Friday, August 1, 2008

About Me and the Blog

Since this is mainly an anime/manga blog, I thought it'd be a good idea to share some history about this blog and my preferences regarding anime and manga. I've always watched anime and read manga since I was little, but didn't start actively blogging about these topics until late 2007. This blog originally started as a personal Xanga site in Dec 2005, but as I started doing more anime and manga posts I found Xanga's features to be limiting, so in August of 2008 I moved the blog to Blogger.

In terms of my preferences, I most follow manga series that are in the shounen and seinen demographics, and my tastes in anime are pretty similar (in other words, mainstream drivel). This blog is mainly a summary blog (aka spoiler blog), although there will be some reviews and other non-anime/manga related posts. I always try to inject some humor into my posts, but unfortunately I don't seem to be very successful at it and therefore this is and always will be the boringest anime blog that you'll ever have the displeasure of reading.

Here are some more info about my preference, such as what genres I like/dislike, and my favourite manga/anime series etc.

What I like:
- Science fiction, especially when mecha and robots are involved. Space operas are cool too. Preferably the mecha/robots are used for combat purposes.
- Fantasy. Monsters and strange creatures, and the use of magic are always pluses in my book.
- Comedy, either romantic or action. I care mostly about the comedy, but a good romantic story would be a nice bonus.
- Action. Can be hand-to-hand combat, magic or weapons. I like explosions and other eye candy during battles. A bit of blood and gore can help too if used tastefully, or for shock value.

What I usually stay away from:
- Sports manga/anime. I remember watching series of the genre when I was little, but they are just not interesting to me any more. If I want to see sports, I'll turn on the TV and watch some basketball or football, or better yet go outside and play sports myself.
- Serious romance, especially yaoi or yuri. Just not my cup of tea. Yuri subtext for a non-romance show can be fun though.
- Anything that is drawn in that classic shojo/josei art style. You know the ones where people have huge, sparkling eyes and really sharp chins... Can't really describe it, but the bottom line is that that style turns me off.

Favourite manga series:
- Aria (and its prequel Aqua) by Kozue Amano. Aria is just a bundle of heart-warming, wholesome goodness with meticulous pacing, cute characters, and some of the best background art you are going to find in a manga. Sometimes you just need a little piece of utopia.
- Fullmetal Alchemist by Hiromu Arakawa. Epic fantasy action series with engaging and complex characters, grand story, exciting action, and unforgettable moments of awesomeness.
- Ichigo 100% by Mizuki Kawashita. The first romantic-comedy manga I've read and still the best one thus far. Ichigo 100% has a genuinely good romance story along with plenty of comedic moments and fan service to boot.

Favourite anime series:
- Fullmetal Alchemist (2003/2004). The earlier adaptation departs from the manga story line, but it's great in its own right.
- Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (2009/2010). This version follows the manga storyline and has even more action and a grander story.
- Macross Frontier (2008). It set the benchmark for visuals in an anime series and has a long list of great songs as well. The story is nothing special but the awesome visuals and music make up for it.

Favourite anime song(s)
- "Akatsuki no Kuruma" by FictionJunction Yuuka (Insert song to Mobile Suit Gundam SEED). Gundam SEED itself was a decent anime series, but "Akatsuki no Kuruma" was a great song. The haunting vocals mixed with the combination of classical Western and Japanese style background music was a winning combination and the song is just so full of emotion.

That's all for this little blurb. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Oicic, hmm well for me so far i really like code geass but the ending was a bit disappointing. Haha ichigo 100%, ya the manga is great just too bad the anime is just only few episodes to cover it.

  2. the whole reason why I didn't watch the Ichigo 100% anime is because I knew it ended in the middle of the story. Yeah, I agree with the code geass observation: it was very good until it got kinda weird at the end, and some other(important)characters should have died with Lelouch IMO.

  3. im watching ichigo 100% (manga) and ya, it is interesting. but wtf the main protagonist so damn lucky. such thing only can happen in anime

  4. Haha, harem romantic comedies are fantasies of course.

  5. Hi TJ.
    Have you seen Berserk?Are you reading the manga?If so do you plan to blog about it?
    I've just recently started following your blog.I like reading your posts :)

  6. Thanks :). I peek at Berserk from time to time, but never gotten around to reading it from the start. It'd be a good series to blog though since there are so few chapters per year, meaning less work for me lol.

  7. TJ, if you are into shounen/seinen, you migt like to get into the manga "Until Death Do Us Part".

  8. @Druaga
    I think someone mentioned that series to me before. Sounds interesting, but I think I'm already covering too many series these days. Will read it when I get the time though.

  9. i thougt that your favorite Anime would be Naruto and one piece. now i'm thinking about watching Macross Frontier to see what's going on.

    1. I only read the manga and don't watch the anime of those series.


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