Friday, September 19, 2014

One Piece 761

Law/Doflamingo flashback time.

So this guy is Law's idol...?

Luffy, with his hands still tied behind his back, is attacked by Bellamy and Doflamingo's string puppet and gets stomped into the palace. Law battles Doflamingo one on one and Doflamingo explains that the World Government cooperates with him because he knows their big secret. Doflamingo also wanted the power of Law's Ope Ope No Mi as the fruit's ultimate technique is to grant immortality at the cost of the user's life. Doflamingo reflects that he gave Law the fruit and his crew taught Law everything he knew about fighting, and Law agrees and declares that he will use what he learned to eliminate Doflamingo's crew.

16 years ago, a young Law, who supposedly will die within 3 years due to some disease, is allowed to join Doflamingo's crew but Diamante and Trebol don't think he'll last long. After seeing the young Buffalo and Baby 5, Law meets Doflamingo's brother Corazon for the first time. Corazon is a strange and clumsy guy who doesn't speak due to some past trauma and hates kids. During the course of Corazon stumbling into the building, he hits Buffalo and Baby 5 and then throws Law out of the building. The young Law vows at that point to kill Corazon.


It's time for Law's flashback, but before that we learned that Doflamingo can still call on the World Government for help because he knows their big secret. That's a secret that'll have to come out eventually, whether through Doflamingo's mouth or some other way. I wonder if the World Government will take the opportunity to eliminate Doflamingo if he's weakened enough. Doflamingo is also after the immortality that one can gain from Ope Ope No Mi, and again that's a plan we'll sure to find out somewhere down the line. Moving on to Law's flashback, so Corazon was the Hearts executive in the Donquixote family. He's a strange guy who tosses Law out a building the first time they met, but Law would eventually look up to Corazon. This flashback will probably take a couple of chapters given its importance in the current story arc.

Bleach 597

Jumping back to Yhwach and Ichigo this week...

Time to chow down on some dark blubber.

As Liltotto chows down on Pepe on the ground, Yhwach and his contingent are walking past Kirinji and Shutara because of some sort space warping ability of the two-tongued Sternritter "W" Nianzol Weizol. Meanwhile, Urahara, Ichigo and friends finally blast off in the giant cannon towards the Soul King's realm.


The narrative jumps around this week to check on Big Bad and our hero. Yhwach and contingent are weaseling their way towards the Soul King because some funny ability by a Sternritter. I thought Yhwach would take out the Zero Division guys, but I guess he's saving his strength for now. We'll see the Zero Division can figure out how to stop Yhwach's progress, or will they have to wait for Ichigo to show up? Ichigo might end up getting launched into the other side of the realm or something and take a long ass time get to the enemy lol.

Friday, September 12, 2014

One Piece 760

Doflamingo regains the upper hand.

Doflamingo looks like he has plenty of pent-up rage to go off on a rant.

Back down in Dressrosa, Fujitora and Sabo have stopped fighting, and Sabo is getting scolded by Koala for the brawl. Up on the royal plateau, the citizens release Usopp and company, and they look to King Riku for guidance. King Riku decides to wait for Luffy and Law to beat Doflamingo, and Fujitora strolls in saying that he's making the same bet.

Up at the royal palace, Doflamingo quickly recovers from Luffy's punch and proceeds stab Law with some strings and tie Luffy up. With his opponents down for the moment, Doflamingo starts off on a rant on how he is supposed to be World Noble but his father abandoned the title. Doflamingo was so sick of not being a World Noble that he killed his father when he was 8 and tries to rejoin the World Nobles. When the nobles refused to let Doflamingo back in the fold, Doflamingo swore to destroy every part of the world controlled by the World Nobles.


Is it finally time for Doflamingo and maybe Law's flashback? I'm not surprised that Doflamingo turned things around so quickly after taking a surprise Red Hawk in the abs, and it looks like this is the perfect moment for story time. Of course, we can still cut back to the other battles in the meantime, so Luffy and Law will have more time to recover and keep fighting lol. It seems like Fujitora and King Riku's group isn't going to do anything other than to watch and hope Luffy's side wins, but maybe the other people will go and help?

Bleach 596

Mayuri shows off his new zombies.

No love for old fat diaper babies, that is. 

Kensei zombie beats up Hisagi and gives Byakuya his sword. Mayuri shows up and explains that he used his drugs to take over Giselle's zombies, and Giselle was of course disposed of. Pepe tries to use his heart attack on Kensei zombie but Kensei zombie just pummels Pepe into a building. To make things worse for Pepe, Liltotto appears besides him.


Looks like Liltotto is going get herself some dark blubber to chow down on. Anyways, good job to Mayuri for taking over the zombies and screwing Giselle over, although it's kind of disappointing that Giselle was disposed of that easily. Doesn't Giselle have a Vollstandig? Also, a pervert of that caliber deserves a little more suffering. And what happened to Rangiku and Hitsugaya zombies? Mayuri and his zombies seems to have the upper hand for the moment, but Bleach is known for wild momentum swings.

Naruto 692

Just when you thought the party was over...

Sasuke isn't going to let this series end on such a quiet note.

The zombie Hokages leave, Hagaromo congratulates everyone and it looks like the only thing left to do is the easy task of undoing the Infinite Tsukuyomi. However, Sasuke has a different idea and puts all the tailed beast under his genjutsu and then seals them in giant rock balls with his Rinnegan. Sasuke declares that he is going to execute the five Kages and then start a revolution, and now it's up to Naruto to stop Sasuke.


