Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis 10

Amira's journey to find her mom takes a demonic turn.

One reason why shouldn't keep so many dead creatures in your lab: they can help a neromancer escape.

From saint to demon in 30 seconds.

Martinet catches Rita sneaking around in his lab, but Rita escapes by distracting Martinet with all the dead fishes he's been keeping in jars. Later in Anati, Jeanne is set to be burned at the stake. Some of the citizens try to charge the execution grounds to rescue Jeanne, but Charioce orders the knights to cut them down. The fire is set and Jeanne watches the chaotic scene unfolds and sees some hallucinations made by Martinet telling her that the angels were just using her. Martinet's drink appears in front of Jeanne and Jeanne drinks the liquid, which causes her to turn into a demon. Jeanne frees herself, summons the god-killer sword given to her by Michael, and then summons a large winged demon to fly away. Bacchus watches the whole thing from the crowds, and then he is approached by Rita who wants to ask him some questions.

Can somebody shut this guy up?

Meanwhile, Amira, Kaisar and Favaro follow the GPS necklace location to a valley, but suddenly all the rocks starts floating in the sky and giant demon flying squid fortress appears. Martinet and Belzebuth appear and trap Favaro and Kaisar in coffin-shaped force fields. Martinet explains that he and Belzebuth were the ones who made Amira, gave her the necklace and plant fake memories so that she would steal the God's key and come to this location (Helheim) and take the Demon's Key to unseal Bahamut. Amira doesn't believe them and wants to see her mother to remove the God's key from her body. Martinet produces Nicole from a block of ice, and Nicole is a shell of former self and screaming in pain, and the demons reveal that they had used Nicole's essence to construct Amira. Amira goes to hug Nicole to see if a miracle to happen. Nicole does stop screaming and says Amira's name before fading away, and Amira screams in anguish. Amira is then raised in the air and given the Demon's Key to complete the key to Bahamut, and Belzebuth then seals her in a ball.

Your mom being alive is a lie.

Roadkill demon.

On the road somewhere, Rita is in Bacchus' carriage asking Bacchus if he knew any demons who could turn humans into demons (like how Jeanne turned into a demon). Bacchus is about to give the answer but they hit a bit bump on the road. The bump turns out to by Azazel, who is injured badly but not dead. Bacchus and Rita capture Azazel and Rita asks Azazel to spill the beans on everything he knows, and Azazel is willing to do it if Rita is able to bring him to Ebos (the demon city?). Bacchus and Rita see the flash in the distance created by the joining of the God and Demon keys.

Favaro getting some tongue.

Back in Helheim, Favaro gets free by saying he wants to join the demons. After being released by Belzebuth, Favaro tries to attack, but Martinet sees through the ploy and tongue-feed Favaro the demon-transformation drink. Favaro is then turned into a demon.


This is the episode where everything goes wrong. As foreshadowed by Amira's visions, her journey to seek out her mother was all part of Martinet and Belzebuth's plan to unseal Bahamut. Amira was built for stealing the God's key and bringing it back to Belzebuth, and her mother Nicole was captures and barely alive. Amira gets turned into the final key, and on top of that both Jeanne and Favaro gets turned into demons. I was thinking Favaro might do something with that Bahamut spine that he is carrying, but he ended up doing no such thing. I also thought Bacchus would do something about Jeanne being burned at the stakes and being fed demon liquid, but he ended up doing nothing. Of course, that's probably not too surprising since the gods and angels don't like to intervene in anything unless they are threatened (as Favaro did to Bacchus). The whole crisis has evolved to this point mostly because the angels decide to let the humans keep watch on Amira while providing no supervision or assistance whatsoever, and Martinet pretty much does whatever the hell he wants and gets Jeanne wronged, put on execution and then turned into a demon.

Things are looking dire for the good guys at this point. The only person who is doing something useful is Rita, and maybe Favaro, Amira and Kaisar will have to count on her and Azazel to save their behinds. Of course, Favaro might get himself out of trouble even if he is now a full demon. There's probably no point counting on Kaisar to save the day lol. As for Azazel's return, Azazel probably wants to return to the demon city to rat Belzebuth out to Lucifer, and that might help. We still haven't learned why exactly Belzebuth wants to free Bahamut. Probably Belzebuth wants to use Bahamut's power to rule the world, but will the demon be able to control the beast?

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Cross Ange 11

The island base gets attacked by dragons and Paramails from another dimension.

Julio is not a very capable villain, but at least he is getting some succubus pie.

So Jasmine used to be the base commander? She also looked considerably better back in the days.

