Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bleach 577

Gremmy tries to destroy Zaraki and the Seiretei with a giant meteor.

This reminds me of that chapter in Onepunch Man.

The two Gremmys summon a giant meteor to destroy Zaraki and the Seiretei, and this gets everybody's attention. Everyone is concerned except for Zaraki, who leaps at the meteor. The meteor explodes into pieces, and Zaraki lands now holding a giant axe.


Pretty predictable chapter. So Zaraki's bankai is a giant axe? I guess it suits him, since all he cares about is how to cut people and things up. Obviously Zaraki is not going to lose at this stage. We'll see if the Gremmys have any more tricks left, but Zaraki will murder them sooner or later. Perhaps Zaraki's bankai will have a new ability or two as well.

Naruto 673

Powered-up Naruto and Sasuke get ready to battle Madara.

Is two better than one?

After saving Guy, powered-up Naruto sends Madara crashing through the sacred tree with a Sage-powered version of Rasen Shuriken. The sacred tree is cut down, but Madara absorbs the tree to recover and power up. Sasuke arrives via teleportation from Tobirama and shows that he has the Rinnegan, and Naruto transforms into the Six Paths Sage Mode. Madara is not scared though because he has both the senjutsu and the Rinnegan, and the final battle has begun.


It's time for the final battle, and all of the combatant get their last minute power-ups just for kicks. The damage that Mighty Guy did didn't really mean much since Madara just recovered after absorbing the tree, but I suppose Guy served his purpose in buying enough time for Sasuke and Naruto to get back into the fight. The final battle seems pretty even; both sides have the same abilities. Madara has all the abilities in one body, while Naruto and Sasuke have the numbers advantage. All of Naruto and Sasuke's allies and associates will probably have to do something during the final battle. The laziest way would be to have Madara generate a bunch of soldiers to attack the rest of the Shinobi Army, that would be pretty lazy.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

One Piece 744

"Lucy" breaks through the coliseum floor and gets to the underground area.

Usopp the Hero of Dressrosa!!!

At the coliseum, "Lucy"'s attack collapses the arena floor and causes the combatants and the fighting fish to fall into the center. "Lucy" retrieves the Mera Mera fruit from one of the fighting fish and eats it. He then grabs Rebecca and uses his new Devil Fruit powers to blast the arena floor once again.

Meanwhile, underneath the coliseum int the underground bay, Trebol tries to attack the dwarfs and Robin, but his attack is stopped by Hajrudin the giant. Hajrudin picks up Usopp from the dwarfs and raises him like he is some sort messiah, and the other pirates/gladiators that Usopp had saved starts worshipping him. At the same time, "Lucy"'s attack breaks through the ceiling, and this adds to the effect of Usopp being a divine savior, and Usopp takes advantage of the situation by telling the freed people to destroy the factory. Diamante and Burgess get themselves out of the wreckage of the arena floor and finds a huge group of freed pirates and gladiators charging right at them. At the same time, "Lucy" meets up with Kokoa and Hack and reveals himself to be Sabo, now Chief of Staff in the revolutionaries. Sabo explains to Rebecca that they are after Doflamingo's black market weapons business. Sabo and companies are spotted and identified by Doflamingo's goons and the goons decide to report the news to Doflamingo.

Back in the palace, Kyros takes out some grunts and Buffalo, and he frees King Riku. Luffy and Violet try to free Law, but they are shaken off as Pica arrives through the palace floors. Even though his head is still on the ground, Doflamingo starts speaking and states that he is going to use "Bird Cage" which shocks Law.


Usopp is pretty awesome, and he might even become the new Buggy at this rate now that a whole bunch of people thinks he is some divine messiah. The timing of Sabo breaking through the ceiling coincided really nicely to Hajrudin raising Usopp up. Things are progressing pretty quickly from this point on now. Things are looking good for Luffy and allies now that all the toys are back to their original forms, and Sabo has eaten the Mera Mera and broke into the underground area. However, it looks like Doflamingo is not going to go down without a fight, and it's not surprising that he has a contingency plan when things go south. We'll see what Doflamingo will decide to do. Maybe he is going to destroy the whole country to cover his tracks? It'll also be interesting to see how Doflamingo is surviving the decapitation.

