Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sekirei 166-168

It's been a while since I blogged Sekirei, and there have been 3 new chapters since then. In these chapters, all of the Ashikabis and Sekireis on Kamikura Island have to deal with the military forces trying to invade Kamikura Island.

There she blows! Blowing the choppers out of the way.

Matsu powers up with norito and uses her power to temporarily take control of Kouten from Maya. Matsu then uses Kouten to literally blow away many of the enemy helicopters before Maya takes back the controls. Tsukiumi also powers up with norito to deal with the enemy ships on the sea. The invaders still manage to land some troops on the island, and they capture Sanada and uses him to threaten the other Ashikabis and Sekireis. After a discussion, Minato, Natsu, Higa and Mikogami come to an agreement to get rid of the invaders and carry out the Sekirei Plan, and so they all head to the middle of the island and rescue Sanada from the invading soldiers.


When Matsu mentioned something about Kouten, I didn't think she would try to take control of the flying island. Kouten has some potent powers, but it doesn't look like Maya is going to do anything to help the people on Kamikura Island. I guess to make it up to Kouten, the Ashikabis and Sekireis will have to earn their way up there by beating the invaders. The Ashikabis have formed a temporary alliance as expected. The invaders are numerous and have military equipment, but those things aren't all that effective against super-powered Sekireis, so I wonder if the invaders have any tricks or special equipment up their sleeves.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

To Love-Ru Darkness 46

Again, due to me moving at the beginning of the month, I completely forgot about the monthly manga series, so here is the post for chapter 46 of TLR Darkness. In this chapter, Rito tries to use the power of ecchi to turn Dark Yami back into normal Yami.

Rito has finally accepted his inner perverseness.

The battle continues on the giant beanstalk created by Momo. As part of the plan to turn Yami back to normal, Rito declares that he is going to grope Yami at his own will, and of course Dark Yami thinks Rito is bluffing. Nana and Momo help corner Dark Yami for Rito to attack, and Rito, being Rito, instantly trips. However, Rito avoids plowing into Yami's crotch, and instead he does his best impression of the perverted principal by throwing off his cloths and grabbing Dark Yami. Momo, Nana and Mea are surprised by Rito throwing away all reason, but Rito's groping seems to working. Dark Yami can't take it and flies off with Rito clinging to her, and Mea, Momo and Nana follow suit. Yami and Rito end up crashing landing in the front yard of Rito's house. Rito continues to grope Yami until Yami slaps him and states that she hates ecchi, and this shows that Yami has returned to normal. Mea, Momo and Nana arrive and are happy to see Yami back to normal, and Mikan comes out of the house and wonders why Yami is in such a perverted outfit. On top of a building nearby, Nemesis is thinking about her next move.


The power of ecchi conquers all!!! Who's thought the key to defeating Dark (perverted) Yami was to grope her... actually that makes sense in a weird way. I'm impressed that Rito actually manned up and groped Yami under his own volition, and this may mean he is becoming aware of his destiny to become the perverted harem king lol. Whether Rito wants or not, he has the power. It's good that Yami turned back to normal, but this episode will make everyone a bit more wary of her. And what about Yami and Rito's relationship now that Rito has given Yami such a thorough feel-through? And of course, Nemesis isn't going to be sitting around eating meatballs on a stick forever. The aftermath from Yami's turn to the dark side will be interesting.

Claymore 153

I've been so busy moving that I completely forgot about this month's Claymore chapter, and it was when the action was getting good too. Anyways, in this month's chapter, Teresa and Priscilla fight it out in the rematch of the century.

Priscilla is so hacks that she can survive decapitations.

Teresa and Priscilla battle it out as Miria's group is joined in the audience by Galatea and a group of current gen warriors. Teresa avoids Priscilla and lands hits at will, but Priscilla regenerates and grows stronger and faster with each regeneration. Priscilla ends up throwing out a huge number of limbs and manages to open a cut on Teresa's head. Teresa slices up Priscilla's head but Priscilla survives that and becomes a giant tree of hatred and mangled limbs. In response, Teresa powers up and awakens, and her awakened forms is mostly human, except her legs have changed slightly and she has two pairs of feathered wings on her back.


The fight between the two strongest characters in the series lives up to the billing. Teresa is technically superior to even awakened Priscilla, but Priscilla's hatred and regenerative ability is so strong that she grows more powerful with every blow she takes and can even survive decapitation. We always wondered what would have happened if Teresa took a fight seriously, and the awakening at the end is the result. It's probably a controlled awakening at this point, and we'll see what angel-form Teresa is capable of. This epic battle is turning out great, although I'm still wondering how Clare is going to get involved since she is protagonist. Regardless of that, Claymore is pretty awesome right now and I'm definitely looking forward to the next chapter.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

One Piece 756

The battle continues at Dressrosa.

Ready or not, it's time to avenge your mother, Rebecca.