The true final battle of the series is upon us. Of course, it wouldn't be right if Naruto and Sasuke didn't fight at the end, but it's a little anti-climatic given that this fight is occurring after Kaguya is defeated. It's be better if Sasuke became the most powerful threat to the world. I suppose at this point, Sasuke is the most powerful threat, and this had better be a more exciting battle than the one against Kaguya. Can't say I have been very impressed by the battles against Madara/Obito/Kaguya, but I'm looking forward to see how the Naruto vs. Sasuke rivalry/bromance finally ends.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Amanchu! 45-47

The third and final Amanchu! catch-up post covering chapters 45, 46 and 47.

Everyone is getting along on the first day of the year.

Chapter 45:
Everyone in the diving club and Kokoro goes to Hikari's grandma's diving shop to celebrate the new year. After the festivities and eating noodles after the new year has arrived, everyone dozes off. Futaba wakes up and finds Hikari and Kokoro sleeping on her lap. Hikari's grandma brings Futaba some sweet wine and comments that Futaba changed a lot during the past year. Futaba reflects on her past year and states that she is working on improving herself. The others wake up and they all go check out the new year sun rise together.


Whoa... what was in those New Year's noodles to make Hikari see this trippy vision?

Chapter 46:
Hikari, Hikari's grandma and the diving crew gang go to a shrine to make a new year's wish early in the morning. On the way to the shrine, Hikari loses track of the others and end up at a roadside fishing game stand. She manages to net the cute little octopus, and the guy who runs the stand gives her two more goldfish. The octopus and the fish fly off, and Hikari wonders if she's dreaming and follows the creatures to the top of the hill. On the hill, Hikari find the seaside and a big furry creature wearing some hairpins with a pattern that she recognizes. The furry creature walks into the sea, and then some giant sea creatures and then an even more gigantic dragon appears. Hikari wakes up and finds herself standing in front of the shrine making the wish. Afterwards, Hikari recognizes the pattern she saw was the pattern on her whistle which came from her grandma. Hikari asks her grandma where the whistle came from, and grandma answers that it came from the dragon under the sea.


Uh oh, pervert alert.

Chapter 47
On a cold winter morning, Ai pulls herself out of her bed and into the warm, heated table to get changed. She then heads out to school with her coat on. On the way, a gust causes the bottom of her coat to fly up, and Ai's teacher happens to be right behind her. Mr. Teacher informs Ai that she forgot to put on her skirt and escorts her back towards to her house. On the way, the teacher helps Ai prevent her coat from flying up and showing her underwear, and this leads to a bit of embarrassment for both of them. When Mr. Teacher is about leave Ai, another gust of wind lifts up Ai's coat, and this time Makoto also happens to there while on his way to school. Mr. Teacher then lets Makoto escort Ai back home to put on her skirt.


Whoo, and we are finally caught up to the latest chapter Amanchu!. The world of Amanchu! is still in winter, so we have a couple of New Year and winter themed chapters. Chapter 45 was a the new year party, but it was then mostly about Futaba reflecting about her past year. Out of all the characters, Futaba is one who has changed the most, becoming a little more open and more confident thanks to Hikari and the others in the diving club. The chapter was also the second time Kokoro and Futaba were in the same place, but there was only a little bit of competition for Hikari this time around. Chapter 46 was one of those chapters that was possibly another supernatural encounter, and I always like those type of chapters from Amano-sensei. Was a dream, a vision, or both? The latest chapter was Ai and her teacher spending some quality time together. Ai is a very pretty girl, and so no surprise that even her teacher is somewhat attracted to her, especially when she's walking around in panties. Out of all of the girls, Ai is the one that gets the most attention from guys. I guess Ai has to live up to her name lol.

Hopefully from now on, I'll be blogging Amanchu! monthly again. Of course, this depends on the brave and hard-working scanlators who translate this series, and my hats off to them.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

One Piece 759

Luffy and Law battle Doflamingo and Trebol.

Let's see how hard those abs really are.

On the third level of the mountain, all of the headcracker dolls turn back into henchmen because Sugar was knocked out. Back at the top level, Doflamingo uses the beat-up Bellamy to taunt and provoke Luffy, and Law to tells him not to get riled up and stick with "the plan". Doflamingo and Law have a little chat about everything they've done to each other, and Doflamingo uses a string clone to attack Law and Bellamy to attack Luffy. Luffy is reluctant to hit Bellamy, and instead takes a swing at Law in spite of "the plan" Law had. Law has no choice but to use "Room" and switches spot with the real Doflamingo. Doflamingo takes a hard shot from Luffy, and Law, now in Doflamingo's seat, cuts Trebol into pieces.


Law's powers are pretty darn useful, and even Doflamingo needs to be wary of his powers. Of course, foes of Doflamingo's caliber aren't going to go down from one hard punch from Luffy. It's gonna take at least a couple more to put Doflamingo down for good. Trebol may be an experienced logia, so he might be able to piece himself back together. While Luffy and Law drew first blood, this switcheroo trick might not work again since Doflamingo and Trebol are going to wary of it. It sounds like Law was planning to save the trick for later, but whatever plan he had has been ruined by Luffy. It's going to be a tough battle, but it'll be an entertaining one given the participants involved. I guess Doflamingo might use Bellamy as a human shield some more to mess with Luffy, but we'll see if Bellamy can do anything beyond that in the battle. As for the other fights, Robin, Bart and Cavendish seem to have the advantage now that the headcracker dolls are gone and the only real threat is Gladius, but I'm sure the fight will become more even somehow.