At the Misurugi Palace, Sylvia wakes up after having a nightmare of Ange escaping execution. Sylvia goes to Julio's room, but finds him being ridden on and controlled by Riza, who is some sort of succubus. Riza notices Sylvia peeking in and ropes Sylvia with her tail when Sylvia tries to escape.

I'm actually impressed that Emma went into crazy murder mode instead of scared shit-less/frozen in fear mode when confronted with a dragon.

Dragons have Paramail friends.

Back at the island, Salia's Squad 1 has been assigned to back up duty, since the squad is short on pilots as Ange and Hilda are still in jail. Salia gathers some flowers to visit the grave of Mei's older sister Zhao Fei-Ling, and bumps into Mei in front of the gravestone. Salia then has a trip down memory lane about how she had looked up to Jill since she was a little girl. One night, Jill, who was called Alectra back then, limps back to the island on the Villkiss and is missing her right arm. Jill/Alexa tells her commander (Jasmine?) that she failed to use the Villkiss' potential and as a result her squad was killed. Salia saw this scene and vows to get revenge for Alecta and pilot the Villkiss. Unfortunately, Salia is also unable to pilot the Villkiss to its full potential, and Jill tells her that no matter how hard she works, she is not the one.

Ange showing Salia who's boss.

Hilda's job this week is to catch and drop off passengers during battle.

Suddenly, a portal opens above the island and over a hundred small dragons fly out. Paramail Squads 2 and 3 are sent out while everyone get ready to defend the base. The command center is compromised when a dragon crashes in, and this forces Jill to retreat to a temporary location. Squads 2 and 3 seem to be beating back the dragons, but three Paramails appear out of the portal. A song rings out, and the red Paramail turns gold and fires two destructive tornado blasts from its shoulders. The blasts annihilate Squads 2 and most of Squad 3, along with half of the island. Salia's squad is ordered to launch by Jill. Jill also reinstates Hilda and Ange and tells Salia to let Ange go out on the Villkiss to stop the red Paramail. However, Salia still can't get over the fact that she is not "the one" and heads out on the Villkiss against Jill's orders. Meanwhile, Hilda and Ange escape from their cell after a dragon crashes into it, and they meet up with Momoka and head to the launch deck.

First Paramail battle of the series.

I can do the tornado beams too!

Humans together with dinosaurs... hahahaha.

Salia's squad is in the air killing dragons, but Salia is unable to use the Villkiss properly. The stubborn Salia still goes after the red enemy Paramail but is easily booted aside and is in danger of falling into the water. Hilda and Ange arrive on Hilda's Paramail, and Ange jumps back onto the Villkiss to properly activate the Paramail. Ange then tosses Salia off to Hilda and confronts the red Paramail. Ange and the red Paramail fight evenly. The song comes back again and the red Paramail turns gold to fire its shoulder cannons. Hearing the song, Ange starts singing her mother's song, and this causes the Villkiss to turn gold and also fire tornado blasts from its shoulders. As the blasts from the two Paramail come together, Ange ends up in a strange space and sees the pilot of the red Paramail, who is a girl with long black hair. The black hair girl is surprised that Ange knows the power of the song. The two girls then sees a bunch of scenes of them together (along with other characters, and in Vivian in particular) over the course of time. Ange wants to know who the girl is, but the girl leaves without answering much. Ange then finds herself back in real space and the three enemy Paramails and the dragons have retreated into the portal.

After the battle, Vivian goes back to her room to sleep even though there is rubble everywhere. Meanwhile, Maggy informs Jill that the Plant has been destroyed.


That was an entertaining episode. Lots of quality action, and lots to talk about from this episode. As suspected, Julio is being controlled by his secretary Riza, who is actually some sort of succubus. Sylvia finds out about this but gets captured, and it was hilarious that Sylvia started screaming for Ange to save her. You already burned that bridge down, little girl. This episode was mostly serious, but the various quips (reference to Hilda and Ange's odor, and the reaction of Hilda as Ange and Salia presses against her) added a bit of comedy whether intended or not. We also got the story behind Salia's admiration of Jill and obsession with piloting the Villkiss. Salia isn't content on being the supporting character and her outing on the Villkiss almost ended in disaster for her, but now she probably knows her place thanks to this episode. An interesting point in the flashback was that the commander from Jill's time was named Jasmine. Is that the same Jasmine who is running the shop these days?

