Friday, October 24, 2014

One Piece 765

Law's flashback continues as Corazon tries to steal the Ope Ope no Mi.

The power of silence.

Corazon gets a call from Doflamingo saying that he has info on the Ope Ope no Mi. Some pirates found the fruit and are selling it to the Marines for a huge price, and Doflamingo plans to steal the fruit and have Corazon eat it, and Corazon can then heal Law. After the call with Doflamingo, Corazon is ecstatic, but he knows that Doflamingo is probably suspicious of him, and he also knows that Doflamingo wants Corazon to eat the fruit so Corazon can be sacrificed to give Doflamingo immortality. Corazon also can't eat the fruit because he already has a Devil Fruit power. So Corazon's plan is to steal the fruit before Doflamingo can and have Law eat the fruit. Being a spy of the Marines, Corazon calls Sengoku and gets details of the exchange, and also informs Sengoku of Doflamingo's plans. Corazon plans to use the Marines to take out Doflamingo while he steals the fruit for Law.

Three weeks later, Corazon and Law sneak onto the island where the exchange is going to happen. Law's condition has deteriorated, and so Corazon goes into action on his own. Using his Devil Fruit powers of silence, Corazon sneaks into the mansion where the pirates are staying and steals the Ope Ope no Mi. Corazon is overjoyed, but he trips and falls down a snowy slope after running out the castle and is caught by pirates who are guarding the perimeter.


Doflamingo calling Corazon about the Ope Ope is what I thought would happen. Corazon has things all planned out, playing off the Marines to take care of Doflamingo, but of course the best laid plans can go awry. Corazon's power is useful for stealth since people can't hear him, but his own clumsiness cost him in this chapter. Since we know the Donquixote family survived this encounter and was not wiped out by the Marines, we know Doflamingo probably had some other plans. Doflamingo was suspicious of Corazon anyways, and probably will make the attempt to steal the fruit.. maybe even when Corazon was captured. Looks like this flashback is coming to its conclusion.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Bleach 602

Askin makes the mistake of explaining his powers.

In this case, blood-letting actually works.

Nimaiya starts feeling dizzy as Askin gets back up. Askin then does what pretty much every Bleach character does and explains his powers that somehow makes Nimaiya get poisoned by for having too much of his own blood. As such, Nimaiya cuts his own neck to let out some blood and then gets a red water bath from Kirinji to replace his blood with new blood. Nimaiya then cuts down Askin for good and challenges Yhwach.


Lol, here goes another idiot who went and monologued about his power. If Askin kept his mouth shut, he probably would have killed Nimaiya. Askin actually didn't have immortality, but he seems resilient since he survived a few of Nimaiya's strikes. Askin didn't explain what it takes for his powers to work on somebody, but it doesn't really matter since he explained it like an idiot and deservedly got killed for it. So at the end, the four "special" Sternritters got jobbed to the Zero Division. This makes sense since it provides some legitimacy for the Zero Division before they get jobbed to Yhwach. I guess the only question at this point is when Ichigo and friends will join the fight.

Naruto 697

Naruto vs. Sasuke gets closer to the conclusion.

Sasuke gotta work on his ground and pound skills.

Naruto and Sasuke both take damage from each other's ultimate attack. The fight then devolves into a brawl as both combatants run out of chakra. When the two can barely beat on each other, Kurama tries to give Naruto some chakra but Sasuke steals it with his Rinnegan. Sasuke then prepares to finish Naruto off.


Looks like the final battle is almost over. Neither Naruto nor Sasuke have enough chakra for big moves, and there are only two chapters after this one so it'll probably end in the next chapter. Sasuke seems to be closing in on the kill, but both guys are so weakened that I won't be surprised if Sakura walked in and knocked Sasuke out. Of course, she and Kakashi are probably some distance from the Valley of the End, so that scenario might be unlikely. It'd be a bummer if Sasuke actually killed Naruto, so hopefully either Naruto finds some way to fight back, or Sasuke just drops dead some how.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Cross Ange 03

Ange faces the consequences of running away during battle.

Not a good night for the new recruits.

... well the good news is that she isn't around to molest Ange anymore. Now for the bad news...

Ange's attempt to flee battle with the dragons ends in disaster as she causes the deaths of the other new trainee and Zola, and on top of that the giant dragon escaped. Ange totaled her Paramail and is banged up from the crash, but despite what happened she is still in denial about her own situation. As punishment, Jill makes Ange haul the gravestones of the two new trainees and Zola into the cemetery on the island. Ange breaks down and tells Jill to kill her, but Jill tells Ange that if she wants to die, she'll have to do it on the battlefield.

PT as punishment is probably getting off easy.

Ange finally decides to transform into a dragon slayer.

