Friday, July 3, 2015

Sekirei 176 & 177

The actual manga is up to at least chapter 182, but translations are few and far between. Anyways, here are chapter 176 and 177, continuing the action on Kamikura Island.

Everybody needs to get kissy-kissy, even you, Mutsu.

Benitsubasa and Haihane get pushed back by Higa's Sekirei, but they use Norito to even the fight when Natsu returns with Karasuba. All the fighting on the island has caused the gems to go unstable and the island is beginning to sink. Mutsu and Mikogami kiss so Mutsu uses his Norito to prop up the island, but suddenly all of the Ashikabis faint and lose consciousness.

While unconscious, Minato has a dream where he is back at Izumo Inn and talking to Uzume. Uzume points to Kouten in the sky and states that only one Ashikabi and one Sekirei can go up there, and wonders who will Minato choose. Back in the real world, all of the Sekireis are worried over their respective Ashikabis. Musubi returns to Minato's group and says that she has a way to revive Minato. Musubi needs the inner energy of all of Minato's Sekireis in order to reignite Minato's Ashikabi core. The other Sekireis agree to the plan, and they all stand around Minato to funnel their energy to Musubi and Minato.


The action continues, and it looks like everybody won't be fighting it out to determine who is the last Sekirei standing given how all the Ashikabis suddenly went down. All of Minato's Sekireis are pooling their powers together to revive Minato, and most likely Musubi will be the Sekirei who heads up to Kouten with him. I kind of wanted to see the Sekireis have a tournament to fight it down to the last Sekirei, but that will take a whole lot longer and it seems like the author is intent on ending this series sooner. Hopefully we'll see translations of the other chapters out soon.

One Piece 792

Wrapping things up after Doflamingo's defeat.

Is this sanctioned by the World Government?

Doflamingo and the Donquixote Family are defeated, and Dressrosa celebrates even though the country is in ruins. In a corner of the city, Sabo is beaten down Burgess, but Burgess taunts Sabo about Ace in order to draw Sabo closer. Burgess tries to stab Sabo when Sabo gets close, but Sabo burns Burgess and sends him flying. Sabo then plans to meet up with Koala and the rest of the Revolutionaries to make a quick exit from the island before the Marines can pay attention to them.

Fujitora's Marines start broadcasting images of Dressrosa all over the world. The people want King Riku to rule again, and Fujitora and his marines apologize to Riku for allowing Doflamingo to take over the country.


This is looks like the official ending to the Dressrosa arc. Of course there might be some other things to mop up, but Doflamingo and his crew are defeated and Dressrosa is liberated. Whatever happens in the next few chapters will probably build towards a new arc. Doflamingo's ouster will definitely bring some changes to the world, and it'll be interesting to see how the different forces react. Looks like Fujitora's Marines are taking the Donquixote Family into custody, but this is obviously not the last we've seen of Doflamingo. He is too much of a character to hold in prison forever, and given his powers and background there is a pretty good chance he won't even make it to prison. Fujitora seems like an honorable guy, so maybe he'll leave Law and Luffy alone for now?

On the other front, Sabo defeated Burgess as expected. Sabo, Koala and company were looking for a list, which I'm guessing is the list of Doflamingo's clients . Let's see what the revolutionaries will do with that info.

Bleach 633

History of Yhwach, Jugram and Bazz-B continued.

Bazz is just pissed because he ain't special.

Yhwach calls Jugram his other half and says he needs Jugram by his side. Jugram looks back at Bazz and says that Yhwach has made a mistake and that he doesn't have normal Quincy powers. Yhwach explains that he and Jugram have the same special ability: that they cannot absorb reishi from their surrounding from normal Quincy, but they can give out their own powers to others and then take the power back. Yhwach then tells Bazz that the only reason that Bazz is becoming more powerful is because Jugram is around. Bazz gets up and shoots an arrow at Yhwach, but Jugram catches it with his hand.

Back in the present, Jugram catches Bazz's arrow and slashes Bazz in the midsection with his sword.


So Jugram has the same power as Yhwach, and that's why Yhwach uses him as second in command. Looks like the flashback is over, although it doesn't explain how Bazz made it into the Sternritters despite his clear hat for Yhwach. Not that it'll matter though since Jugram is likely to win this fight. I wonder where Bazz's friends Liltotto and Giselle are... are they going to interfere with this battle?

Naruto 700+10 (END)

The end of the gaiden.

Expecting something, Sakura?