Bleach 576

Zaraki vs Gremmy continued, with Gremmy opting for a power-up.

If it takes a giant falling meteorite to make Zaraki hard, then...
I'm not going to go there

Zaraki and Gremmy continue to battle. Zaraki has the upper hand and slashes Gremmy a couple of times. Gremmy regenerates with his imagination but gets a little scared. Zaraki taunts Gremmy for getting scared, but this allows Gremmy to imagine that he can't die. Gremmy then doubles his power by imagining an exact copy of himself. Zaraki finds out that he can't cut either of the Gremmy's. The Gremmy's summon a meteorite to obliterate the Seiretei, and Zaraki is excited by the prospect of cutting a meteorite.


I was mistaken in the last chapter thinking that Zaraki was going to take his eye-patch off, but he might eventually. Gremmy goes for the first power-up though, makes a clone and makes both of himself uncleavable, and summons a meteor. I'm sure Zaraki will find some way to cut through Gremmy and everything he generates anyways, so it's just a matter of time. We'll see if Zaraki will bring his bankai out for this fight.

Naruto 672

Mighty Guy unleashes his ultimate attack on Madara.

Also, this is my 2000th post on this humble little blog. Yippee!!

Feel the pain!!!

The battle between Mighty Guy and Madara has left both battered and exhausted. Guy decides to go all in and unleashes his "Night Guy" attack as Kakashi gets a flashback on when he first met Guy and his dad. "Night Guy" ends up being a flaming missile flying kick right to Madara's ribs. Madara gets left ribs and arms obliterated, but he survives and regenerates while Guy has used up his final life force. Madara decides to finish Guy by throwing a black chakra ball at Guy, but newly powered-up Naruto swats the ball away and gives Guy a little chakra to save his life.


It's good that Naruto saved Guy, although Guy heroically dying would be an acceptable option too. It was impressive that Guy was able to overpower Madara with his 8th gate form. Of course, Naruto and Sasuke have to be the ones to take down Madara, so Guy can't get the win, but he made good use of his time in the spotlight. Now it's time to see what sort of new powers Hagaromo gave Naruto and Sasuke.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Winter 2014 Anime Final Thoughts

It's time to look back at the anime series I've watched that have ended during the Winter 2014 season, and so here are my quick final thoughts on Kill la Kill, Nobunagun, and Witch Craft Works. I'm busy with lots of other things lately, so forgive me if I'm a bit lazy on the final thoughts. I never thought of myself as much of an anime/manga reviewer anyways.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

Kill la Kill

Hot-blooded is one way to describe Kill la Kill.

Kill la Kill was one of the most hyped anime series during the last season, or at least in my line-up, and there is good reason for the buzz. It's a show with distinctive visuals, an offbeat sense of comedy and some over the top and awesome-looking battles. Oh and there are girls in skimpy battle outfits and a considerable amount of nudity, but fan service wasn't really one of the primary focuses of the show.

The second half of the show that took place during the winter season finally revealed the true story that the Life Fibers are alien lifeforms bent on enslaving and consuming everyone on the planet. The best moment was Satsuki and her crew's face turn when it was revealed that they built up the academy to oppose the alien takeover that was orchestrated by her mother. Satsuki, seemingly the primary antagonist throughout most of the series, was actually the second protagonist along side Ryouko, and arguably Satsuki received more character development than Ryouko. The built-up to the final battle between the combined forces of Ryouko, Satsuki and crew, and Nudist Beach against Ragyo and the Life Fibers was great. The final episode was good, but it didn't quite live up to the build-up. Overall though, Kill la Kill was a very entertaining action show that I looked forward to watching every week, and I think it lived up to the hype.


Trick Shot Oguro showing off some moves.

