Tuesday, July 28, 2015

To Love-Ru Darkness 2nd 04

Rito and friends attend the summer festival where they get a surprise visit.

Can you be any more tsundere?

Rito, Momo and friends attend the summer festival and all of the females are decked out in yukatas. Nana runs off to meet Mea; Mikan is hanging around with Tearju, Mikado and Oshizu, and Lala and Haruna are waiting around for Yui; and so Momo ends up with Rito. While walking around, Rito and Momo run into two members from Momo's fan club. The two guys start imagining Rito doing perverted things to Momo such as making her lick candied apples in an erotic manner and stuffing water balloons in her yukata. Momo and Rito ditch the two guys and end up alone for the moment. Rito asks Momo about her mother, and Momo states that she and Nana don't see their mother that much since their mother is busy doing all of the diplomatic work that King Deviluke is terrible at. Momo then gets all hot and bothered around Rito and thinks about her harem plan. However, Momo's train of thought is interrupted when Mikan appears telling them something is wrong.

Apparently forcing someone to lick candied apples is erotic torture.

Momo and Rito follow Mikan and Rito runs right into Yami and as usual they end up in an embarrassing position. Yami threatens Rito with a beating and warns Rito that she will kill him whenever she chooses to. To everyone's surprise, Mikan asks why doesn't Yami kill Rito now and she transforms into a dark-skinned loli with long black hair. Yami, Rito and Momo realize that the person standing in front of them is none other than Mea's master Nemesis.

Rito breaks his own record of the fastest grope after new girl introduction.

Nemesis appears as a dark-skinned loli with long dark hair. Rito, being Rito, instantly trips and gropes Nemesis and puts his head between her legs. Nemesis thinks Rito is funny and commends him for being able to sneak-attack her. Nemesis then teases Rito by temporarily transforming into a more curvy, mature form and then states she wants to make Rito her slave. Momo has finally seen enough of Nemesis' teasing and intervenes, but Nemesis grabs and starts teasing Momo's tail mercilessly and puts a ninja-themed yukata on herself. Yami has finally seen enough and warns Nemesis with her hair blade, and as Nemesis loosens her grip Momo tries to blast Nemesis in the face with her tail laser which Nemesis dodges. Nemesis jumps on top of a light pole and explains she's not here to pick a fight. Instead, Nemesis is just here to say hello and want to get along with Yami and her friends. Yami wonders why Nemesis is showing herself now, and Nemesis answers that after the intel she and Mea had gathered, she decided that there is no point hiding anymore. Nemesis wants Yami to become a weapon again, but Nemesis knows that Yami has the "darkness" inside her heart and Yami will find it by herself eventually. At this moment, Yui appears wondering what's going on, and Nemesis uses the chance to make her exit.

That's enough. This is my show and you are stealing my spotlight.

Later, everyone gathers to watch the fireworks. Momo and Rito tell Mikado, Tearju and Oshizu about what happened with Nemesis. Oshizu voices that she doesn't trust Nemesis, and at this moment Mea and Nana appears and Mea defends her master. Oshizu states that she doesn't trust Mea either and the two are about to start a fight before being told off by Mikado and Nana. Mikan is watching everything and, after recalling her conversation with Tearju, thinks that she should get along with Mea too. However, Mea's teasing ways towards Rito may make that difficult. While Lala pulls Rito to watch the fireworks, Momo continues talking to Mikado and Tearju and mentions what Nemesis had said about the "darkness" in Yami's heart. Tearju thinks that Nemesis may be talking about the forbidden transformation, but she declines to reveal the fact to the others. Tearju hopes that Yami will be fines if she remains here with all of her friends.

Just because Mea is Yami's little sis doesn't mean she's anything like Yami.


This episode covers chapter 23 and 24 from the manga, and it is significant from the story standpoint as the main "villain" Nemesis officially makes her debut. It's also special because Rito breaks the all time record of groping someone right after meeting them, and he managed to do it pretty much right after Nemesis reveals herself. From this episode, we can tell Nemesis is a mischievous individual who like to tease and make people her servant (as she has declared with Rito). She also seems to have upper hand against Momo. Now that Nemesis is out in public, this can only mean more trouble for Rito in the future.

