Sunday, April 26, 2015

Naruto 700+1

So apparently Naruto is not over. Well, the serialization of the main series is over, but they can always add more if they want, and here is the start of a new Gaiden short story set after the end of the main series.

Naruto, the Next Generation.

The week of the ninja academy's graduation exam is upon the students in Konoha. After school, Sarada walks with Chouchou. Chouchou wants to skip training for the exam with her dad, but they run into her dad on the streets and Sarada takes her leave. Meanwhile, Boruto fights and flees from Naruto after vandalizing the Hokage carvings, while Sai and his son Inoijin are watching while training for Inoijin's exam. Boruto manages to shake Naruto by using a shadow clone. Boruto bumps into Sarada and hides under a sign. Naruto appears, and Sarada lies about where Naruto went. Boruto gets out of his hiding place and complains how the Naruto who is chasing him is a shadow clone and the real Naruto is always working. Boruto then gets caught by Shikamaru's shadow jutsu and Shikamaru tells his son Shikadai to alert Naruto.

After running into so many of her classmates and their dads, Sarada goes home wondering her dad Sasuke whom she doesn't remember. Outside the house, Sarada questions the relationship between Sakura and Sasuke. Sakura gets pissed and punches the ground hard, but she then sees the tears in Sarada's eyes and comforts her daughter by saying Sarada's thoughts will reach Sasuke. Their house then collapsed thanks to Sakura punching the ground, and this causes Sakura to pass out. After Sakura is taken care of, Sarada goes back to the house to retrieve the family picture, and she finds that parts of the picture with Sasuke is hidden, and in that picture is Karin and Suigetsu standing beside Sasuke.


Hmmmm... seems like the story is trying to imply that Sarada may be Karin's kid. The connection is that both wear glasses, and of course Karin was infatuated with Sasuke. It would be quite scandalous if Karin was the real mother, so the chances of that being true is probably low. I guess Sarada will find out if who really is her mom though, and the answer will come from the ever absent Sasuke. We'll find out what sort of special mission he was up to... other than the fact that Naruto and friends probably don't want the former enemy of the state strolling around too often. Hopefully this gaiden will turn out to be interesting.

Bleach 624

Ichigo and company work to get back up to the palace.

Nice view.

Aizen wakes up from his little nap after the attack by NaNaNa, and Kyoraku tells Aizen to sit tight while the rest of the shinigamis and Quincies work to form the reiatsu gate to the royal palace.

Elsewhere in the Seiretei, Ichigo wakes up with the group and realizes that he was knocked out during the fall by accidental headbutts from Ganju and Orihime. Orihime had caught everyone with her barrier, and Yoruichi used some cables to catch the group. Yoruichi also re-attached her severed arm. Ichigo wonders how the group will get back up to the palace, but Yoruichi reveals that the transportation will be provided by none other than Grimmjow and a garganta.


Grimmjow is back! I'm sure that made a good number of fans happy. His return was hinted at, but it took him a while to show up. Of course, Grimmjow and Ichigo are probably not all that happy to see each other, but given how the final arc is the big reunion show, everybody has got to show up. I'm sure there are probably a few more arrancars around, and of course there are the Fullbringers waiting in the wings too. Grimmjow probably has gotten stronger, but it remains to be seen how useful he'll be other than opening portals.

As for the rest of the chapter, apparently Ichigo's current form isn't all that durable since he got knocked out by some accidental headbutts. Then again, people usually don't get hit hard in the head during Bleach fights since most of them involve weapons.

One Piece 784

Luffy unleashes Gear 4th on Doflamingo.

Luffy's 4th gear certainly packs a PUNCH.

As the Bird Cage continues to close in on Dressrosa, Zoro recruits the two samurais to help him stop the Bird Cage wires. Meanwhile on the flower fields, Cavendish and Law hang out for a bit.