Nobunagun was another action show that I was following during the winter season. Compared to Kill la Kill, Nobunagun was not quite as visually impressive or exciting, but it wasn't a bad show. The pace of the fighting can be a little slow especially considering our heroes are usually fighting against swarms of hostile invading alien life forms, and the visuals don't really scream big budget. Those are my main complaints though, and Nobunagun has it merits. The main character Sio Oguro is kind of cute as an easily-embarrassed, slightly awkward girl who is obsessed with military equipment, and the supporting cast had some fun characters. Overall, I would say Nobunagun was an "average" action show. Nothing great about it, but there is nothing really bad about it either, and the show performs to expectation and is entertaining for action show fans like me.

Witch Craft Works

Fear the beautiful girl with death claw grip.

Witch Craft Works was a fun little show about a weak and somewhat useless guy finding out that he is under the protection of the school hottie who happens to be a powerful Fire Witch. Not only is our hero the center of attention for the school hottie, he is also the target of numerous bad witches who are after the powers that are sealed inside of him. Witch Craft Works has its fair share of magical battles, but there is of course the element of potential romance between our male and female leads Honoka and Ayaka, along with some comedic elements from Honoka's bro-con sister, and the five stooges (the KMM Gang) who get beat up by Ayaka every so often. JC Staff did a pretty good job on the visuals, and it's always fun seeing the stoic Ayaka curb stomp lesser witches with her fire. Honoka can be a bit annoying at times even near the end of the season when he gains some powers, but the annoyance is within tolerable levels. This is just the first season that introduces the main characters and the beginning of the story, and the anime did a good job for the most part. I'm certainly interested to see how this story will unfold as we learn more about Honoka and Ayaka's connection and the power that is locked inside Honoka.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

To Love-Ru Darkness 42

Dark Yami continues to mess around the school while trying to kill Rito.

First wife to the rescue!!

Nana and Momo end up in Mea's apartment after Yami sends them away through a portal. Nana declares that she believes in Mea and the sisters make plans to head back to school.

Meanwhile on the roof of the school, Mea is trying to regain control of her body but Nemesis has Mea's consciouness locked-down. Nemesis explains that her ability is to take over and reside in other people's bodies, and she saw Mea as the perfect partner for her when they first met. Nemesis states that only she has the power to expel herself from Mea's body, but she promises to leave Mea's body once Yami kills Rito. Down on the ground, Dark Yami proceeds to use her portal powers to grope Haruna and Yui. Yami then decides she'll cut Rito open and bathe in his blood, but Lala arrives to snatch Rito away. Yami is not happy with Lala's appearance and attacks her with her blades and portals. Yami then snatches Rito back and forms a giant statue of Rito to attack Lala.

Back on the roof, Mea is trying to convince Nemesis to stop Yami from killing Rito, but Nemesis is not changing her mind and tells Mea to stop struggling. Mea admits that she can't get rid of Nemesis by herself, but she had taken control of one strand of hair and used to to call Oshizu for help. Oshizu appears and freezes Nemesis with her psychokinesis. Mea thanks Nemesis for her guidance, but declares that it's time for Nemesis to go. As Mea and Oshizu work together to expel Nemsis, Nana and Momo are getting close to the school and they see a bright flash coming from the roof where Mea/Nemesis is.


This battle seems to be heading towards some sort of ultimate conclusion, and I'm wondering if Darkness is getting close to the end of its run. There were some good developments in this chapter. Lala showed up, and Dark Yami is not happy about it as you can tell from her expression after Lala's entrance. Yami sees Lala as a threat, and also as a challenge since Lala is Rito's "fiancee". Lala is stronger than Momo and Nana, but she'll probably need help to take down Dark Yami. Lala, Nana and Momo vs. Dark Yami should be a good fight. This is turning out to be a battle for Rito, which is not surprising since he's the only male character who matters in this show. On the other hand, it looks like Mea is going to expel Nemesis from her body with some help from Oshizu, and that'll be a pretty pivotal development if Mea can pull it off. Nemesis will still be a threat, but at least Mea will be free to help to get Yami back into the light. Given her relationship with Yami, Mea will have to play a big role in getting Yami back to normal. Maybe they'll have to bring Mikan in to help too.