Saturday, March 20, 2010

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun 24 (Finale)

Mikoto and co. battle Telestina and MAR to save Haruue and the Child Errors.

John McClane may have killed a helicopter with a car, but Mitsuko can kill two helicopters with a truck.

They make a good team despite the rivalry. Kuroko has the better power though.

Kiyama is chasing two MAR trucks but discovers they contain MAR mechs with grenade launchers, but Mikoto and friends (including Konori and Mitsuko) swoop in for the rescue. Kuroko and Mitsuko remain the mop up the MAR mechs while the others join up with Kiyama to rescue the kids. Along the way, Telestina emerges in a giant yellow mech to try and squash Mikoto and co, and Konori is knocked out of the chase. Mikoto ends up on Kiyama's car and tries to take out Telestina, but Telestina's mech is designed to be Mikoto-resistant, making shocks and railgun coins ineffective. Kiyama's car is chased onto a section of the highway that's supposed to be blocked off by a MAR team, but that team is busy fighting with the Anti-Skills, thus allowing Kiyama to drive past. Telestina continues to chase, but Mikoto turns up the voltage and blows up a flying arm from Telestina's mech. Kuroko teleports in and teleports the tip of the destroyed arm to Mikoto, who then launches launches the tip in a railgun blast right through Telestina's mech. With Telestina's mech destroyed, Mikoto and company continue their journey to the secret Kihara lab where the kids were being taken to.

I guess the marking of "Safety First" on the mech's arm only refers to the safety of the pilot.

Who the heck shoots a rifle in battle with their eyes closed?
Just more evidence that Anti-Skill (or at least Tessou) never had any real training.

Kamehameha with a railgun.

Mikoto and friends made the bad mistake of not checking if the villain is out of commission or not.

After taking out the security the lab, Mikoto and company locate Haruue and the Child Errors at the lowest level of the lab. Kiyama gets to work trying to free the kids, but suddenly the Capacity Down system is turned on and a bloodied Telestina shows up to swat away her opponents. Saten happens to be standing right outside the room and is not spotted by Telestina, and Uiharu manages to tell Saten to go back to the control room on the surface to disable the Capacity Down without Telestina knowing. Firmly in control, Telestina states that she is going to use the Child Errors and the first sample abilities crystal (made from herself) to make Haruue into a Level 6, and she doesn't care if the whole city end up being destroyed in case the Child Errors wake up. Mikoto and friends stall for time so that Saten can run back upstairs to the control room, and Saten smashes up the controls with her baseball bat just in time to save Mikoto. With the Capacity Down disabled, Mikoto tosses Telestina away and this allows Kiyama to get hold of the first sample crystal. The crazed Telestina refuse to give up and tries to kill Mikoto with her own version of the railgun, but Mikoto wins the ensuing Railgun vs. railgun showdown and blasts Telestina into unconsciousness.

Mikoto got an "up"grade this episode and went from being choked to hanging off of a lance.

So that's why she brought the baseball bat.

I'm not sure how two railgun projectiles can have contest of force like this, but it doesn't really matter.

After the battle, Kiyama uses the first sample crystal to complete her program, and all the Child Errors regain consciousness without causing poltergeist activities. This joyous moment brings tears to Kiyama's eyes, and Kiyama thank Mikoto and friends for their help.

Hurray, you finally win for once.

A day or days later, Mikoto and friends are late for some event (thought of by Mikoto) with Haruue and the Child Errors. While rushing to the hospital where the Child Errors are, Kuroko receives a phone call from Konori about the case. It turns out Telestina has survived the battle but is refusing to talk, and so there is still a lot of work to be done. Mikoto and friends don't make to the hospital in time, but they are able to see the event from an overpass. In another hospital, Kiyama is recovering from her injuries. Suddenly she hears the voices of her former students from outside the window. Kiyama looks out and sees Bani and other Child Errors wishing her well and happy birthday from a screen on an airship, and this brings tears to her eyes.

Happy faces all around.