Back on top of the mountain, Luffy goes into Gear 4th which gives him a large hardened muscular form. Doflamingo laughs at Luffy's new form, but Luffy sends Doflamingo flying into the city with a cannon-like punch even though Doflamingo was able to block the with his arms. Luffy then shows he can fly by using his legs like cannons to propel himself, and he sends Doflamingo flying again with a dropkick to the face. Doflamingo avoids the next punch and kicks Luffy in the ribs, but Luffy's new hardened rubber body is able to bounce the kick, and Luffy's zigzaging punch nails Doflamingo in the face.


Late posts this week because I had a last-minute business trip. Anyways, Luffy's Gear 4th makes an impressive debut. The form gives Luffy a significant boost in both power, speed and even defense, and Luffy also gets a new set of cannon-themed attacks. The thing I'm waiting to see is if this form has any drawbacks, since Luffy didn't pull this out very casually. Before the time skip, Gear 2nd and Gear 3rd attacks tired Luffy out, so we'll see if Luffy can maintain this form. On the other side, are those sunglasses glued onto Doflamingo's face or what? Doflamingo took some big shots to the head in this chapter, but those shades stayed on. Or maybe those things are what his eyes looks like?

Outside of the main fight, Zoro and the samurais are trying to stop the Bird Cage. If Zoro wants to be the best swordsman, he has to demonstrate that he can cut through anything, and Doflmaingo's wires will be a worthy challenge.

Friday, April 17, 2015

So about that Spring 2015 Anime season...

It's already two weeks into the new season, and I haven't watched any of the new shows. There was nothing that really caught my eye. Knights of Sidonia looks interesting, but I haven't watched the first season. I'm also becoming more busy with work, so I am not super motivated about blogging anime. I'm probably going to bow out of blogging any series episodically this season. I think I'll spend my time watching some of the popular and well-received "classics" from the past.

I recently finished Avatar: The Last Airbender (which is not an anime per se, but pretty close), and I enjoyed the show. Decent animation, good story and action, fun characters and good for some laughs. I'll probably start going through the Legend of Korra pretty soon.

Friday, April 10, 2015

One Piece 783

Luffy vs Doflamingo continues.

Gonna drop someone off first though.

Trebol blows himself up, but Luffy manages to grab Law and jump mostly out of harm's way. Luffy throws Law off the palace to Robin in the field below. Doflamingo sends some bullet strings at Law and Robin, but Cavendish blocks them, and Luffy tells Cavendish and company to take Law off the mountain. Cavendish and group (including Robin, Rebecca, Kyros, Mansherry, Leo and Giolla) call Bart to make a bridge for them down to the third level, but Law convinces Cavendish to let him stay at the flower fields. Cavendish then decides to remain with Law and tells everyone else to head down the mountain.

Back at the palace, Doflamingo kicks Luffy around a bit and taunts Luffy about how everyone in Dressrosa will be sliced into pieces by the Bird Cage. Luffy then calls Doflamingo a pain in the ass and pulls Gear Fourth out of his repertoire.


Turns out Trebol's explosion didn't do all that much. Luffy's old repertoire isn't working too well against Doflamingo, so it's time to bring out some new moves. I guess Gear Fourth must hit strong and hard, since Gear Third is too slow for Doflamingo and Gear Second doesn't do enough damage. In other news, looks like Law will still remain in the fight even though Luffy dropped him off onto Flower Fields. It looks like Leo and Mansherry might be staying, and Mansherry's powers can probably heal Law up to at least a point where he can assist Luffy. Not sure why everybody is else is just standing around given how Doflamingo's bird cage is gonna slice everybody, but of course by shounen logic the protagonist has to beat the villain mano a mano for most of the fight.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Bleach 623

Aizen's plans of shooting down the royal palace runs into a snag.

Somebody pulled the plugs.