The biggest development in this episode is of course the appearance of Paramails that fight with the dragons and the black hair princess from the opening sequence. Her fate and Ange's fate are obviously intertwined, although this episode doesn't give away a lot of answers. While Ange and the black hair princess are destined to fight each other, the princess doesn't look like a villain, and signs are pointing to that the dragons are actually not the bad guys. Riza and her cohorts are probably the real villains. It's interesting that the black hair girl also use Paramails. Perhaps the Paramails even originated from the dragon dimension, or at least the Villkiss may come from there.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Gundam Reconguista in G 12

Amerian and Capital Army forces battle near the top of the Capital Tower.

Raraiya is upset at the direction of this show.

Why does the G-Self have to physically move its arms down to fire the missiles?

The Amerian forces led by Klim hatch a plan to occupy St. Porto, the top of the capital tower, by sending in one of the ships (the Gavial) as a ship in distress. Supposedly the Capital Tower cannot refuse ships in distress. Klim, Mick and a squad of mobile suits follow the Gavial towards St. Porto, but Klim's ship Salamandra comes attack by Mask's squad. Mask's squad launch long range missiles at the Salamandra, but the missiles are shot down by the G-Self equipped with the long range assault pack. Aida and her Arcane also came out with the G-Self just to watch. Klim and the mobile suit squad return to fight Mask's squad, but both side stop fighting and retreat when they realize they are getting too close to St. Porto, which is a holy and sacred site.

One of the rare episodes that Mask doesn't look like a fool.

Uh... and this assault pack can't even fly on its own for an extended period of time?

LOL at how enemy warships can just park near the top of the Capital Tower.

After the battle, Klim's fleet along with Gusion's fleet head straight to St. Porto and uses the Gavial as an excuse to gain entry. Meanwhile, the Megafauna park at the next highest nut in the Capital Tower. Aida then uses her Arcane to tow the G-Self with Bellri, Raraiya and Noredo inside up the tower. When they arrive at the St. Porto, they find that the Amerians have already occupied the entry ways. Bellri and friends go inside St. Porto and finds that it's a space colony. They go to the cathedral, where Gusion, Klim and Mick are speaking to the Pope and Willmitt. Willmitt is not happy that the Amerians have barged in on holy ground, while the Amerians want control of St. Porto and the photon battery supply. Suddenly, everyone is made aware that the Gavial, which was parked outside St. Porto, was destroyed by a beam coming from the moon, and there is a fleet of ships and mobile suits waiting in front of the moon.

Why does the G-Self have to be tied up? Just a whole lot of crap that makes no sense.

The Moon People had enough of watching this farce.


The plot, the characters, and the way that the story is being told are just... weird, for a lack of a better word. I guess I'm just used to expecting certain things from Gundam series, and Gundam Reconguista in G has not really been what I was expecting. The show is definitely not a "typical" Gundam so far. A whole lot of stuff bothered me in this episode, but what bothered me the most was how the Amerians were just able to walk right in to St. Porto by pretending that one of their ships is in distress. That's just doesn't make any sense. Perhaps the show is trying to portray that people's believe in the space church is so strong that nobody had ever dreamed off invading St. Porto before for fear of the wrath of God or something, that St. Porto actually has no defenses, doesn't watch what's happening outside, and just pretty much lets anyone "in distress" inside. It doesn't help that they haven't really explained what the Hermes Foundation was other than that people are using the blueprints from this organization to build advanced weaponry.

The whole SU Cord thing seems like a sham, and looks like it might finally be crashing down now that the Moon People have decided to make their presence known. My guess is that the Moon People supply the photon batteries and use the SU Cord religion to keep the Eartlings in check. Given that these people are supposed to the Universal Century survivors, they should be more advanced and competent in battle than everyone we've seen so far. Maybe Raraiya and the G-Self come from the Moon People. Hopefully, the emergence of the the Moon People will make things a bit more exciting

Thursday, December 11, 2014

One Piece 770

Checking on Zoro vs. Pica and some other battles.

Can a giant shoulder press 10000 tons?

While Luffy is dealing with Bellamy at the royal palace, the battles continue down the mountain. Zoro runs around trying not get crushed by Pica, who sneaked back into the ground. Zoro runs up the mountain, and on the way he sees a pirate named Orlumbus playing bowling using some Donquixote henchmen; Dellinger getting distracted by Pica and sent flying by Ideo; and Baby 5 getting the wrong idea about Sai. Mach Vise, having knocked out the giant Hajrudin, tries to get the drop on Zoro. Hajrudin, wanting to repay the Straw Hats for returning him back to normal (from being a toy), gets back up and hits the plunging Mach Vise with an uppercut. Mach Vise tries to squash the giant by increasing his weight 10000 tons and causes Hajrudin's bones to crack, but Hajrudin powers through and sends Mach Vise flying into the Bird Cage. After defeating Mach Vise, Hajrudin collapses and Zoro promises that his side will get rid of the Bird Cage before Hajrudin wakes up again.