The episode followed the manga material pretty closely, but the animation quality was a bit disappointing. What's with all the grey people in the background that don't move during the festival? Looks like Xebec is already out of budget, and it's not like TLR Darkness has any fancy action or effects. Also, I was disappointed that they didn't include Yami's shocked face from the manga when Rito tripped and fell onto Nemesis. Yami's face was one of the highlights of the chapter, and they didn't include it in the anime. Boo!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Bleach 636

Zaraki and Mayuri continue their buddy adventures against Pernidas.

Oh no! A betrayal from best bud Mayuri.

Zaraki and Mayuri wonder what Pernidas is up to as Pernida's hood continues to expand, while Nemu, Ikakku and Yumichika watch from some distance behind. Zaraki's mangled right arm suddenly starts twisting again and Zaraki severs his own arm to stop the attack. Mayuri tells Zaraki to keep his distance from Pernidas, but Zaraki doesn't listen and charges in. Zaraki cuts the hood again, but his legs start getting mangled. Mayuri steps in and stabs Zaraki in the back and uses his zanpukto's scream to paralyze Zaraki in order to save him from further mangling. Mayuri observes that the scream attack also affected Pernidas and hypothesizes that Pernidas extends his nerves out of the hood to control and mangle his opponent's body parts. Pernidas tries to reach Mayuri with his nerves, but Mayuri sprays a drug that burns Pernidas' nerves and causes Pernidas to wheeze and pant in pain.


Having Zaraki and Mayuri hang out together is the best thing that Bleach has done in a long time. It seems that Mayuri's mad scientist intellect and array of chemicals are better suited to handle Pernidas than Zaraki's brute strength approach. Zaraki also lost an arm, although Mayuri can probably fix that if he wants to. Speaking of Mayuri, I wonder what he did with all the zombie shinigamis that he took over, and where is his squad of arrancars? That seems like it's ages ago. Back to the present fight, Mayuri seems to have figured Pernidas out, but let see if Pernidas will have another surprise to force Mayuri's hands.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

To Love-Ru Darkness 2nd 03

Nana is feeling down after learning Mea's "true nature" but decides to approach Mea about their friendship after some encouragement from Rito.

That's why you don't wander into a alien safari zoo.

Nana saw Mea's real form while Mea was battling the alien goons, and Mea told Nana that this was her true nature and her friendship with Nana was all an act. Mea is missing the next day in school. The events got Nana depressed and she locks herself in her room after school. Rito learns of the situation from Momo and decides to go talk to Nana. Rito goes into the Devilukean sister's attic apartment and bumps right into a naked Lala who just finished taking a bath. Rito explains that he is here to talk to Nana and Lala thanks Rito for doing this. Lala tells Rito Nana is probably in her virtual zoo.

Rito's hug solves all.

Rito steps into Nana's room and finds it to be empty, but then he spots the portal. Rito steps through and is transported to a grassy outdoor area where Nana keeps her animals. Rito gets chased by a dragon but is saved by Nana who tells the dragon that Rito isn't food. After showing Rito around for a bit, Nana gets down to the subject and she starts getting teary and emotional over Mea telling her that their friendship was all an act. Nana is hurt and doesn't want to deal with it anymore, but Rito gives her a hug and states that he knows that deep down inside, Mea is lonely and unsure and wants this friendship was well (from the time when Mea was controlling Rito last chapter). Rito encourages Nana to talk to Mea again so they can form a real friendship this time.

Nothing spells sisterly fun like two Devilukean princesses teasing each other's tails.

Later, Nana and Momo take a bath together and Nana declares her intentions to open talks with Mea again. Nana then reveals that Rito had hugged her, and out of jealousy Momo starts teasing Nana's tail. Nana retaliates by grabbing Momo's tail and the two starting fooling around. Outside, Lala can tell by the sounds that Nana's spirits is back up again.