Aizen tries to shoot down the royal palace from the skies with his reiatsu, but finds out that his reiatsu can't extend that far. Kyoraku then has Mayuri explain how Aizen's seal restrain the range of his reiatsu. NaNaNa, Bazz-B, Giselle and Liltotto show up to join the party. NaNaNa attacks Aizen but doesn't do much damage, but he declares that his group is going to stop the shinigamis from interfering with Yhwach. Unfortunately for NaNaNa, he is promptly shot in the back by Bazz-B, who tells Kyoraku and the shinigami that he and the girls want to join forces with the shinigami to get payback on Yhwach.


So Aizen isn't running wild quite yet, and that's to be expected. Of course Aizen will eventually troll the shinigamis and everyone else, but at the beginning the shinigamis will retain the sense of control. Further proof that the chair is stronger than Aizen! The abandoned Sternritter ground group also showed up, and no surprise that want some payback after Yhwach abandoned them and tried to kill them to steal their powers. NaNaNa was still loyal, but the brother got shot in the back. Now that Aizen's plans got scuttled, it's back to Urahara's reiatsu gate. Maybe by the time they are done, Ichigo would have fallen back to the ground and use the gate to get back to the palace lolol.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

To Love-Ru Darkness 54

Rito and Haruna end up in a predicament in Haruna's apartment thanks to Lala.

It had to happen eventually.

Lala (still in her little girl form) hangs out with Haruna at Haruna's apartment. Lala encourages Haruna to confess to Rito and suggests to give Rito a kiss if Haruna is too nervous to say anything. Haruna objects, but Lala calls Rito and tells him that Haruna is inviting him to her apartment. At Rito's house, Momo learns of the call and encourages Rito to go and tells him to buy some flowers. Rito shows up at the apartment, but soon after he ends up stepping on an invention that Lala is working on. Lala plans to use the device increase her height (since she is now short), but the device ends up shrinking Rito and Haruna to two inches tall, and of course they fall out of their clothes in the process. Lala informs them that the effect takes an hour to wear off, and for now Rito and Haruna cover themselves with pieces of tissue.

The doorbell rings, and outside is actually Haruna's parents who are dropping by for a surprise visit. Lala, Rito and Haruna scramble for a solution as Haruna's parents have a spare key, and Peke comes up with the idea to use himself to disguise Lala as Haruna while Haruna and Rito hide on the bed in Haruna's room. Lala-Haruna sits down and talks with Haruna's parents, and Haruna's parents are very openly romantic and affectionate with each other which irks Haruna. To Haruna's chagrin, Lala starts asking her parents about their romantic history. Haruna hears the talk and gets embarrassed and tells Rito to stop listening, but she ends up slipping off the bed. Rito tries to catch her but both end up falling off the bed into Haruna's clothes, and they realize that Maron is sleeping nearby. Neither want to be discovered and licked by Maron, and they hide in Haruna's panties when Maron wakes up. Maron is smelling for Haruna, and gets closer to the hiding spot. Rito promises to protect Haruna and is willing to distract Maron so Haruna can escape. Just as Rito is about to run out, Haruna grabs him and they fall, and thankfully Maron hears Lala-Haruna's voice and runs out to the living room. Back in the bedroom, Haruna and Rito end up accidentally kissing because of the fall.


Is this Haruna and Rito's first kiss? I think it is! Hurray for progress! It's an accidental lip-lock, but an accidental kiss is still a kiss. I'm not 100% sure, but this may also be the first lip lock between Rito and any of the girls. The first crush gets first dibs on Rito haha. The chapter started innocently enough with Rito and Haruna getting into another embarrassing and intimate situation thinks to Lala's inventions (and machinations), but the ending was certainly surprising. On the other hand given how Rito falls, an accidental kiss was bound to happen lol. Given that it is Rito and Haruna though, it's not like they are going to go all wild over each other with passion now. Even if they want to get it on, they will probably be distracted by the tricky situation they are in, where Lala is now pretending to be Haruna with Haruna's parents in the house. Rito and Haruna will probably have to go hide somewhere when they return to normal size at an inopportune moment.