Friday, April 25, 2014

Rosario + Vampire II After Story

The epilogue of Rosario + Vampire season 2, featuring the character that was conspicuously missing during the series finale.

Meeting with the future father-in-law not going so well.

In a room somewhere, a man hands a Fairy Tale bounty poster for Tsukune to Moka's father Issa Shuzen.

At the Youkai Academy, Tsukune and his friends have become third-year students. Moka (Inner Moka) has become more friendly and open with Tsukune and the others. After messing around with Kurumu, Mizore and Yukari, Moka asks Tsukune to meet her father Issa. Tsukune meets Issa and finds that Issa is quite scrutinizing. Meanwhile, Kurumu and the others in the harem find out about Tsukune meeting Issa and they think this is leading up to Tsukune and Moka's marriage, so they decide on a plan to mess up Tsukune and Issa's meeting.

Tsukune, Moka and Issa end up a restaurant and Tsukune feels uncomfortable about Issa scrutinizing him at every turn. After Moka gives Tsukune her vote of approval, Issa then gets to the point and asks if Tsukune can devote himself only to Moka. At this moment, Kurumu, Mizore, Fang Fang, Yukari and Ruby appear in sexy outfits to mess around with Tsukune, and this pisses Issa off to the point that he smashes the bar. Ruby reports that there is Fairy Tale bounty on Tsukune, and she happens to see a bounty poster that belongs to Issa. Issa reveals that he is an assassin, and he approaches Tsukune menacingly. Tsukune prepares to fight, but Issa knocks him down and kills an invisible youkai bug that was trying to kill Tsukune. The Demon Bus Driver appears to explain that he hired Issa to protect Tsukune and also to tutor Tsukune so Tsukune can eventually come the headmaster of the academy.

Sometime later, Tsukune returns to meet up with Moka after a training session with Issa. Issa beat Tsukune up in 30 seconds, and gives Tsukune some advice about not taking multiple wives (something that Issa himself has experience in). Issa thanks Tsukune for saving Moka from Gyokuro. Issa continues by saying that Outer Moka was mostly Akasha, but a part of Outer Moka comes from the real Moka so perhaps that part has returned and combined with real Moka. Back at the present, Moka and Tsukune meet up with their other friends, and Tsukune notice that Moka is showing some pink tinge in her hair and that she is becoming more like Outer Moka.

The End.


That was a decent epilogue for the series. Issa finally showed up after being missing for most of the series, although we still don't know why he didn't participate in the battle. For a feared vampire assassin, Issa does have a somewhat wacky side when he was trying to mess with Tsukune. Tsukune has some work cut out if he wants to become headmaster or convince Issa that he's worthy of Moka, but he's in good hands. It's also good to see that Moka is opening up and is becoming a little more like Outer Moka, so Outer Moka is not completely lost. Given that Fairy Tale is still in operation and targeting Tsukune, and Tsukune and harem are still in school, I guess there is plenty of material for a season 3 for Rosario + Vampire. The only problem is that there isn't a rosary anymore.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

One Piece 745

Doflamingo enacts his contingency plan.

Kyros was pretty close from getting an unwanted haircut.

In the underground, Diamante and Pica keep the freed pirates and gladiators from attacking the Smile factory, while Sabo, Koala and Hack meet up with Robin and Usopp at the port. Kinemon, still masquerading as Doflamingo, also arrives in the underground from the elevator. Meanwhile, up on the royal plateau, Zoro is still looking for Pica. Back in the throne room, the real Doflamingo appears and tries to decapitate Kyros, but Luffy pushes Kyros down just in time. It turns out the one the Kyros decapitates was a puppet controlled by the real Doflamingo. Luffy attacks Doflamingo, but he gets punched in the face for his troubles. Doflamingo then gets Pica to dump Luffy and friends out of the palace while he enacts his Bird Cage plan.

After Luffy and allies are dumped out of the palace, Doflamingo launches his strings to enclose the island in a cage, and Pica raises the palace up and the Smile factory to the surface. Doflamingo also uses his strings to take control of some people and have them attack others. Doflamingo then gives a public announcement saying that everyone is going to play a game of kill or be killed. Doflamingo states that he isn't going anywhere and people are free to come and try to kill him, but at the same time he is offering large bounties for a number of people.


