Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sekirei 175

Haven't posted Sekirei chapters in a long time. The actual manga is past chapter 180, but translation efforts seem to have dried up. So chapter 175 is somewhat old, but any chapter that I haven't read is new, right?

It does make more sense to do norito with the Sekireis who are interested in fighting.

Benitsubasa and Haihane feel that Karasuba is out of the game, but they continue to fight Higa's Sekirei. Mikogami and Sanada's Sekireis (the crazy 3) also get into it, and all the parties use Norito to power up. In the control center of the island, Minaka realizes that all the Sekireis going norito is causing the system to overload, and which may cause Kamikura Island to sink into the sea.


It's been so long since I've read Sekirei that I had to read my own summaries to remember what was going on. Anyways, it seems the invaders have been taken care of, and the Sekireis are busy fighting it out and going down the path of the Sekirei Plan. As for overloading the island, I guess there will always be one problem after another at this stage of the story. Curious that we saw nothing of Minato's team this chapter. The only other thing worthy of mentioning was that Sanada's reluctance to kiss his crazy 3 Sekirei was funny, since they have a habit of biting. Sanada likes his Cute 3, but the Crazy 3 are the ones who do the fighting.

Friday, May 22, 2015

One Piece 787

Sabo and other people try to buy time for Luffy to recover.

Apparently a kick to the face just isn't enough punishment for Burgess.

Sabo starts fighting Burgess and leaves Luffy in the care of the other gladiators. Meanwhile, Doflamingo is rampaging through the streets looking for Luffy. The Bird Cage is closing in faster, and Zoro, Franky and the dwarves are trying to slow down the cage contraction in their own ways. A bunch of Doflamingos cronies try to stop people from climbing up the mountain, but they get beat down by Bart and the other gladiators that followed Luffy up the mountain. The guys like Hajrudin and others were healed by Manshelley. There is still 4 minutes left before Luffy can use haki again.


This was the expected "buy time" chapter where Luffy tries to recover before Doflamingo can find him and/or kill everybody else. Apparently the gladiators are doing a pretty good job dashing and hiding in the city since Doflamingo is having trouble finding Luffy. Looks like Sabo won't be any help against Doflamingo since he's busy with Burgess. Sabo hit Burgess a couple of times, but the big wrestler is taking the shots well. Zoro, Franky and the dwarves are doing something about the Bird Cage, but many of other people are kind of standing around. I guess the gladiators on the mountain will help hold Doflamingo off? Maybe Fujitora will finally decide to do something, since the Bird Cage will also chop him and his Marines to pieces.

Naruto 700+4

Naruto faces off against the mysterious Shin Uchiha.

The cape isn't just for show.

Shin sees Naruto and activates his Mangekyo Sharingan and he makes his giant ninja star break into bits and fly at Naruto. Naruto summons Kurama's tail-claws and catches all of the bits, and then swipes at Shin to push Shin back. The little surveillance creature used by Shin's father appears telling Shin to retreat, and the creature uses a dimensional warp jutsu to teleport Shin away.

After the battle, Naruto tells Sarada and the delusional Chou-Chou to accompany him to a nearby tower where they might find Sasuke. Sarada asks about Sasuke, and Naruto explains that Sasuke was and still is his rival, and Sarada looks like a combination of Sasuke and Sakura. The group head to the tower but takes a break before arriving because Chou-Chou is too tired. Sarada gives an excuse of needing to go pee to sneak ahead into the tower. In the tower, Sarada sees Sasuke, but Sasuke things Sarada is one of the enemy and points his sword at her.


Lol somebody nominate Sasuke for dad of the year! That's quite the greeting to give to the daughter that you've neglecting for years. Of course, I guess Sasuke doesn't recognize Sarada because he hasn't seen her for years. And also if Naruto has taught us anything, it's that Uchihas do and should not trust other Uchihas. Sasuke probably won't do any real harm to Sarada before either he figures it out or Naruto arrives, but Sarada won't exactly have a great first impression of her dad. Maybe Naruto will end up being the more fatherly figure lol.

It seems that Sarada's Sharingan is emerging while she is sneaking off to the tower, so she is a true Uchiha. Speaking of Uchihas, Shin has Mangekyo Sharingan, which is kind of a surprise. Naruto with his Kurama powers is still out of his leagues though.

Other things to mention in this episode was the Chou-Chou was pretty funny with her delusions. She even thought Naruto might be her dad. It's fun to have a deluded comedic sidekick along.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Bleach 627

Ichigo and friends finish riding the elevator back up to the Soul King's palace.

Ichigo is such a playa. Look at him getting his flirt game on while riding to the final battle.