Kinemon and Kanjuro reach to royal plateau to join Usopp, King Riku and Violet, but Kanjuro's ladders also give the people after the bounties a way up. Violet uses her powers and located Mansherry in the castle in the timeout room, and she informs Leo via telephone. Violet also sees that Sugar has woke up and is in the royal palace feeling pissed off. Bart, Leo, Rebecca and Robin's flying contingent is attacked from below by Gladius, and Bart and Robin lose their flying bugs and drop down to deal with Gladius. At the third level of the mountain, Luffy's group battle the giant headcracker dolls created by Sugar. The dolls seriously injure Cavendish's horse, and the dolls appear to by immortal and completely oblivious to damage. Moments later, Gladius, Bart and Robin drop from the sky, and Robin and Bart tell Luffy's group to go the sunflower fields on the next level where Rebecca has the key to Law's seastone handcuffs. At the sunflower fields, Rebecca is confronted by Diamante.


The story is still moving on multiple fronts, but it looks like the battle are starting to converge as Robin's group arrive on the mountain. Looks like it will be Robin and Bart vs. Gladius and the headcracker dolls, which leaves Luffy's group to head up to flower fields. Gladius and the headcracker dolls look tough, but we'll see what the after-time-skip Robin and Bart is really made of. On flower fields, it will probably be Rebecca and Kyros vs. Diamante in order for the father and daughter team to avenge Scarlett's death at Diamante's hands. I don't know if the father-daughter team has enough power to beat Diamante, so they might need some help from Luffy, Cavendish and Law. The bad news for the good guys this week is that Sugar is up and about, and her powers are quite formidable. I guess Usopp might just have to go and scare her senseless again, provided his group and escape all the citizens that are after them.

Bleach 592

Zombie Hitsugaya and Mayuri size each other up.

These two are two of a kind.

Zombie Hitsugaya walks onto the scene and makes short work of Ikakku and Yumichika. Hitsugaya also wounds Charlotte, but Mayuri saves Charlotte with an energy barrier. Mayuri then decides that zombie Hitsugaya would make a great test subject and he has tons of drugs to test on Hitsugaya.


This chapter confirmed that Hitsugaya was made into a zombie when he was still alive, so there is a chance that he might be revived. There is the chance that Mayuri will figure out Giselle's powers and free Hitsugaya from her control, but of course saving Hitsugaya is not really on Mayuri's list of things to do. The zombie Hitsugaya seems a lot tougher than the real Hitsugaya, and we'll see how Mayuri approaches this battle. Of course, there are still the arrancars, Giselle, and Nemu standing around, so we'll see what happens.

Naruto 688

Haven't blogged in a while because I've been busy moving and staring my new job, but thankfully I've not fallen too far behind as there didn't seem to be any Shounen Jump this week. So in the latest Naruto chapter, Obito dies, but guess who gets a power up?

Sharingans never die.

Before finally dying and passing on, Obito returns to the real world as a spirit to give Kakashi his Sharingans. Meanwhile, Naruto and Sasuke deal some damage to Kaguya, and Kaguya responds by turning into a blobby monster form of the tailed beasts and starts swiping around with giant chakra limbs. Sakura almost gets squished, but Kakashi saves her with his new Susanoo.


Haha I knew Kakashi would get a power-up and get both of Obito's Sharingans. It looked like the gift wasn't going to happen when Obito passed into the spirit world, but the series pulled out this chapter and gave Kakashi his power up. You can't have Kakashi sitting there and doing nothing, so it made the most sense to give him the eyes so he could do something. So now it's pairs of magic eyes and Naruto vs. Kaguya and Black Zetsu. Kaguya is going wild there, but her powers seems to be unstable so there is definitely a chance that Naruto and friends can free the tailed beasts from her.

Friday, August 1, 2014

One Piece 755

The dwarfs open up the Smile Factory and Franky has a showdown with Senor Pink.

Two can play the suplex game. Or maybe three.

At the scrap heap, Kanjuro draws a bunch of crooked ladders for the other people to climb out of the pit. At the Smile factory, the dwarfs inside overpower Doflamingo's cronies and they discover their Princess Mansherry is not in factory. The dwarfs manage to get the front door open, but they are confronted by the factory boss Kyuiin who is armed with a big vacuum. Outside, Franky tricks Senor Pink by saying that there is an old lady in an alley in need of help, and this frees Franky to go into the factory. Franky hugs Kyuiin, and then suplexes her onto Senor Pink who is swimming up behind Franky. Franky then shuts Kyuiin up by kissing her, and he and Senor Pink act all cool and stuff before unleashing funny attacks at each other.

The dwarfs in the factory inform Leo (with Rebecca) and group at the plateau about Princess Mansherry not being in the factory. In reality, Princess Mansherry is being held in some room within the royal palace.


Franky and Senor Pink have an amusing confrontation this week. It's funny that the factory boss got charmed by the "manliness" of the two combatants, and even funnier that the two started throwing nipple and diaper attacks at each other. This chapter shows that Senor Pink is actually not a bad guy as he gets tricked by the "old lady needing help" lie. Too bad his boss is so ruthless. The happening at the factory are the focus this week, and the whole war is progressing steadily. The fact that Princess Mansherry is at the palace gives Leo more of a reason to be going there, although it's not as if overthrowing Doflamingo isn't reason enough.