Mea is sitting by a creek thinking about breaking off her friendship with Nana. Mea thinks she's doing what her master wants, but she's not feeling great about it. Nearby, the three aliens goons that Mea had battled plan to blow Mea up with a bomb. Back on the bank, Mea is located by one of Nana's pets and Nana soon appears to confront Mea. Rito and Momo are watching from behind a corner of a nearby building. Nana wants to talk to Mea, but states that there is nothing to talk about and starts slicing the air around Nana to stop her from approaching. Momo is about to rush in to help her sister, but Rito stops her and tells her to believe in Mea and Nana.

Nana has learned and applied Rito's hug technique.

Nana continues to approach Mea despite Mea cutting off some of the ribbons and hair ties on her body. Mea is wondering why she can't hit Nana and realizes that she doesn't want to hurt Nana. Mea ends up losing control of her hair blades and hit Nana with a mind link instead. In the mind realm, Mea attacks Nana with a Rito-clone that turns into groping slime. Mea explains that her master wants her to remember her role as a morphing living weapon and it's better for her to stay away from Nana. Nana doesn't care and manages to break the mind link to hug Mea. Nana states that she doesn't care what Mea is and just wants to be friends with Mea. Mea is moved and agrees, and she transforms back to her school uniform.

Back at the building, Momo and Rito are glad things turned out fine. Momo then notices something behind them and she and Rito see that Yami had beaten up the three alien thugs. Yami goes to talk to Mea, and Mea states that she is starting to understand the warmness of friendship that Yami was talking about.

Gotta be here earlier if you want a spot on Rito's bed.

Later back at Rito's home, Nana can't sleep because she is too exciting about what happened. Nana then decides that maybe she'll be able to fall asleep in Rito's arms and tries to sneak into Rito's bed, but to her surprise she finds Momo already there.

Somebody is making their debut next week.

Meanwhile, Nemesis appears in Mea's apartment to talk to Mea. Nemesis knows about what happened, but instead of admonishing or punishing Mea, Nemesis tells Mea to continue to be Nana's friend so Mea can understand why Yami is staying in this town. Nemesis wants to see how a born killing machine like Yami or Mea can lose their desire to kill, and she plans to make a public appearance soon to advance her plans.


This episode covered chapters 21 and 22 of the manga. It continued off the story from the previous episode about Mea being unsure of her role on Earth and going a little crazy after battling the three alien goons, and this leads to Nana trying to salvage her friendship with Mea. The episode pretty much stuck to the manga as far as I could tell, and the main takeaway is the hugs can be very powerful lol. Rito taught it to Nana who then used it on Mea. All hail the all-powerful hug!!!

Anyways, with Mea and Nana riding out this little rough patch in their friendship, it is time for the mastermind behind Mea to make her debut.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Aquarion Logos 01 & 02 - First Impressions

I decided to check out the new Aquarion series this season. I watched Aquarion Evol and that was fun, so let's see if Aquarion Logos is any good.

The return of Aquarion...

First Impressions:
After watching the first two episodes, I thought Aquarion Logos was okay. Unlike Aquarion Evol, Aquarion Logos is not connected to the original series (which I didn't watch). The central plot involves a world full of swirling kanji characters. The villain turns a kanji character into a monster, and the real world will be affected adversely in a way related to the corrupted character. Then there is a team of teenagers/young adults who pilot fighter aircraft that combine into Aquarions mechs to battle these kanji monsters. The thing that stood out was the kanji monsters, and it really seems pretty silly to me. I guess if you can accept giant gattai robots who through Mugen Punches, kanji monsters don't seem that silly right? But that part of the show bugs me, and we'll see if I can get used to that and stick with this series.

... and sensual gattai...

