Thursday, March 5, 2015

Bleach 618

Aizen gets to go on a supervised trip outside of jail, while Ichigo battles Yhwach.

DO NOT TOUCH. Will make your fingers disappear.

Aizen walks up to the Kyoraku, but Kyoraku is not intimidated because he has the most important key buried in his heart, and Aizen would be screwed if he tried to kill Kyoraku. Kyoraku has arranged for a bunch of guys to carry Aizen out on a chair. One guy gets overzealous and tries to put another restraint on Aizen and he gets his fingers burned off for his troubles. Aizen wonders why should he help Kyoraku, and Kyoraku states that their interests are about to intersect.

Back at the Soul King's palace, Yhwach tries to attack the Soul King once again but is stopped by Ichigo. Yoruichi then puts a barrier around the two pieces of Soul King that are now held together by Mimihagi. Yhwach questions how Ichigo can oppose him even though Ichigo has Quincy blood, but then confidently states that whether or not things go his way will be up to his eyes to decide.


It turns out Aizen is still very much restrained, and Kyoraku is seasoned enough not to get intimidated. I'm kinda disappointed Aizen didn't pull anything crazy right off the bat. The shinigamis are smart not to unconditionally release Aizen, although I'm not sure how burying the key to Muken's gates is going to keep Aizen in check. Isn't Kyoraku trying to get Aizen on a supervised trip out of Muken? So why would it matter if Aizen had the key to Muken or not? I'm looking forward to see if Aizen's genjutsu can fool Mr. Almighty's eyes.

As for Yhwach, I guess he and Ichigo and friends will fight for a while. All the shinigamis will show up, and Yhwach will release Uryu and other cronies on them. It might be a while until Aizen will get a chance to do anything...

One Piece 779

A quick check around Dressrosa before getting back to the main event.

Enough of the distractions. Time to get back to business.

All of the characters do their quick check-ins. The dwarfs destroy the factory, while Koala is in the palace and calls Sabo for assistance. Pica has been beaten, but the battle isn't over until Doflamingo's bird cage goes down. Back at the top of the palace, Luffy has finally decided to put Bellamy out of his misery, and Luffy then proceed to scream at Doflamingo. At the top of the palace, it seems that Doflamingo has defeated Law.


This is just a transition chapter to lead the narrative back to the main event. Trebol still thinks Doflamingo's crew can restore their factory with Manshelley, but unfortunately he is going to get some bad news. I'm not really sure what Koala is doing in the Palace, but it seems like she and Sabo has other goals in addition to overthrowing Doflamingo. As for the main event, it looks like Law is beat, so it'll be Luffy vs Doflamingo one on one for the time being. Law is probably not dead though, and even if he's down he'll likely lend Luffy a helping hand when Luffy really needs it.

To Love-Ru Darkness 53

Yami becomes more tsundere.

Doesn't necessarily mean she's gonna let Rito off the hook though.

At school, Momo has to save Rito from Yami's wrath after Rito falls into Yami. For the time being, Momo decides to observe Yami for now and not try to set her up with Rito, but Mea has other ideas. After learning that Rito will be taking care of the school's gardens the next day, Mea goes to the library to encourage Yami to help Rito. Mea teases Yami about liking Rito, and Yami ends up screaming at Mea denying that she likes Rito.

After school, Yami is at the bath house still feeling flustered when Tearju, Mikado and Oshizu walk in. The four end up talking about dating and love life, and Mikado makes fun of Tearju by explaining how Tearju was too much of a biology nerd to get a boyfriend. Mikado then tells Yami that she seize her opportunity and not be like Tearju, and this causes Yami to leave.