The Shin-clones, being inexperienced kids, give up after Sarada beats up a few of them and Naruto scares them with Kurama. The Shin-Clones all get sent to an academy run by Kabuto. Sarada reconciles with Sakura and Sasuke and the three spend a bit of time as a family before Sasuke leaves for his mission again. Chou-Chou also hangs out with her dad again after finding out that the Akimichi Clan can slim down if they wish to. After Sasuke leaves, Sarada goes back to school where Boruto thanks her for delivering the lunch to Naruto. Sarada then declares that she is going to become Hokage, but Boruto doesn't care.

Back at Orochimaru's hideout, Karin berates Suigetsu for giving Sarada the wrong impression. The sample Suigetsu used for testing was Sarada's umbilical cord, which Karin has in possession because she delivered Sarada. Karin did give Sarada her glasses though.


Well... this little extra story ended on a whimper. It seemed like the gaiden was setting up for a meaningful story, but it seems like midway they just decided to cut things short and have Shin and his clones fold over once the real action started. Naruto is over anyways, so Kishimoto probably didn't want to drag this on for too long. Anyways, we know now Sarada is indeed Sasuke and Sakura's kid, and Suigetsu messed up when he did the DNA testing. All of the Shin-Clones got sent to Kabuto's academy, and Sarada is happy to meet her absentee father, and all is well with the world. Whoopee-dee-do. I guess we'll have to watch the next Naruto movie to see more on Boruto.

Amanchu! 59

The diving club gang go to a mountain festival.

Hikari is onto something...

Hikari, Futaba and the diving club gang including new members Alice-clone and Hikari's little sister go to a mountain festival that involves setting a large fire at the top of the mountain. At the top of the mountain, Futaba accidentally wanders away from the group and too close to the fire, and she is told to step back by Kokoro who is helping to manage the burn. Upon seeing Kokoro's uniform, Futaba realizes the Kokoro is actually a boy even though he is so kawaii. Kokoro tells Futaba to ride the chair lift back down the mountain and wait for her friends there, but he ends up sharing the ride with Futaba. During the chair lift ride, Futaba says that she will support Kokoro's affections for Hikari given that Kokoro is a boy. Kokoro is greatly embarrassed by this and runs off after getting to the bottom of the mountain.

Futaba meets up with everybody again. The festival continues and now people are ready to start the fire at the bottom. Hikari and Futaba both get torches and set fire to the nearby tall grass, but they get surprised by how fast the flame spreads. Kokoro shows up again and pushes Hikari back from the fire. At this time, Alice-clone mentions that Kokoro is actually her little brother, and Hikari finally realizes that Kokoro is a boy.


Lol so Kokoro is actually Alice-clone's little brother. Funny how Hikari, Futaba and everybody else in the diving club gang thought he was a girl. There is a problem with a boy being too cute hahaha. I guess Kokoro will be Hikari's love interest... lol probably not since he's too young, and Hikari and Futaba have a thing going on anyways. On the other hand, Alice-clone is getting more of Futaba's attention these days, but... let's stop here, shall we.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

One Piece 791

Just confirming that Luffy did indeed knock out Doflamingo.

Is it over yet?

The Bird Cage disappears, and Gatz takes the entire chapter to announce that Luffy has beaten Doflamingo. He took so long because he is still bleeding from the stab wound from Doflamingo. Oh, and Luffy is also knocked out due to over-exertion and injuries.


Announcing the victory took a little too long. All three Shounen Jump series this week have been pretty disappointing. Doflamingo really did get knocked out, but Luffy is knocked out as well so it's closer to a double KO. Law only gets the assist, since of course Luffy has to be the one to beat the main villain of any arc. Anyways, the good guys win as expected, but it'll be interesting to see how this wrapped up. Doflamingo is too interesting to completely go away, so we'll see if he'll end up escaping to scheme another day.

Bleach 632

History of Jugram and Bazz continued.

The chosen one.

Jugram and Bazz trained together so they can infiltrate Yhwach's ranks, but Jugram has no talent for forming Reishi so he practiced his sword skills. One day, a group of Yhwach's men appear in town to spread the message about the formation of the Sternritters. Bazz decides to shine the spotlight on himself by challenging the group leader. Before the fight could start, Yhwach shows up and uses his power to make Bazz and all of the other civilians lie belly down on the floor. Yhwach then states that he found his right hand man and other half who happens to be Jugram, the only civilian still standing.


The story of how Yhwach found his other half. So romantic... not lol. The Sternritter history lesson continues, and Jugram just happens to be Yhwach's other half. I guess the fact that he can't use reishi to form bows is because he is special. We'll learn how special he is next chapter I suppose. Can't we speed things along a bit?