Other than the thing about kanji monsters, the usual Aquarion elements you'd expect are around, including the combination sequences that give the pilots a sensual feeling. The art style for the people is a little retro, which I like. Animation quality seems decent. The monsters and robots are CGed like in Aquarion Evol, and quality looks about the same. Looking at the cast, the main character is a self-proclaimed savior who thus far has backed up his words. He just waltzed into the cafe that doubled as the gathering place for the good Aquarion pilots and inserted himself into the battle. Hopefully he'll develop more of a personality than just being a stoic destined hero, or maybe the other characters including the enemy female Aquarion pilot that he captured and forcibly gattai-ed with will complement his stoic personality.

... and the Mugen Punch!

As of now, I'm on the fence about whether to follow Aquarion Logos. The mecha gattai action is fun, but I still have trouble getting over the silliness of kanji character monsters and using the kanji as power ups. I'll watch 1 or 2 more episodes to see if I can stand the show.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

To Love-Ru Darkness 2nd 02

Rito gets turned into a mouse, and Mea is feeling down about her master not contacting her.

White ray of death censorship still sucks.

At school, Lala goes to see Nana, and Rito notices Lala dropped something from her pockets. Rito makes the mistake of touching the object and the object flashes. Meanwhile, Mea is concerned that her master hasn't contacted her in a while. Nana tries to cheer Mea up but Mea doesn't get it. Lala arrives to give Nana her new animal transformation device, but Lala then finds that the device is missing.

Ain't Rito the cutest wittle mousey?

Back down the hall, Rito has been transformed into a mouse and realizes he has a clear view of the girls' panties. Rito runs around looking for help, and he finds Momo who is being bothered by the VMC again. Momo notices Rito-mouse and wants to touch him, but the VMC guys notices Rito and chases him away. Rito hides in the girl's changing room and sees Saki, Rin and Aya changing into their swimsuits. After enjoying the view for a bit, Rito is noticed by the girls and runs away again. In the hallway, Yui is half-interrogating Haruna about Haruna's drunken episode last chapter. Rito runs into and trips Yui who falls on Haruna, and Rito ends up getting squeezed in between the girls. Rito quickly dashes away and spots Nana. Knowing the Nana can understand animals, Rito calls to Nana for help but he is accidentally kicked out the window by the perverted principal who has a box of perverted magazines.

Little risque doing this at school.

Rito flies out the window right at Yami. Yami sense something coming at her, but hesitates when she sees that it's a mouse and Rito flies right into her dress. Rito inadvertently gropes Yami while inside her dress and then runs off with her panties in an effort to escape. After putting some distance away, Rito is exhausted and is found by Mea. Contrary to Nemesis' teachings, Mea decides to look after Rito. Rito is surprised that Mea is looking after him, but the effects of Lala's invention wears off and Rito transforms back into human form sans clothing. Yami arrives and finds the naked Rito with her panties on top of his head, and beats Rito up for his troubles.

Rito showing off his manhood.

Mea is still feeling down because her master Nemesis hasn't contacted her for a while, and thus she ignores an invitation from Nana to go to a cake shop together. After school, Rito helps Tearju organize some files, and Tearju asks Rito to introduce her to Mikan because she wants to get closer to Yami. After saying goodbye to Tearju, Rito spots Mea on the school roof in her battle outfit looking depressed. Rito goes to check on Mea and wonders if she's thinking about what Tearju said to her. Mea dismisses the notion and states she only listens to her master, but Rito tells Mea that her master might not always be right. Mea gets ticked off by the statement and she decides to punish Rito by using her hair to take control of his nerves and force him to lick and grope her. Through her link with Rito, Mea can tell that Rito is naturally perverted, but Rito also receives Mea's emotions through the link and finds out the Mea is feeling lost and lonely. Mea immediately breaks the link and declares that she is only on Earth to monitor Yami, but Rito brings up Mea's relationship with Nana as a counter-example.

Jeez, what do these kids do at school these days?

Suddenly, Mea notices three aliens nearby, and the aliens all have grudges against Mea. Mea doesn't remember them but she guesses that the attackers are probably people she ticked off when she was a bounty hunter. The three aliens attack Mea and they tell Mea that someone named Nemesis sent them. Mea gets hit, but the blow seem to wake her up. Mea realizes that Nemesis sent the aliens so she could remember the thrill of fighting, and she starts enjoying the fight while grabbing and tossing Rito out of harm's way at the same time.