Gotta give Doflamingo some credit for taking a heads-on approach to tackling to the threat to his rule and livelihood. I guess Doflamingo wants to turn some of the unscrupulous pirates and gladiators on his enemies by putting up bounties. Obviously Luffy and allies are on the hit list, and I'm guessing Fujitora and the Marines will be on the list as well since things are not going to go well for Doflamingo if any of his black market activities get out. Doflamingo and his crew have shown themselves to be very strong, but it seems a bit ambitious to take on the Straw Hats, the Revolutionaries, the Marines and a bunch of other people with grudges while trying to keep everyone from leaving the island. Doflamingo going with the stay and fight route seems to indicate that running isn't a very good choice for him. Maybe Doflamingo will ultimately have to ditch the island, but perhaps the prospect of having to face Kaido is too much for Doflamingo?

At this point, it looks like Sabo will have to take care of the factory. Zoro is the only guy still up in the palace right now, so he'll probably track down and fight Pica. Of course, it'll up to Luffy's group to take Doflamingo down, probably after Zoro has Pica occupied.

Bleach 578

Zaraki cuts up anything Gremmy can throw at him.

A public service announcement brought to you by Kenpachi Zaraki.

Zaraki destroys the giant meteor with his giant knife shikai, and this scares Gremmy a little. Gremmy makes more copies of himself and tries to kill Zaraki in a vacuum void, but Zaraki starts cutting up the copies. The Gremmy clones turn into bombs and they explode around Zaraki. Zaraki takes a little damage but is unfazed. Gremmy gets nervous and declares that he'll make himself stronger than Zaraki, but his power-up fails and he ends up falling to pieces. Zaraki calls Gremmy a dumbass because Gremmy made Zaraki out to be some invincible monster.


Well, that was somewhat anti-climactic ending, but on the other hand I wasn't that surprised that Gremmy would end up imagining his own defeat. Clearly Zaraki got into Gremmy's head with the mind games, and all it takes is for Gremmy to imagine his own death for the battle to end. If this is the end of the fight, it looks like Zaraki still has some more power-ups left in the bag. He only showed his shikai, which means he can still power-up by removing the eye-patch and going bankai. Time to move to the next match-up.

Naruto 674

Powered-up Naruto and Sasuke battle Madara.

The Naruto-Madara-Sasuke Sandwich, coming right up!

Sasuke and Naruto start fighting Madara. Madara uses his Rinnegan's "Limbo" power to create a shadow of himself that most people can't see or feel, but Sasuke can see the shadow with the Rinnegan in his left eye and Naruto can feel it. Sasuke uses his own Rinnegan ability to stick his sword in Madara. Sasuke notes that Madara's shadow returns to Madara after a little while. Naruto and Sasuke hit Madara with some Sage chakra attacks, but Madara substitutes his shadow in to take the attack. The real Madara then steals the Sharingan from Kakashi. Sasuke slices Madara in half, but Madara has already warped himself into the pocket dimension. In the pocket dimension, Obito tells Sakura to destroy Madara's left Rinnegan, but Madara warps and tries to stop Sakura.


That was a decent battle chapter. Madara's special Rinnegan ability is to create an invisible shadow copy of himself, but too bad Sasuke can see the shadow copy with his Rinnegan and Naruto can sense it. Naruto and Sasuke's attacks seem to work on shadow Madara, but I guess the real Madara doesn't take damage even when the shadow recombines. Other than seeing shadow Madara, Sasuke seems to have the ability to mess with Madara's perception as Sasuke was able to dodge and hit Madara before Madara could even react. The latest development swung the advantage back to Madara's though, as he was able to steal Kakashi's eye and get into the pocket dimension. It looks like Sakura is being set up for another major fail by letting Madara regain both of his Rinnegans. I wish Sakura would get something right, but signs are pointing to Madara getting both Rinnegans and making life more difficult for the good guys.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bleach 577

Gremmy tries to destroy Zaraki and the Seiretei with a giant meteor.

