill. But just one little problem with your plan.

If Embryo could do this all along, why didn't he do it earlier?


It was an entertaining episode, with plenty to laugh about. The highlight was Embryo taunting Tusk about how he molested Ange, and then getting pissed when Tusk reveals that he already had sex with Ange. I actually thought that might happen from the previous episode. And Embryo doesn't know that he isn't the first person to molest Ange too, as Jill had her way with Ange in the very first episode. Now if only my power of prediction could have extended to my NCAA bracket (which is doing badly). Anyways, back to the show, it was also hilarious how Sala had to spend half an episode singing before she could fire off the tornado cannons. The fact that the two Ragnamail girls who weren't traitors instantly became dragon chow was laughable too. Overall there was all sort of hilarity in this episode, which is good when it comes to Cross Ange.

So from the episode, it sounded like it didn't really matter if Ange and friends freed Aura or not, as the dimensional conversion was already self sustaining. If that was the case, I'm not really sure what Embryo was waiting around for. Perhaps he just wanted to murder Tusk, but that didn't exactly work. On the other hand, he had no problem kidnapping Ange with his teleportation, and I have no idea why he doesn't use that more often to his advantage. Embryo could just go around and teleporting enemies into a prison, and that'd be hard to stop. Jill had the right idea of trying to restrain his body, but apparently Embryo's real essence is within his Ragnamail. That actually makes things easy since Ange, Sala and friends need to destroy that Ragnamail anyways.

Lastly, nobody from the old Arzenal team died in this episode. Ersha had a close call but was saved by the dragons, while Chris actually reconciled with Rosalie. I was expecting some deaths, but I guess the series doesn't want kill off the developed characters. There might be decent chance of Salia saving Jill too, although there is a probably an equal chance that Jill wants to die with Embryo. The two newbies flying with Vivian are still in danger though.

Looking forward to the final showdown next week. Embryo the womanizing, manipulative jerk is about to get what's coming to him in form of an ass-kicking by some of the women he has victimized.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Gundam Reconguista in G 25

The battle descends back into Earth.

Somebody is clearly going crazy.

Random tearful dramatic moment is hilarious.

After the battle with the Yggdrasil, Commander Jugan and the Bruzin are ordered by Cumpa to return to the Capital Tower. Klim's Salamandra ends up pursuing Mashner's Knossos. Mashner, who is clearly off her rockers after Rockpie's death, plans to take over the Full Moon ship, and plans to draw the Salamandra into a fight with the Garanden, but the plan fails and Mashner is killed when her ship is destroyed by Mask, Manny and their friends from the GI-T Corps.

There goes the moon people's reconguista plan.

Wired funnels + beam spam!?

Bellri can and always will one up Mask.

Mask and company then have skirmish with Klim and Mick before Bellri and his friends join the fray. Chikara and Kun of the GI-T corps end up fighting Aida and Raraiya, while Bellri uses the G-Self to take on both Mask and Manny. Bellri damages Manny's G-Rach's right arm, and uses his Perfect Backpack tractor beam to disable Mask's Kabakali. The skirmish ends when all the ships get too close Earth and have to prepare for re-entry. Aida and Raraiya/Noredo return to the Megafauna, but Bellri stays out in the G-Self and uses the G-Self's copy shield to survive re-entry. Meanwhile, Klim and Mick survive re-entry with their new Venus Globe machines, but the Salamandra is destroyed during re-entry because the captain flied too fast. Kun and Chikara returned to the Garanden for re-entry, while Mask used the re-entry coating in his Kabakali to envelope both his suit and Manny's G-Rach. After re-entering Earth's atmosphere, the different sides get ready to fight once again.

Re-entering the atmosphere is no problem for a real Gundam.

There goes the Salamandra. Too bad, So sad.

Meanwhile, Willmitt and Cumpa take a glider back to Earth from the Capital Tower.


The Moon People got knocked out of the running in this episode as the last Dorette fleet ship led by Mashner was destroyed. I'm disappointed that Mashner died without doing any more damage and taking anyone with her (other than her crew), although her attention she really be focused on Bellri instead. The Salamandra getting destroyed during re-entry was pretty stupid, but I guess they just want to show how badly technology have regressed from the good ol' UC days. In the latter parts of UC, a Gundam can fall through the atmosphere with film and shields and still survive re-entry. Even the Megafauna has done it before, but I guess the Salamandra just isn't manufactured to a high standard. Klim and Mick are too caught up with their own brilliance to care that their ship was destroyed though, and that was hilarious. The only party with higher-tech units these days is Venus Globe, as evidenced by the re-entry ability, the remote weaponry and advanced beam spam from some of their units.

So the battle returns to Earth, and it's once again the Megafauna vs. the Capital Army. I still don't get why Luin/Mask's hate for Bellri. I guess Luin is jealous that Bellri is better than he is, but the Kuntala excuse makes no sense since Bellri has never shown any disdain towards Luin that I remember of. I laughed when Mask told Manny he was going to take Bellri down in one shot. Given that Bellri's G-Self have all sort of abilities and weapons with the perfect pack, the chances of Mask beating Bellri is highly unlikely, especially given how Mask likes fail in comedic fashion.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

One Piece 780

Luffy vs. Doflamingo.

Attack got blocked because Luffy forgot to scream out the attack name.

Luffy gets back up to the top of the palace and found that Doflamingo has shot Law several times. Minutes earlier, Doflamingo and Trebol had Law beaten up. Doflamingo has made up his mind about killing Law, but he offers Law a deal that in exchange for Law using the Ope Ope fruit to give Doflamingo immortality, Doflamingo will grant Law a single wish. Law then tells Doflamingo to bring Rociante back to life and lick the asshole of every citizen of Dressrosa. Doflamingo then starts shooting Law with his pistol.

Back to the present, Doflamingo decides to end his game by shrinking his Bird Cage. Luffy is livid that Doflamingo has killed Law, but he then hears a voice in his head.


My guess is that Law is probably not dead. Given his powers, Law could have hidden his vital organs which would allow him to survive otherwise fatal gunshot wounds. I'd be worried if Doflamingo sliced his entire body into little pieces or shot Law in the head, but neither is the case. Probably Law will give Luffy some instructions, and when the opening comes Law will strike and deal (or help Luffy deal) the critical blow. Given the history between Law and Doflamingo, it's more appropriate for Law to play the key role in the victory.