Monday, July 28, 2014

One Piece 754

The battle continues in Dressrosa.

For a quick doodle, the bird is not that terrible.

At the scrap heap below the surface, Kinemon finally finds his friend Kanjuro. Kanjuro uses his giant paintbrush to bring to life a large bird to carry himself and Kinemon out of the pit, but the other people who are in the pit ask for help to escape the pit.

Back on Doflamingo's mountain, the gladiators hold off Doflamingo's officers and allows Luffy, Cavendish, Law and Kyro to reach the next level which is guarded by giant skull-faced toy soldiers. Meanwhile, Zoro battles Pica on Pica's giant stone body. Pica sees Robin, Rebecca and Bart flying in and goes back into his stone body to crush them, but Zoro unleashes a serious strike to cuts the giant stone body almost half of the way through to get Pica's attention.


The battle continues on various fronts. Luffy's group makes it up to the next level which isn't guarded by any of Doflamingo's officers, but those skull toy-soldiers look ominous enough to be a challenge. On another side, we finally check back in with Kinemon where he finally locates his friend Kanjuro, who looks quite funny but seems to have a pretty useful ability. The good guys will gain some allies once the people from the scrap heap escape to the surface, and I'm guessing they'll King Riku and Usopp stay out of trouble. Last of all, Zoro showed off a bit of his true power by stopping Pica in his tracks with a power slash that cut most of the way through Pica's giant stone body. It looks like it'll stay a one vs one battle between Zoro and Pica, which will leave Rebecca's group to free Law from his handcuffs.

Bleach 590

Kurotsuchi vs. Giselle... sort of.

Bambi must be drooling for strudel.

Mayuri Kurotsuchi shows up with his blindingly bright coat to take over the battle against Giselle. Giselle abuses zombie Bambi for a bit before having Bambi launch some energy balls at Kurotsuchi. Mayuri has Nemu toss out a bunch of mechanical balls to absorb Bambi's energy balls and send the explosions back at Giselle, but Giselle uses Bambi as a shield to survive. Giselle then calls up a bunch of zombie shinigamis to do her bidding, and Mayuri responds by summoning four arrancars.


Lol from Bambi begging for Gigi's ****, Mayuri's PokeBalls and recalling a couple of arrancars that I vaguely remember being killed a long time ago, this chapter is just full of hilarious shit. I guess Mayuri must have resurrected those arrancars from the dead or something. It's not completely unplausible given what Mayuri does for fun, but it's not really the kind of surprise return that screams out awesomeness. And of course Giselle is twisted, but Mayuri will probably outsmart her (or him). Let see how long it'll take to go through this side battle. I wonder what Ikakku and Yumichika will do now that their battle has been usurped.

Naruto 686

Late blogging for manga this week. It's not that I read the chapters late, but I've been occupied by other things. Anyways, in this iteration of Naruto, Obito brings Sasuke back to the battlefield to help Naruto fight Kaguya.

Curious how the strongest characters are unable to move yet Kakashi and Obito still have the strength to run around.

In the real world, Hagaromo is explaining his plan to seal Kaguya to the zombie Hokages. Back in the ice dimension, Obito brings Sakura and Sasuke back as Kaguya fails to destroy the real Naruto. Seeing Sasuke back, Kaguya changes tactics and transports everyone into a heavy gravity dimension where everyone has trouble moving. Kaguya aims her dissolving rods at Sasuke and Naruto. Kakashi and Obito get in the way to use themselves as shields. Obito gets hit, but he uses Kamui to save Kakashi from getting hit.


Looks Obito has fulfilled his purpose and is going to make the heroic sacrifice to redeem himself. Too bad Naruto and Sasuke aren't any closer to defeating Kaguya than before, although it would have been worse if Obito haven't been around. Kakashi has been pretty useless now that he doesn't have a Sharingan anymore. It'd be funny if Kakashi is going to get Obito's eyes again, but since Obito is dissolving in a few seconds it seems unlikely. I guess we'll have to wait for Hagaromo and the zombie Hokages to come in and give the good guys a boost.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

One Piece 753

Luffy and cohorts continue to try to get to the top of Doflamingo's mountain.