The whole Seiretei shakes after Yhwach absorbs the Soul King. Back down below, the shinigami and traitor Quincies finally finish forging the gate. Meanwhile, Ichigo and friends talk during their elevator ride, and Yukio and Riruka are staying to guard the elevator (or something...). The ride is over, and Ichigo and friends come out to find that Yhwach has put some Quincy buildings around the palace.


One of those "not much happening" chapters. It'd be more interesting to see what Yhwach is trying to do, but that's being saved up for... something. I don't really have much to say because very little happens. Hopefully something interesting happens now that the good guys can get to the bad guys. At this pace, this final battle won't be over any time soon. Less yapping, more fighting, please.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Naruto 700+3

Sarada and Chou-Chou try to follow Naruto, but they get attacked by the strange Sharingan man.

Oh, and Sarada and Boruto fight over a lunch box. Poor kids. There just isn't enough food to go around.

Naruto starts his journey after telling Shikamaru to apologize to Boruto for him. Right after Naruto leaves, Boruto appears at the gate with Mitsuki. Boruto is supposed to give Naruto a lunch box made by Hinata, but Boruto arrived late. Sarada reveals herself and offers to deliver the lunch to Naruto because she and Chou-Chou are headed in the same direction. Boruto however is pissed at his dad and refuses to hand over the lunch box, and he and Sarada have a little argument before Boruto relents. Sarada and Chou-Chou then start running after Naruto.

In the forest, Sarada and Chou-Chou are suddenly confronted by the strange Sharingan man who calls himself Shin Uchiha. Shin states that his "father" ordered him to bring Sarada back. When Sarada refuses to go with Shin, Shin starts attacking. Sarada and Chou-Chou fight back, but they both end up getting tripped up. Shin tries to smash Chou-Chou, but the girls are saved by Naruto who sensed that the two were following him.


They are definitely continuing the theme of villains having Sharingans. Turns out both Shin and his "father" have Sharingans, although the "father"'s Sharingan seems to be sewn into the socket. Anyways, Boruto and Sarada continue to have their own daddy issues. I guess Sarada "won" this chapter because she got the lunch box from Boruto? Anyways, we'll see if Naruto can find out anything about Shin and his dad now that they are face to face. The one thing we can gather so far is that Shin isn't particularly great at fighting, so Naruto should be able to handle him.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Bleach 626

Ichigo and friends ride their secret elevator back up to the royal palace.

... and somebody gets a makeover for the worse.

Ichigo's group ride the secret elevator built by Riruka and Yukio back up towards the royal palace, and the group has some awkward elevator conversations.

Meanwhile at the palace, Yhwach has finished absorbing the Soul King, and now he is covered with black goo and has many eyes (instead pupils inside of his eyes). All the Sternritters except Haschwalth are a bit concerned by the new look, and Yhwach proceeds to demonstrate his power by destroying the royal palace and almost throwing the Sternritters off. Yhwach then declares that he is going to start on giving his nation a new look.


Okay, so Yhwach gets a power-up? Not sure why he needed it since he was winning all of his fights before, but whatever. Now he looks ugly with all the black goop. His sternritters probably have a right to be concerned. Wonder if the Soul King's power will be too much for Yhwach and backfire on him? Anyways, now that Yhwach has his "final" form, lets hurry this whole thing up and get all the good guys up to the palace for the final battle.

One Piece 786

Luffy runs out of gas before he can finish Doflamingo off.

Luffy couldn't keep all that hot air inside of him anymore.

After hammering Doflamingo into the mountain, Luffy tries to follow up with a finishing blow, but he suddenly runs out gas midway and falls into the streets. Doflamingo peels himself off the mountain and slowly heads towards Luffy. At the same time, Jesus Burgess sees this as an opportunity to kill Luffy and steal his devil fruit, and he makes his way towards Luffy as well. Koala sees Burgess on the move and calls Sabo for help.

In the street, Luffy is met by a bunch of gladiators from the coliseum who are willing to help Luffy, and Luffy tells them he needs 10 minutes to recharge his haki. Burgess crashes through some buildings to try to blindside Luffy, but he gets kicked in the face by Sabo.


Just as many of us expected, Luffy ran out of gas before he could finish Doflamingo. Luffy hit Doflamingo hard, but Doflamingo has been built up so much that one finisher isn't going to quite finish him. Now Luffy's allies will have to buy him 10 minutes before he can use haki and get into shape to fight again. Burgess finally made his presence felt this chapter by going after Luffy. Given his plans, it seems that the Blackbeard Pirates and not just Blackbeard himself know how to take the Devil Fruit from a dead person. Too bad for him, Sabo is still around. Sabo can beat Burgess especially now that he has the the flame powers, but Doflamingo is still looming large. Random gladiators from the coliseum probably won't last too long against Doflamingo. Maybe it'll be up to Sabo to buy the time Luffy needs?