Luffy is making his own life more difficult by refusing to hurt Bellamy, but I think Luffy will have to at least temporarily knock Bellamy out to get at Doflamingo. The main event against Doflamingo is getting pretty exciting, but the series has to keep track of the other battles and so the narrative is back to moving around. The only conclusive result from this chapter is that Hajrudin defeated Mach Vise via uppercut knockout, but the giant himself is also unable to fight further. Pica, who was surprised by Zoro at first, is back to being the aggressor, and Zoro at this point is just running around. Zoro is running up the mountain, so next week we'll probably see Robin and Bart, and then maybe Kyros and Rebecca against Diamante. Zoro might run past them, but he probably won't get directly involved since Pica is troublesome enough by himself. I wonder what Zoro's plan is by running up the mountain.

Bleach 609

Ichibei unleashes his finishing move on Yhwach.

Now that's what I call a stomping.

Ichibei paints Yhwach black with his brush which takes away Yhwach's name. Ichibei then unleashes his bankai, which he calls "evolved zanpukto" which allow him to use white paint to paint names onto people. Ichibei decides to call Yhwach "Black Ant". Ichibei then treats Yhwach like an ant and sends him flying with a giant stomp and clap with giant hands. Ichibei thinks it's over, but Yhwach returns and shoots Ichibei in the chest. Apparently Yhwach is Sternritter "A" the "Almighty", which means he can understand anything he sees with any perspective and means he can't be beaten.


LOL this is exactly what we all thought would happen. Ichibei pulls out some impressive, impossible power to beat Yhwach up, but Yhwach just negates it pretty much because he is the "Almighty". That makes a whole lot of sense hahaha. Once again, the main villain wins by trolololol. I guess Yhwach wins because he can instantly understand how his opponent's power works, and/or he can see the future and predict his opponent's moves. Basically, Yhwach will win against everyone except maybe for Ichigo, since Ichigo can always pull out a new power out of nowhere that is beyond understanding. Hopefully this is the end of the battle. I wonder if the other Zero Division members got treated like fodder off screen. That would be sad, but wouldn't exactly be surprising.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis 09

Favaro and Amira continue their journey to find Amira's mother.

Sing along as you march onwards to adventure!!

Even Joker demon is singing along.

Favaro and Amira escape Anati via an underground canal, and the knights learn of the escape. Lavalley officially sends Kaisar's squad to capture Amira, but secretly tells Kaisar to go protect Amira. Meanwhile, Gaurin drops dead in front King Charioce while clutching some blond hair in his hand, and this leads Charioce to conclude that Jeanne is trying to assassinate him. Charioce has Jeanne locked up, and in prison Martinet taunts Jeanne and offers her a chance to escape by leaving some questionable drink in a vial that he left behind.

I guess we took a shortcut.

Favaro and Amira ends up in a forest, but they are quickly surrounded by Kaisar's knights. Kaisar supposedly has a plan, but before he can get that far, Amira suddenly turns into demon form and she, Kaisar and Favaro are transported to a pocket dimension within the enchanted forest. Having nothing better to do, the three try pulling out a blade/barb stuck on the ground, and somehow Favaro is the one is able to free the barb. The trio then find out that the barb was lodged in the body of giant dragon, and the dragon thanks them for removing the barb, which is actually from Bahamut's body. The dragon says he watches the world from his dimension, and he sees that Amira's journey will lead to her merging with Bahamut, releasing the beast and bringing destruction to the world. To prevent this from happening, the dragon tells the trio that they can stay in the pocket dimension forever, but Favaro and friends says screw that and they are going to change fate with their own hands. The old dragon is amused and lets them go, but before Favaro leaves the dragon tells him that he may have to kill Amira to prevent Bahamut's awakening.

Giant dragon looks cool, but too bad he doesn't do anything too interesting.

The journey continues.

Back in Anati, Rita finds Martinet's hidden laboratory, but she is discovered by Martinet. Meanwhile, Charioce sentences Jeanne to be burned at the stakes, and Bacchus arrives in the city. As news of Amira's escape have gotten out, both the angels and demons are raising armies in preparations for war.