Luffy and Cavendish's awareness of their surroundings seems to be pretty low given how people can easily freely hitch rides.

At the palace at the top of the mountain, Bellamy confronts Doflamingo about sending Derringer after him, and Doflamingo states that he doesn't care what happens as long as he gets to destroy the world. Meanwhile, on the ground, a bunch of citizens have gotten word that King Riku and Usopp are on top of the royal plateau and plan to capture them. At the Smile Factory, the dwarfs and their pink bees manage to tell the dwarfs inside the factory that they've been tricked, and the dwarfs in the factory start to rebel.

At the middle level of the mountain, the gladiators run into some stiff resistance from Doflamingo's executives. Luffy, Law and Cavendish are on their way and they find that Kyros has also hitched a ride on Cavendish's horse. Kyro plans to kill Diamante personally and he learns of Luffy's plan to meet up with Rebecca, Robin and Bart at the flower fields. They charge forward into where the other gladiators are battling the executives, and by this point the gladiators have organized themselves and opened a path to allow Luffy's group to climb higher up the mountain.


I'm surprised that we didn't get a flashback about Law and Doflamingo's history. That flashback is being saved up for later, probably when Law is about to confront Doflamingo once again. I'm also surprised that Bellamy showed up again to confront Doflamingo, but he probably won't be getting anywhere. Instead of a flashback, we have another chapter with developments at different parts of the war. Usopp and King Riku might be in a bit of trouble since the citizens have found them out. I'm not sure if mere citizens can cause trouble for the dwarfs, but there are other stronger people out of the bounties. Things are going well at the Smile Factory, since the dwarfs should be able to beat up Doflamingo's cronies. Only thing left is for Franky to beat Senor Pink. Back on the mountain, the rest of the gladiators are matched up against the group of executives, which gives Luffy's group a free pass to the next level. It looks like Kyros will be matched up with Diamante, so that leaves Trebol and Doflamingo to face the rest of Luffy's group and Rebecca's group that will be arriving soon. Maybe it'll be Kyros and Rebecca against Diamante?

Bleach 589

Ichigo and company find out the plan to get back up to the Soul King's realm, while Ikakku and Yumichika battle Giselle and her puppet Bambietta.

It didn't take long to reach this subject.

Ichigo, Chad and Orihime find that Urahara had built a replica of the Shiba family cannon in the basement of 12th Division in order to launch people into the Soul King's realm. After a little chat about Orihime's revealing outfit (designed by Urahara), Yoruichi shows up with bottles of energy the Quincies used to connect their world to Soul Society. These bottles of energy will be used to power the cannon.

Meanwhile, Ikakku and Yumichika battle Bambietta who is now Giselle's zombie puppet. Ikakku and Yumichika deal damage to Bambietta but they get blown up for their efforts as Bambietta is already dead. Giselle admits to killing Bambietta to make her a puppet and prepares to spray some blood on the downed shinigamis, but Kurotsuchi shows up in his shiny coat to take over the battle.


Lots of fan-service this week with the discussion of Orihime's cleavage revealing outfit and Yoruichi's tight skin-colored body suit. Ichigo can be pretty thick when it comes to girls, and it was funny seeing him getting yelled at by Yoruichi. It's good to see Yoruichi again, since she hasn't shown up for a while. Don't know how long it'll take for Urahara to actually finish preparing the cannon though.

On the other side, it's no surprise that Ikakku and Yumichika are not faring so well against Giselle and her puppet. Giselle confirms that she killed Bambietta so she can turn Bambi into a zombie, and now we have a sicko vs sicko match-up with Giselle going up against Kurotsuchi. In this kind of match-up, Kurotsuchi probably has the upper hand since he has that experimental mind and can analyze and break down his opponent's abilities. As long as he doesn't fall victim to Giselle's blood or Bambi's bombs, Kurotsuchi will figure out how to defeat Giselle. Not sure where Kurotsuchi's interjection leaves Ikakku and Yumichika, but since they are alive they'll probably find another battle one way or another.

Naruto 685

Obito and Sakura try to find Sasuke among Kagura's dimensions.

Surprised that it took them several tries to find Sasuke... Sakura should have used her fangirl instincts.

