Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sekirei Bath House Extra

Fully colored extra about Minato and Sekirei going to a bath house for Sekirei.

Yes, I have taken the liberty to censor this page, although I could have justified not censoring it since Homura is still technically a guy.

Summary (or the lack thereof):
Just an extra where the Minato's Sekirei (plus Hikari and Hibiki) show off their bodies. What else would you expect?


I was expecting a real Sekirei chapter after the series took a break for the new year, but instead we got this extra. As with most of the colored extras, this extra chapter had plenty of boobs and tits. The joke at the end (page posted above) was kind of funny, but there's not much else to talk about. I guess it's time to wait another half month and hope that the next real chapter will be released.


  1. I did not get excited by seeing man boobs. I did not get excited by seeing man boobs. I did not get excited by seeing man boobs.......uh, ok maybe a little...

    I can never turn down looking at a little omake when huge Sekirei boobs are involved, naked at that...

    Can't wait for the 5th to see if that damn fight that's lasted for what seems like years is finally over...

  2. The official match is definitely over, but I think Higa will try to rob the jinkis, so the overall battle is probably not over.


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