Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 17

Maria Ross is found guilty of murdering Maes Hughes and various characters in Central scramble to react.

I just find it wacky that Al can polish his own head like this.

In a military prison, Henry Douglas is questioning Maria about Maes Hughes' murder. Despite the significant amount of evidence that suggests otherwise, Douglas is sure that Maria is guilty. Outside, Alex Armstrong is refused entry by the guards even though he is Maria's commanding officer. As Alex walks away, Danny Brosh arrives and reports both he and Maria fired a shot on the day of the 5th Laboratory incident. Brosh had reported the incident but the military court isn't even considering the evidence, and this leads Alex to think that someone wants Maria to be the scapegoat.

At the Central Hotel, the Elrics and Winry are hanging out in the brothers' room. Winry wonders what Ed and Al will do from now on, but she's surprised when Ed asks her what she thinks. Winry states that she hopes the Ed and Al will get their bodies back, but on the other hand she doesn't want them to go into dangerous situations. Al remarks that Winry is very gentle and considerate, and this causes Winry to hit him out of embarrassment.

At the rundown apartment, Felman receives the daily paper and is shocked by what's on the front page. After reading that Maria had been found guilty of Hughes' murder, Felman immediately phones in to Mustang's office. Back the hotel, Ed and Al also find out about the news and leave the hotel.

Barry to the guards: Want to see my other trick?

Isn't Barry awesome? Maria agrees.

In the military prison, Ling is begging the guards to let him out, but the guard's attention is drawn to a commotion down the hall. The prison is actually under attack by Barry the Chopper, and thanks to his immortal body Barry is easily able to knock out all the guards. Ling asks Barry to let him out, and Barry agrees after hearing that Ling is from Xing. Barry and Ling then walk over to Maria's cell and Barry hands Maria the daily paper with the news of her guilty verdict. Barry tells that she only has two choices: stay and get executed, or follow him and escape. Neither choice sound very appealing to Maria, but she is not content to die just yet and thus follows Barry and Ling out of the prison. Meanwhile, Henry Douglas learns of the prison break and gives out the order to capture Maria and her cohorts and the permission to kill them if they resist.

This not the time to be a drama queen, Maria.

Quit posing, Mustang. Your coolness was gone many episodes ago when Riza called you impotent.

Out in the street, Barry, Maria, and Ling run into the Elrics, who are shocked that Maria and Ling are with Barry. Ed wants Maria to explain about Maes' murder, but Barry tells her to run down and alley while he holds off the Elrics. Maria runs down the alley and is met by Mustang and a subsequent bright flash of light. Back on the street, Barry and Elrics spot the explosion coming from the alley. Barry knows that he did his job and runs away with Ling, while the Elrics rush in to see what happened. At the end of the alley, the Elrics find Mustang standing over a burnt corpse with Maria's prison tag. Ed and Al take their turns confronting Mustang, but Mustang coldly states that it's just orders from the higher-ups. Later, Douglas and other military personnel arrive on the scene. Douglas alleges that Mustang orchestrated Maria's prison break out so he could kill her and avenge Hughes with his own hands, but Mustang denies these allegations.

Alex shows off his dynamic range.

At the morgue, the Elrics, Mustang, and Alex Armstrong wait for the coroner Knox to conduct the autopsy on Maria. Knox exits the autopsy room and states that he has identified the body as Maria Ross based on dental records, but most of the body is unrecognizable. Knox asks if Mustang is happy now that he has avenged Hughes, but Mustang chooses to ignore the question. After Knox walks away, Alex starts getting emotional about losing Maria and Mustang tells Alex to take a vacation in the east.

For Felman, the more the un-merrier.

In the chamber with the caged chimeras, Envy reports to Lust that everything had gone as planned and now Mustang's underlings are becoming apprehensive of their commander. Back at Mustang's office, Riza asks for some vacation time which Mustang allows. After Riza leaves, Mustang starts talking on the phone with a woman named Elizabeth much to the chagrin of his remaining subordinates. In the courtyard behind the apartment Felman and Barry are staying in, Fu and Ran Fan arrive after Ling called for them using smoke signals. At the Central Hotel, Alex Armstrong arrives at the Elric's room and punches Ed on the right arm. Without giving Ed a chance to speak, Alex determines that Ed's automail arm is broken and thus needs to make a trip back to Resembool. Alex then drags Ed away while telling Al to stay put. Ed wonders what's going on, to which Alex answers that it's an order from Mustang.

Looks like Alex has the same talent as Maes for dragging people away.

In the chamber full of chimeras, Envy reports that the person who helped break Maria out was Barry the Chopper, but unfortunately he was not able to locate Barry due to lack of manpower. To help located Barry, Lust points to a beastly-looking man in one of the cages who she also refers to as Barry the Chopper.


Business sure is picking up in FMA: Brotherhood. Mustang basically deals with the Maria issue in a somewhat unexpected way and sets the wheels in motion for his next plan. The episode hints that Mustang ordered Barry to break Maria out of prison, but I don't quite understand why Felman was left out of the loop. I guess Mustang thinks Felman is too whiny lol. On the other hand, Barry the Chopper was pretty awesome in this episode, but then again Barry the Chopper in FMA: Brotherhood is just awesome in general. The bad guys seems to be parading their own version of Barry the Chopper around, and it'll be interesting when the Barrys actually meet each other.

Okay, I'm trying my best, but since I read the manga it's hard for me to really appreciate or speculate on the plot without spoiling anything. Anyways, Bones did a pretty decent job with this episode, and you can feel that the plot is moving towards something big. I always found a little strange that the mangaka chose this time (when everything is starting to come together) to move Ed and Alex Armstrong out of town, but there are still plenty of characters left in Central to throw a party. Mustang is obviously on the move, and so are the homunculi, and the two sides are going to smash together sooner or later. The next few episodes should be quite entertaining and exciting if Bones can keep up their standards.


  1. Falman's out of the loop because Barry clubbed him over the head with the phone. Led to a hilarious moment too. They'll cover it in flashback next episode or so, whenever they show Ed's adventures.

    Plus, my favorite Mustang moment is coming. Out of respect to your policy, I'll avoid spoilers. Rock on!

  2. Lol I didn't remember that Barry clubbed Falman on the head. Falman didn't seem to have head injury at the end of the episode...

    Spoilers? I try not to put spoilers in my summaries, but I don't really care about comments, especially for something that I already know the story to, so post away. It's not like anyone besides me and you and the other "frequent" (in the relative sense) read the comments anyways lol.

  3. The Maria that Col. Mustang killed is not the Maria who shot Hughes. That's so sad...

  4. so did the col. kill maria?????

  5. @Anonymous no. 1
    Of course, not, Envy wasn't anywhere close to Mustang in this episode.

    @Anonymous no. 2
    Keep watching to find out :)

  6. I have recently made the decision to start reading Mangas. What do you suggest I should start with?

  7. it depends on your tastes. There are thousands of manga titles out there in a wide variety of genres. you can check out the titles I blog about if you'd like, or you can just go to a manga site and randomly browse chapters to see if any of them catches your eye.

  8. I just watch and omg i thought ed and al always stick together? lolz at least thats wat the old fma remind me lolz. In this episode they got separated like nothing at all lolz. I got a feeling that mustang did not really kill but i do not know how he can clone a body if he really nv kill her lol

  9. Dayumn, you know, Maria was a cool character. 100% innocent in the old anime. This is a shocker for me. :/


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