After going back to her ship and thinking about it, Yami decides to go help Rito. So the next day after school, Yami surprises Rito at the school and starts to help. Things get awkward as the two have trouble starting a conversation. Yami grabs return with her hair out of frustration and was about the spill out that she wants to improve their relationship, but Tearju shows up saying that she is concerned about Yami's love life. Tearju ends up tripping and falling onto Rito who falls onto Yami and gets the sprout of his watering can into Yami's panties. Yam is about to rip Rito a new one but she actually manages to restrain herself. Yami states she'll let it go this time because it was Tearju's fault, and next time she wants to work on improving the relationship between her and Rito. Unfortunately, Yami speaks too softly and Rito thinks that Yami will really kill him the next time.


The narrative falls back to the main female character in this chapter. And of course we saw a lot of big titties from Mikado and Tearju lol. Yami is definitely becoming more of a classic tsundere for Rito. I miss Yami trying to hold a poker face when Rito falls into her, but it's inevitable that the story goes this way. I suppose there was some progress this chapter since Yami wants to improve her relationship with Rito, but it's going to take effort from herself and also Momo's harem plan to make any inroads on that relationship. Something drastic probably needs to happen (e.g. Yami goes into Darkness Mode again) for any dramatic in the status quo.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Cross Ange 21

Ange tries to escape from Embryo's grasp.

Gotta watch your six.

Former lovers end up crossing blades in battle.
< Summary: Sala and her two helpers tie up the Ragnamail squad (sans Salia) to give Ange a chance to escape. However, the Villkiss is sniped by Chris, and falls into a river. Hilda, Rosalie, Vivian and Tusk arrive on the scene, and the three girls battle Chris while Tusk looks for Ange. Chris is pissed at Hilda and Rosalie for abandoning her back at Arzenal and for treating her like a second banana all the time, and now she wants to make them pay. At the river, Momoka and Ange make their way into the city and they grab a car. Ange then finds out that Momoka and all the people can use magic can be controlled by Embryo. Ange manage to snap Momoka out of it once but they crash their car. Ange and Momka then gets chased by the crowd of Embryo-controlled people onto a rooftop where Embryo is waiting. Tusk arrives and tells Momoka and Ange to take this bike back to the Aurora, while he stays to fight Tusk.

Please don't leave. I need a slave to satisfy my whipping habit.

This turned into a zombie apocalypse real fast.

Back at the royal palace, Sala's trio isn't winning the fight, so they decide to retreat and they take Riza with them. Sylvia tries to stop Riza from escaping, and Riza tells her that it was Embryo who killed Julio before flying off. The Ragnamail squad decides not to chase Sala, and Ersha finds out that the kids she was taking care of were killed by stray fire during the battle. Meanwhile, Hilda's trio also decide to retreat because Tusk told them to look after Ange. Chris tries to give chase but is interrupted when one of the new Paramail pilots from the Aurora shows up. Chris kills the new girl by throwing her Ragnamail sword at the the Paramail. Rosalie is angered by the death and charges at Chris, but the fight is broken up when Sala and company show up, and this forces Chris to retreat.

Only purpose is to be fodder.

The fight to see who gets to be the man in Ange's life. Of course, Ange's love life also involve a couple of ladies as well.

Tusk and Embryo has a knife fight, and Tusk's goal is just to keep Embryo's attention. Embryo figures that out and shoots himself in the head with a revolver so he can go after Ange again. Meanwhile, Ange and Momoka are flying towards the sea when Embryo takes control of Momoka once again and forces Ange to land on a roof where Embryo is waiting. Tusk arrives soon after, but Embryo gives his sword to Momoka and makes her attack Tusk. Ange screams loud enough to snap Momoka out of Embryo's control. Momoka charges and stabs Embryo with Embryo's own sword, and she summons a car with her magic to plow both herself and Embryo off the rooftop, and Momoka is killed by the impact and subsequent explosion. Embryo returns and shoots Tusk in the shoulder. Tusk then handcuffs Ange to his bike and sets his bike on autopilot back to the Aurora. After Ange flies off, Tusk detonates explosives which obliterates the whole building, and Ange can only cry and scream as she flies away from the scene.