Since the Naruto clone was killed in the central dimension, the real Naruto learns that Sakura and Obito had warped into the central realm. Kagura returns to the ice realm and realizes the real Naruto, with the black orbs flying near his body, is still there, and Naruto and his clone army try to tie Kagura up so Obito and Sakura have time to rescue Sasuke. At the central dimension, Obito uses Sakura's chakra to open up portals to Kagura's different dimensions to look for Sasuke. After looking through some wrong ones, they finally find Sasuke in the sandy realm. However, Sakura runs out of chakra and Obito can't keep the portal open for long, but Sasuke uses his special Sharingan ability to instantly cover the distance through the portal to join Obito and Sakura.


I got confused that the central realm was the sandy realm that Sasuke was located, since the terrain looked somewhat similar. It looks like the central dimension is more rocky than sandy. It'll probably be more distinguishable in the anime when they put some color on the ground. So it turns out Sasuke's special Mangekyo Sharingan ability is instant short-distance teleportation. I thought it would involve messing with people's perception of distance, but instant teleport worked better for the situation in this chapter. I wonder how Sakura, Sasuke and Obito are going to get back to the ice realm to help Naruto when Sakura is out of chakra, but maybe getting held by Sasuke will give her a second wind lol.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer 2014 Anime

Even though I haven't written many posts on anime recently, I'm still watching anime. I didn't follow any shows in the spring season, but I started watching a couple of series this season.

~~~Fighting evil by moonlight. Winning love by daylight...~~~
Oh wait, they are not using that song anymore.

I was surprised that Sailor Moon was getting a remake, and for nostalgia's sake I had to watch the first episode of Sailor Moon Crystal. I remember watching the first season of Sailor Moon back when I was a little kid. Sailor Moon isn't exactly aimed at young boys, but that was the only anime/cartoon that my local TV channel had on before bedtime, so I followed it intently. Enough about my childhood. Anyways, Sailor Moon Crystal was... Sailor Moon with updated animation. You still have Usagi being an airhead, and you still have transformation sequence. The animation is newer, but I didn't like the art style and the producation quality is not particularly impressive. I don't think I'll follow this new version since it'll just be the same thing as the old version.

I thought somebody murdered this fool at the end of season 2.

I also watched the first episode of Sengoku Basara: Judge End. I watched the first two seasons, and watched the movie The Last Party, and thought the series was a fun action show. Not a lot on plot or historical accuracy, but the fights and characters were amusing. The third season is still heavy on the action, but it's different from before and doesn't seem to be a direct sequel of the previous seasons and the movie. The biggest difference is that they changed the history and brought back some dead characters so they can be killed under different circumstances than the previous seasons. The character designs also look slightly different, and the show seems to be taking itself more seriously this time around. I usually keep watching sequels if they are not horrible, but it seems Sengoku Basara: Judge End is a different version of the show instead of a true sequel, so I'm not sure if I'll follow it weekly or not.

As for completely new shows, I checked out Tokyo Ghoul and Zankyou no Terror, and I liked what I saw thus far from both series:

Exciting tail-grabbing action!

Tokyo Ghoul is a supernatural action show where our unfortunate protagonist ended up becoming half a man-eating ghoul, and now he has to struggle to control his hunger and watch out for other unfriendly ghouls. The first episode did a pretty good job setting up the premise, and the action looked pretty slick with the ghouls having their own special powers. The show is pretty bloody and gory, but there is heavy censoring in the broadcast version so we don't really get to the see the body parts that are flying around.

Blowing stuff up is one way to make things exciting.

Zankyou no Terror is the an intriguing show about two teenage terrorists trying to pass themselves off as normal high school students while they are not blowing stuff up. Our two terrorists have some sort of history that led to their behavior, and the big part of the show will be to find out the motivation of the two protagonists and what they are trying to achieve. The show had a good enough first episode to keep me hooked, and the action looked decent too.

I'll probably watch Tokyo Ghoul and Zankyou no Terror this season, and maybe marathon through some popular older series. I don't know if I'll blog anything episodically though. Feel free to leave some suggestions on shows to watch this season or to marathon.