Blasting fools left and right.

Nana is heading to Mea's house with some cake to surprise Mea, but her walk is interrupted when she notices Mea fighting with the aliens on the rooftops.


So in this episode, poor Rito gets turned into something by Lala's invention once again. It's not the first time, and it won't be the last. The over all theme though is still about Mea feeling down because her master Nemesis hasn't talked to her in a while. They switched the manga chapter orders a bit and put chapter 27 (the mouse chapter) before chapter 20 (the second half of the episode). It's an interesting choice, although they did have to change things a little bit to make things fit. Mea's master Nemesis hasn't made her anime debut yet, but it will probably happen in a few episodes. This episode actually had some action which is not too common in To Love-Ru. The animation was obviously not outstanding, but it was passable. Anyways, Nana will now learn about Mea's darker and more violent side, and we'll see how she reacts.

Bleach 635

The shinigami get picked off by the Sternritters.

And now back to the scheduled program "Zaraki and Mayuri's Odd-Couple Adventures"

While Bazz-B went off to get beaten by Jugram, Liltotto and Giselle are defeated by Yhwach, who proceeds to go back to napping. Meanwhile, the shinigami group is running around Yhwach's city like idiots chasing after Grimmjow. Grimmjow gets poisoned by Askin, and Hisagi gets picked off by Lille Barro (the sniper guy). Meanwhile, Zaraki and Mayuri run into Pernidas Parnkgjas. Zaraki attacks and gets right arm mangled, but he manages to cut Pernidas on top of the head. However, instead of falling over, Pernidas grows into an even bigger blob in his hood.


Turns out Liltotto and Giselle didn't amount to much, and looks like Grimmjow and Hisagi are gonna get written off before they can show off any new moves. Bleach these days doesn't believe in always letting side characters show off improved abilities. Who's got time for that lol? The pace is slow enough as it is. Would be kinda sad if that's the last we see of Grimmow or Hisagi though, especially Grimmjow. But blame the shinigamis for running around like idiots, so of course an enemy sniper is going to pick them off. The most entertaining thing on the board is still Zaraki and Mayuri as the odd couple. They should beat the hooded blob, unless Kubo just wants to troll us.

One Piece 794

Sabo tells his story to the Straw Hats.

Getting a bear head-hug from Luffy... not the greatest feeling lol.

Sabo hangs out with the Straw Hats at Kyros house, and tells his story to the Straw Hats who are awake (Franky, Robin, Zoro). Kyros, Usopp, Luffy, Law and Bellamy are sleeping. Sabo tells of his story after his boat was destroyed by a warship. Sabo fell into the water and thinks he is done for, but he is rescued by Dragon and Revolutionaries. Sabo didn't remember who he was, and only remembers that he doesn't want to live in the city. Sabo didn't remember about Ace and Luffy until he heard news of Ace's death, and he then asked Dragon for permission to go after the Mera Mera fruit. And of course the rest of history and Ace took over the "Lucy" role from Luffy in the coliseum. Sabo leaves without waiting for Luffy to wake up, but he leaves a piece of Vivre card with the Straw Hats. Sabo then flies away from the house on a flight of crows.


Who is responsible for those crows? I must have missed something, but don't remember seeing anybody with the crow powers. Anyways, this chapter is just to fill in the blanks about what happened to Sabo all this time. The big reveal is that Sabo didn't remember about Luffy and Ace until he heard of Ace's demise, and that makes sense given how Sabo didn't go looking for Luffy or Ace before. Other than Ace's story, the surprising thing is that Bellamy is in the house sleeping. Is he gonna join the crew? The chapter mentioned that CP0 is heading back to the island, so it's time for Luffy and crew to depart. We are still waiting to see what Fujitora is gonna do after last chapter.

Too bad it'll have be two weeks, since One Piece is on hiatus next week.