Momoka proving her loyalty to Ange.

Lol at how much time these two got in the middle of a battle. I guess Embryo decides that he was just gonna watch the romance unfold.


The escape didn't work out very well, despite the fact that both Sala and Hilda's contingent showed up to help. Nobody except Tusk really got to Ange, and by himself there isn't that much Tusk can do about Embryo. It was still hilarious how Embryo just stood around and let Tusk send Ange away on the flying bike. Hilda, Rosalie and Vivian were the most useless ones this week, since they got tied up by one enemy, while Sala and her helpers had to fight three. We got a couple of character deaths this week, in addition to Ange parking the Villkiss into the middle of a river. Tusk had his death flag raised due to the preview of his one on one time with Embryo, but they killed off Momoka and one of the new girl pilots as well. Random girl was just there to get killed unfortunately, and Momoka was getting the death flags once it was revealed that Embryo can control her. Overall, it was a sad day for Ange as she lost her loyal maid and male love interest, but at least she still has Hilda and Sala. I guess Ange will have to go with the norm of this show and settle with a lesbian relationship. The Villkiss also got parked into a river, but since it can be called to teleport in and the thing can repair itself, it's not really a big deal.

Given we got a couple of deaths in this episode, I wonder who will survive until the end. The statuses of Salia, Chris and Ersha are the most interesting to me since they are now fighting for the bad guy. I'm sure they'll change their minds at the end, but whether they'll live is another story.

One interesting point from this episode is that while Embryo can instantly recover from death and seem to be able to appear out of nowhere, he cannot be in multiple places at once and also cannot teleport when he is tied up (or has his hand staked to the table). So even if Embryo cannot be permanently killed, it may be possible to trap him. Of course, maybe the tornado shoulder blasts from the Villkiss will wipe him from existence too.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Gundam Reconguista in G 22

Everyone returns to Earth's orbit to set up for a showdown(?).

GI-T Corp didn't have a very hard time escaping.

Playing with their new toy.

The remainder of the GI-T Corp retreat to their Full Moon Ship, and they block through the X police blockade to head to Earth. The Megafauna hangs around a little to test some new mobile suits that they capture and gotten from Rosario X. Aida has a meeting La Gul, and La Gul shows that because of mutation, he is actually severely deformed and hairless, and he uses his robes and a wig to disguise his appearance.

More new toys.

The trade-off for having a 200+ year lifespan.

Afterwards, the Megafauna hitch a ride on the Crescent Ship again back towards Earth. Upon arriving in orbit, Bellri and his friends launch in mobile suits to visit the Capital Tower. The Capital Army sends a squad of Wuxias to attack, but Bellri defeats them by releasing sparkles from the G-Self's brand new all purpose pack. At the tower, Bellri and company meet with Willmitt, Kumpa and the Capital Army general with the dreadlocks (don't know what his name is). Kumpa informs Bellri and co that the Dorette fleet tried to hold the pope hostage, but this situation was resolved by Mask's forces. The Capital Army wants to hold Aida hostage, but they get distracted and so Bellri, Aida and company leave the tower to meet up with the Rattle-Python, but Gusion isn't around.

Sparkle attack!!!!

Manny takes the Jiraha mobile armor back to the Garanden. On route, she is attacked by a squad of mobile suits from the ship led by Barara, but Manny fends them off using the Jiraha's beam shields and sends light signals to the Garanden. Mask figures out that Manny is not an enemy and lets her land on the ship, and Manny gives Mask a tearful hug.

Tearful reunion... I'm sorry, I just can't take Mask or this show seriously.


Once again, I'm not sure what's really going on now. Did the Megafauna return to Earth because they wanted to chase down the GI-T Corps and stop them from attacking Earth? It's once again back to not knowing who is fighting who once again, and nobody has made a move against the Full Moon ship yet. It sounds like the Capital Army, the Amerians and the Dorette Towasangan forces had their share of skirmishes, but there weren't much details on how those skirmishes changed anything. People are kind of just hanging around, catching up and playing with their new mobile suits this episode.