It was good finale. There were stuff being blown up, cool teleporting, a nice chase scene, more crazy expressions, and a Beatrice-esque cackle or two. Also, Anti-Skill was actually useful for once (although I'm not sure how assault rifles can stand up to heavily armored mechs with grenade launchers) and Mitsuko also got in the on the action and showed off her abilities as well. Overall I have to say I'm satisfied with how the episode went. It wasn't the greatest final showdown ever; it wasn't that imaginative and was cliched at some parts, not to mention that the whole arc didn't make much sense, but at least the episode focused on Mikoto, Kuroko and friends using their skills to save the day and that's what I came here to see.

Looking into the story for this episode, I have no idea how Telestina's plans was supposed to work, but at this stage it doesn't matter. I'm a bit disappointed that Telestina still relied on a stationary Capacity Down system to suppress Mikoto and friends. How is making a device bigger and stationary an improvement? I would have expected Telestina to have a portable version of the device, but then again that would rob Saten and her baseball bat of their purpose. And how come Mikoto's railgun coin can only go 50m? Does the coin get burned up in the process? Anyways, I should stop nitpicking on the plot since it probably wasn't written to make sense in the first place.

The only other notable complaint about this episode (aside from plot related things) is J.C. Staff's insistence on playing the OP songs during the action sequences. Don't get me wrong. I think both OPs are decent, but they are not really appropriate as fight music (and this isn't Macross). Is it that hard to come up with a piece of music to use for the big battles?

This episode and last week's episode were pretty entertaining. Unfortunately, this can't be said for many of the previous episodes in Railgun. This second half arc and the Level Upper arc were decent for the most part, but some of the other episodes (especially the fillers in the middle) really dropped the ball. Overall, I found Railgun to be an average series. I was expecting Railgun to be better than Index, but it ended up being about the same. While Index got bogged down by various scientific and hero speeches, Railgun was bogged down by the fillers and smaller amount of pseudo-science expositions.

At the end of the episode, I was a little surprised that there were no announcements for the next season of Index. We probably won't be seeing Railgun season 2 for a while given how the manga is monthly, but there should be plenty of material for second season of Index. I think it'll happen eventually.


  1. Wow I never thought about it but Mitsuko did own McClane :). Just go an one up the guy with even more devastation. Kuroko's ability definitely has more applications. Although there is something flashy and cool about Mitsuko's. Just slap an enemy and never see them again.

    I guess we can assume Anti-Skill was somewhat useful. The communications did make it sound like the MAR was retreating. Of course they can't actually show them winning since people would never be able to believe it.

    In terms of Capacity Down sometimes technology gets bulky. I'm sure down the road she would have liked to develop a more portable version. Wanted it to be stronger which meant sacrificing some portability though really it originally was pretty huge sitting in the back of a van anyways. Besides since everyone in Mikoto's group should have been limited it shouldn't have been a fatal flaw.

    Overall it was more of an average series I'd agree. The fillers and plot holes of the second half really brought it down. Still the main characters made it worth it.

  2. I need to finish Index now because Railgun makes me appreciative of Touma. I hope Misaka would have more role to play in Index 2 though. She's just awesome.

  3. @FlareKnight
    Anti-Skills probably had better numbers, although MAR had much better equipment. Still, judging by how Tessou was spraying and praying with her eyes closed, it's hard to believe that Anti-Skill was actually winning.

    Mitsuko has a fun power, that's for sure. Kuroko probably has the most useful power out of anyone in the series though.

    Yeah, Railgun has that kind effect on people lol. However, Touma is much more annoying in Index because of his hero speeches. He's cool as a side character, but not as cool as the main guy.

  4. Even though it was a pretty cliche ends (power of friends!) with a cliche villain, I still enjoyed the final episode. Actually, that's how I feel about the show as a whole. There's a lot of stuff I could nitpick about - too many fillers, pretty lame arcs, etc. but I'm willing to put my gripes aside because I just enjoyed the ride. Give credit to the awesome characters I guess. Biribiri x Kuroko forever! =P

  5. I really like the finale, though I could only say this after leaving my brain out of the equation and just enjoy the mindless fun. I mean the battles were damn exciting and all but looking at them in a more sensible frame, I can't help but find them LAWL on all sorts of level -> the irony of the caution message on Telestina's mech's arm lol. Oh and Antiskill successfully beating back a team of MAR armor clad personnel equipped with grenade launchers? Either Antiskill finally got their act together with better weaponry or MAR is worse than them on the suck-o-meter. I think it leans towards the latter after seeing Tessou firing her rifle with her eyes closed.