This episode wasn't as fun as I thought it would be. It's good that Favaro and Amira is continuing their adventure and Kaisar is joining them on their way, but this episode was a little underwhelming. They just randomly ended up in a pocket dimension with a fortune teller dragon which told the adventurers what most of us had known already. Of course, the adventure must go on, and so the trio continue on their journey, and Favaro now has a barb/spine from Bahamut as a souvenir. I suppose Favaro will have to weigh whether or not to kill Amira to save the world from doom, but he probably won't.

In other news, Martinet is successful in putting Jeanne in prison. Since the angels are busy organizing for war and keeping the seal on Bahamut, it looks like it'll be up to Bacchus to save Jeanne from getting burned at the stake. Speaking of the angels, I don't know what their plan was leaving the humans guard Amira and not supervise them at all. Seems like they really don't care where Amira ends up all that much. Finally, Rita discovers Martinet's hideout, but I'm not sure what she can do against Martinet, who can sneak in and out of the royal palace at will.

Hopefully the next episode will be a bit more stimulating.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Cross Ange 10

Ange escapes capture and is brought back to the island.

Sylvie gotta put her legs into it if she wants to whip hard... oh wait, she can't put her legs into it.

This guy has been taking lessons from Rito Yuuki.

In front of a Norma-hating crowd, Ange is whipped by Sylvie and then sentenced to death by hanging by Julio, and Julio confirms that he sent Momoka to the island in hopes Ange will make it back to the country to be executed. As Ange is being led up to hanging platform, she realizes all the Norma-hating people are blinded by fear and hate and she starts singing her mother's song just to piss people off. Just as the noose is tightened around Ange's neck and the platform is dropped, Tusk blinds everyone with a flash in the sky. Tusk charges in on his hover bike, snatches Ange's ring from Julio, and cuts the rope Ange is hanging on. Ange falls onto Tusk and somehow Tusk ends up putting his face in Ange's crotch. Ange instinctively kicks Tusk and accidentally knocks him out, but Ange and Momoka are able to free each other, overpower the inept soldiers, and escape on Tusk's hover bike with Tusk in tow. Before leaving, Ange insults Julio, Sylvie and the crowd, and even cuts Julio's face with a ninja star.

Well, that was an easy escape.

The bike, on auto-navigate, brings Ange and Momoka to Tusk's trailer, and then starts flying across the ocean. In the trailer, Tusk wakes up and explains to Ange and Momoka that Jill asked him to keep Ange alive. Tusk states that he is Wilkiss' knight, and Ange should ask Jill for more answers. Tusk also returns the ring to Ange. Tusk eventually drops Ange and Momoka back at the island. After Tusk flies off, Jill comes out to knocks Ange out with a body shot.

Now it wouldn't be fair to the other girls if you didn't get a little punishment for escaping.

Ange wakes up after having water splashed on her by Ersha and Salia. Ange finds herself naked in a prison cell. Salia tells Ange that as punishment for escaping, Ange will stay in jail for a week, and all of her earnings and properties are confiscated, including the Wilkiss. After Ersha and Salia leaves, Ange finds that Hilda is in the cell with her, and Hilda is still recovering from the beating she got from the cops. Hilda and Ange learn the other have been betrayed by their Norma-hating families. Hilda says she has no family and no friends (she broke up with Chris and Rosalie after she was brought back to the island) and has nothing to live for, but Ange states that she wants to get revenge on the world and Hilda agrees to help.

Fuck the world!!!


The first part of the episode was pretty funny. The whole public whipping and execution part probably weren't meant to be funny, but they were pretty ridiculous as there was all the blind hate for Ange and Julio wouldn't stop saying that he planned this all along. However, it turns out Julio and his guards are completely inept, and so it didn't take much for Ange to escape even though she had accidentally knocked Tusk out. And of course, Tusk doing his Rito Yuuki impression of falling face first into Ange's crotch and then later commenting on the colors of Ange's hair (on different parts of her body) was hilarious. I wonder what Julio is going to do now that Ange has embarrassed him in front of everyone? Judging by the preview, he'd be screwing his secretary.

So both Ange and Hilda end up back on the island and get their week in detention as punishment. Considering how badly the rest of the world treats Normas, only a week in jail and losing your belongings for escaping doesn't seem all that bad. Ange and Hilda will probably earn their Paramails back in the next episode. Ange and Hilda get to start their revolution club the destroy the corrupt and Norma-hating world, and that's probably what Jill was planning for Ange anyways. Given how incompetent the magical humans had looked so far in combat, maybe a couple of battle-hardened Norma girls can take over the the world lol.