Overall, I was kind of disappointed with the Megafauna's trip to Venus Globe. Sure, Bellri and co had some good battles with the GI-T Corp, saw some cool space colonies, and nabbed some new mobile weapons as souvenirs, but we didn't find out much about the Hermes foundation or the story of the Rayhunton Family. Weren't those the main goals of the trip? Oh well, given this shows track record, we shouldn't be expecting much in terms of actual storytelling lol.

Friday, February 27, 2015

One Piece 778

Zoro comes up with a plan to stop Pica from crushing King Riku.

Cutting this giant down to size.

Pica, as a gigantic golem, makes his way towards the royal plateau to crush King Riku. In order to stop Pica, Zoro enlists the help of Elizabello and Orlumbus. Pica gets in front of the giant plateau and taunts King Riku for a bit. Before Pica can crush the king, Zoro gets Orlumbus to bowl (throw) him into the air behind Pica, and Zoro cuts Pica Golem all the way through at the waist. Zoro then cuts the stone into smaller pieces to flush out Pica's real body. Pica finally jumps at Zoro with full body Busoshoku Haki, but Zoro cuts through him anyways with his Busoshoku Haki-imbued swords. Pica's giant golem body is still falling towards the plateau, but Elizabello fires off his King's punch to knock the falling debris away.


That puts a conclusion to Zoro vs. Pica, and it gave Zoro a chance to show that he can cut very large and very hard objects. The action also gave Elizabello a chance to use up his King Punch. The good guys have won all of the side battles, and the only fight left is Luffy and Law vs Doflamingo, Trebol and Bellamy. That will probably take a couple of chapters to finish. The odds are stacked against Doflamingo now that almost all of his executives have been defeated. Does the Flamingo have a plan to turn things around, or at least escape to fight another day?

Bleach 617

As Ukitake's Kamikake holds the worlds together, Kyoraku talks to Aizen.

Return of the King.

Mimihagi emerges from Ukitake and heads into the sky where it reaches the Soul King's palace where it latches onto the two halves of the Soul King. This stops the shaking and Yhwach is surprised by the development. Back down in the lab, Urahara notes that Ukitake can't keep this up forever and so they need to find a way to stabilize the world. Urahara's gate to the Soul King's palace isn't getting enough reiatsu because Ukitake is busy with Kamikake, but Mayuri arrives and unveils his Reiatsu Amplifier® to help the cause.

Meanwhile, deep below ground, Kyoraku explains that he authorized to unlock three of the many seals on Aizen to get him to talk. Kyoraku uses one keep to unseal Aizen's mouth, but Aizen walks out at him and appears to have broken loose from rest of the seals.


Aizen the King of Genjutsu and Trolling is back on the prowl! And his first act was probably to genjutsu Kyoraku into opening all of his seals. Kyoraku thinks that he only used one key, but who know what really happens when Aizen is on the loose. It'll be fun to see if Aizen can fool Yhwach's Almighty eyes. At the very least, Aizen will provide an interesting third party to this final conflict. Obviously it doesn't benefit Aizen if Yhwach destroy all the worlds, but of Aizen ain't about to be a tool of the shinigamis either.

And apparently, there are things that Yhwach cannot predict, such as Ukitake's Kamikake. And at this point, we still don't know what Yhwach is after anyways, since destroying all the worlds doesn't do anybody any good, and certainly doesn't help Uryu and the other Quincies. Maybe Yhwach just wants to see the world burn, or maybe he has some way to remake the world in his own image?

Finally, Urahara and crew are still slowly trying to open a gate to the Soul King's palace. There are a lot of characters going up, so I guess Yhwach will release all the subordinates he has hiding in his cape to handle the shinigamis.