The squad, now captained by former Vice-Captain Salia, is dispatched when the escaped dragon is located. Ange is given an old and problematic Paramail to ride to her death. Salia's squad find the dragon, but the squad runs into trouble due the dragon using some new tactics. Ange starts making suicide runs at the dragon, but she keeps dodging at the last second. The dragon finally catches Ange's Paramail and is about to eat her. At that moment, Ange discovers that Jill had given back Ange's mother's ring, and remembers that her mother told her to live on. The ring activates and gives Ange's Paramail a makeover and causes the dragon to let go. Ange then decides to become a bad-ass and singlehandedly slays the dragon with her Paramail. After the battle, Ange goes to the cemetery and cuts her hair short to signal that she had accepted her new life as a dragon slayer.

The money shot.

See, killing dragons ain't so hard for a flying bike lacrosse expert.


It took a little longer than expected for Ange to get over her old haughty self and become a bad-ass dragon slayer, as causing three horrific deaths wasn't quite enough. It was probably better this way as it's more dramatic. I'm surprised they killed off Zola the molester off so quickly, but I guess that's actually good for Ange. So far, Cross Ange has shown that it has no qualms about killing off characters in bloody manners, and so things don't bode well for the rest of the girls on the squad. The deaths in this episode showed the flaws of the Paramail design. Having the pilot exposed in flight mode while battle dragons with sharp teeth doesn't make much sense, but then again having the pilots dress in skimpy outfits make little sense either... other than for the purpose of fan service.

It looks like the ring from Ange's mom has some special powers connected to the Paramails. Ange's parents probably knew the truth about the Normas and the dragons, and we'll have to wait as the series explore the setting of this world. This episode confirmed that the peace that Ange has lived in was built on the backs of Norma girls killing dragons, and it'll be interesting to find out why Normas are prosecuted and forcibly conscripted into this dragon slaying role.

So it took three episode for Ange to transform from pampered princess into bad-ass dragon slayer. It's curious that Ange doesn't even appear in the previews of the next episode, and not to mention there has been no news about what's happening to Ange's county now that her brother has taken over. All in due time I suppose. Judging by the OP and ED sequences, we are still waiting for a couple of important characters to show up.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Gundam Reconguista in G 03 & 04

I missed the episode last week because I thought there wasn't a new episode due to the double header during the first week, so now there are two episodes to cover.

The integrated toilet makes sense, but why do we need to see someone taking a dump again?

Aida isn't too unhappy at being a captive.

After the pirates are repelled from the Capital, Aida, Raraiya and the G-Self are taken by the research division. The next day, Bellri is called to visit the research division, and Noredo insists on tagging along. At the research center, Aida, Raraiya, Bellri and Noredo are allowed to enter the G-Self's cockpit to see why Aida, Bellri and Raraiya can activate the MS while others can't. Meanwhile, the pirates and their ship are hiding in a cave somewhere, and hotshot pilot Klim decides to go out solo in his Montero mobile suit to rescue Aida and recover the G-Self. Klim threatens to destroy the Capital Tower if Aida and the G-Self are not returned. Aida launches in the G-Self taking Bellri, Noredo and Raraiya with her, and the research chief allows this happen. Klim easily handles most of the mobile suits sent out by the Capital, but gets into trouble against Dellensen. Aida arrives in time to defuse the situation and save Klim from being embarrassed too much, and Aida and Klim return to the pirate ship with Bellri and company in tow.

What is this, Animal Slapstick Hour?

This is why you don't put four people into a cockpit with an integrated toilet.

Klim, Aida, Bellri and company arrive at the pirate spaceship Megafauna, and Bellri, Noredo and Raraiya are held as hostages. Klim doesn't like Bellri, but is curious enough that he tells Bellri to pilot the G-Self. At this moment, a Capital Army task force led by Dellensen arrive to rescue Bellri and friends. Klim flies out in the Montero, but Dellensen ends up getting the better of him again. Bellri flies into the battle in the G-Self to try to stop the fighting, but he is forced to defend himself when three Catsith mobile suits hone in on him. Bellri activates some strange power in the G-Self to beat back the Catsiths, and Dellensen's squad is forced into retreat. After the battle, Bellri and Aida tests out the G-Self's escape pod, and Bellri finds out that Aida is the daughter of the president of Ameria.

Klim never says no to food.

Gundams and glowing go hand in hand.


I found these two episodes to be a bit strange and confusing when it came to the plot and the tone of the show. So the Capital captures the G-Self, and then willingly allow Aida to fly it out? I guess the Capital was not very well defended at that juncture, although Dellensen seems to be handling Klim just fine. And then in the next episode, Bellri more or less joins the pirates because he doesn't like the newly formed Capital Army? Given how things are being set up, it sound like the Capital Army might be the bad guys, and they have nothing to do with the Capital Guard that Bellri was training for. Since Bellri is smitten with Aida, he'll probably fly with the pirates. The whole thing just doesn't make much sense to me. Another thing that doesn't make sense is how Noredo is allowed to tag along with Bellri everywhere, even into military facilities. I guess Noredo is the designated tag-along or something.