This reminds me of that chapter in Onepunch Man.

The two Gremmys summon a giant meteor to destroy Zaraki and the Seiretei, and this gets everybody's attention. Everyone is concerned except for Zaraki, who leaps at the meteor. The meteor explodes into pieces, and Zaraki lands now holding a giant axe.


Pretty predictable chapter. So Zaraki's bankai is a giant axe? I guess it suits him, since all he cares about is how to cut people and things up. Obviously Zaraki is not going to lose at this stage. We'll see if the Gremmys have any more tricks left, but Zaraki will murder them sooner or later. Perhaps Zaraki's bankai will have a new ability or two as well.

Naruto 673

Powered-up Naruto and Sasuke get ready to battle Madara.

Is two better than one?

After saving Guy, powered-up Naruto sends Madara crashing through the sacred tree with a Sage-powered version of Rasen Shuriken. The sacred tree is cut down, but Madara absorbs the tree to recover and power up. Sasuke arrives via teleportation from Tobirama and shows that he has the Rinnegan, and Naruto transforms into the Six Paths Sage Mode. Madara is not scared though because he has both the senjutsu and the Rinnegan, and the final battle has begun.


It's time for the final battle, and all of the combatant get their last minute power-ups just for kicks. The damage that Mighty Guy did didn't really mean much since Madara just recovered after absorbing the tree, but I suppose Guy served his purpose in buying enough time for Sasuke and Naruto to get back into the fight. The final battle seems pretty even; both sides have the same abilities. Madara has all the abilities in one body, while Naruto and Sasuke have the numbers advantage. All of Naruto and Sasuke's allies and associates will probably have to do something during the final battle. The laziest way would be to have Madara generate a bunch of soldiers to attack the rest of the Shinobi Army, that would be pretty lazy.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

One Piece 744

"Lucy" breaks through the coliseum floor and gets to the underground area.

Usopp the Hero of Dressrosa!!!

At the coliseum, "Lucy"'s attack collapses the arena floor and causes the combatants and the fighting fish to fall into the center. "Lucy" retrieves the Mera Mera fruit from one of the fighting fish and eats it. He then grabs Rebecca and uses his new Devil Fruit powers to blast the arena floor once again.

Meanwhile, underneath the coliseum int the underground bay, Trebol tries to attack the dwarfs and Robin, but his attack is stopped by Hajrudin the giant. Hajrudin picks up Usopp from the dwarfs and raises him like he is some sort messiah, and the other pirates/gladiators that Usopp had saved starts worshipping him. At the same time, "Lucy"'s attack breaks through the ceiling, and this adds to the effect of Usopp being a divine savior, and Usopp takes advantage of the situation by telling the freed people to destroy the factory. Diamante and Burgess get themselves out of the wreckage of the arena floor and finds a huge group of freed pirates and gladiators charging right at them. At the same time, "Lucy" meets up with Kokoa and Hack and reveals himself to be Sabo, now Chief of Staff in the revolutionaries. Sabo explains to Rebecca that they are after Doflamingo's black market weapons business. Sabo and companies are spotted and identified by Doflamingo's goons and the goons decide to report the news to Doflamingo.

Back in the palace, Kyros takes out some grunts and Buffalo, and he frees King Riku. Luffy and Violet try to free Law, but they are shaken off as Pica arrives through the palace floors. Even though his head is still on the ground, Doflamingo starts speaking and states that he is going to use "Bird Cage" which shocks Law.


Usopp is pretty awesome, and he might even become the new Buggy at this rate now that a whole bunch of people thinks he is some divine messiah. The timing of Sabo breaking through the ceiling coincided really nicely to Hajrudin raising Usopp up. Things are progressing pretty quickly from this point on now. Things are looking good for Luffy and allies now that all the toys are back to their original forms, and Sabo has eaten the Mera Mera and broke into the underground area. However, it looks like Doflamingo is not going to go down without a fight, and it's not surprising that he has a contingency plan when things go south. We'll see what Doflamingo will decide to do. Maybe he is going to destroy the whole country to cover his tracks? It'll also be interesting to see how Doflamingo is surviving the decapitation.