Moving on to the tone of the show, it seems like Gundam Reconguista in G is trying to bill itself as a comedy. It's clear that Klim is going to be "ace pilot" that gets made fun of time after time, but that segment of him flying over the jungle... I haven't seen a Gundam show where a leopard falls off a tree and onto to a snake lol. And there was also some "toilet humor" with people taking a piss and dumps in their pilot seats. Seeing how Bellri and Noredo are mostly just messing around, maybe this show is trying to be a bit more light-hearted, at least at the start. I wonder what happens when characters start getting killed off though.

These two episodes revealed a few more things about the Regild Century. From the conversations, it sounded like humanity almost destroyed itself during the Universal Century, and there is current ban on researching some of the old technology. That's a plausible back story, and would explain why the mobile suits we see in this series appear less advanced than a lot of the stuff we saw in UC. This is similar to Gundam AGE's setting, but hopefully this new Gundam series will turn out to be a better show. I wonder if somebody will end up digging up a relic Gundam or some other powerful mobile weapon to use. We still don't know about the origins of the G-Self though, and apparently the pirates have a Gundam-like mobile suit (the red Arcane).

Friday, October 17, 2014

One Piece 764

Law's flashbacks continues as Corazon is about to reveal some surprising facts to the young Law.

At least he didn't lie about everything.

Corazon (Doflamingo's brother Rosiante) reveals to Law that he can talk and is a devil fruit user capable of forming barriers to block out sound. Corazon tells Law that Doflamingo is crazy and evil and he is only staying to try to keep Doflamingo in check. The only people who know of Doflamingo's true nature are the current four execs and Vergo. Vergo is the former Corazon, but currently on a secret mission. Corazon also talks about the "D" name and how people with the name are rumored to be "God's enemy". Corazon tells Law to get away from Doflamingo and the family, but Law refuses and runs away, saying that he would tell Doflamingo the truth. However, Law decides not to tell Doflamingo because he felt he owed Corazon for not telling Doflamingo about the stabbing incident. In the midst of a battle with the Marines, Doflamingo finds out that Corazon has taken Law away to find a cure for Law's illness.

While traveling with Law, Corazon makes a call to Sengoku and it's revealed that Corazon is actually an agent for the Marines infiltrating the Donquixote family. Corazon had been picking on the young recruits like Law because he wants them to leave the family. After the call with Corazon, Sengoku meets with Vergo, who wants to be transferred to G5.

Over the next few months, Corazon brings Law to various hospitals, but all the hospitals refuse to treat Law because they fear the Amber Lead sickness. Six months later, Corazon haven't found a cure for Law, and Law's sickness is getting worse. Corazon wonders what he is doing, and admits to himself that he felt pity for Law, and Law overhears this. One day, Corazon and Law get a phone call from Doflamingo.


That was a lot of info to take in. Corazon hasn't been in the story for too long, but he really established himself as an intriguing and complex character in this chapter. Corazon is actually a Devil Fruit user, is secretly opposing his brother and wants to keep Doflamingo's madness in check, and he also works undercover for the Marines. Unlike Doflamingo, Corazon is actually a decent guy, and he took pity upon Law. Law hasn't gotten like to Corazon quite yet, but we'll find out soon why Law respects Corazon that much. We also found out that Vergo was the previous Corazon. Since Corazon works for the Marines in secret and Vergo infiltrated the Marines, I wonder if Corazon's undoing will be when Vergo finds out about Corazon's secret identity.

Lastly, there was the bit about the "Will of D" and how they are "God's enemies". Corazon said it might mean that the people with "D" are destined to oppose the Celestial Dragons. This is probably all related to the Blank Century and the secrets behind the rise of the current World Government. Maybe the "D" are the descendants of the party that suffered from Blank Century, and that would make sense that would eventually overthrow the current "gods" of the world. Whatever the anser is, Oda is definitely laying the groundwork for something much bigger in the future, and that's something to get excited about.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Bleach 601

Nimaiya goes gangsta of the special Sternritters.

Too fast and too sharp for ya!

Nimaiya pulls out his special, too-sharp, pretty much one-hit-kill zanpukto out of the tank and effortlessly cuts down Thor, Sniper Guy, Glowy-eyes in hood and Askin (aka the poor Aizen imitator). However, Askin has some special power that stops him from dying, and the power also makes Nimaiya feel sick.


It's still the same old enemies one-upping the others with their powers, but this week's chapter was fun given how bad-ass Nimaiya looked when he mopped the floor with the "special" Sternritters. The fun didn't last though since Askin seems to some form of immortality that also hurts his attackers. It'd be funny if Askin's power is similar to Hidan's (from Naruto) lol. Given how Bleach works, Nimaiya might get screwed over, but there are other Zero Division members around. Of course, Yhwach is also standing around and may unleash some more cronies, but he's not exactly into helping his Sternritters since their deaths make him stronger.