    On the whole, good series but certainly not great. It could have been better on the average rating scale perhaps if they had ended it with the Level Upper arc.

  6. @RP and Keiri
    Yeah, the ending was enjoyable especially after we take off our thinking caps lol.

    Agreed, the MAR personnel weren't that great. I didn't see any of the mechs getting off a shot with their grenade launchers during the episode.

  7. Oh nice! This is over! Now I can start it!

  8. @TJ: "Yeah, Railgun has that kind effect on people lol. However, Touma is much more annoying in Index because of his hero speeches. He's cool as a side character, but not as cool as the main guy."
    The same goes for Misaka her kind of character(tsundere) is too cliched, just look that Saten stole her screentime and popularity between the publi.

    About Touma, from what I have seen he is very awesome but thats after the Vol.6(Index last arc). The guy is a bit crazy trying to fit against 250 mage on his own, but still cool.
    Also, Accelerator took a protagonist role after he recovered of the shot on his forehead.

  9. @Glo
    I wonder if this series is best watched if marathoned. Mostly just watch the Level Upper and the poltergeist arcs. the stuff in the middle is forgettable.

    Saten did improve at the end of the show, although it's still Biri-biri and Kuroko who are doing the ass-kicking.

    I hoped for an announcement for Index season 2 during this ep. Too bad it didn't happen.

  10. I think Misaka's railgun is limited to 50m is just to limit herself on level 5. Lets say if she's level 6, maybe she can shoot any aerodynamic projectiles with any range she wants (just an assumption), perhaps if Kuroko is level 5, maybe she can teleport to anywhere with a limited range but more than 75m right? And she is able to teleport more than 2 person at a same time as well.. haha! I am wondering whether Saten's ability will be shown IF there will be season 2, as well as Uiharu's ability.

  11. I think the 50m range has more to do with the coin burning up than Misaka's ability to launch it far enough. Given that the coin is supposedly going at... I dunno... ~10x the speed of sound, going 50m isn't exactly a problem unless the coin disappears. Lol this is an anime series, so I'm not surprised that the scientific details are a little sketchy. At least the 50m range is more plausible than the railgun vs. railgun showdown in this episode.

  12. THE EPIC ONE... =3=April 4, 2010 at 7:32 AM

    Yeah, Telestina's facial expressions and evil laugh definately made her a worthy candidate for an even creepier character than Beatrice XD

    But I disagree, I think using the op music was kind of effective, and they both sort of go well with the kind of battle that was happening. No way would that music work in some kind of shonen samurai and gunfire sequence, but when there's espers involved it wouldn't make sense to have the music sort of battle victory music...that's just my opinion.

    When I read this I realise how twisted my ideals are XDDD I loved this series, and was just happy to see the world hasn't COMPLETELY gone over bored with the whole 'we can do anything if we work together, FRIENDSHIO FTW O3o' kinda aspect, though I was abit eye rolling at the bit where they make a big point that everyone's working together ~_~;;

    And replying to what someone else said, pay attention, Uiharu's ability has already been shown, and in plain fact it might just be that Saten isn't an esper :/ Plus, it appears if you watch the previous eps, that if she was, she'd control either an air or earth element? She was making leaves move in a little circle, so I wasn't sure...

    Ahk...reading other people's one liked this series?? I wanna cosplay as Misaka!!! Though no cosplay has been released yet online from what I've I'll go as bernkastel instead T>T

    Omigosh, I'm famous online for leaving overly long and pointless comments and p.messages...I'll just stop now...

    Don't know about creepiness, but Telestina is crazier than Beatrice. Beatrice is mostly sane despite the cackles, while Telestina seems insane after she decided to drop the act.

    Many of us "liked" Railgun, but there were a lot of things in the series that should/could have been done better.

  14. hey why biribiri x kuroko? thats gross...!!!!
    i want [touma xXx Misaka]Lovey dovey to the max.,! i read the flirting railgun side story & its so freaking awesome touma & biribiri is a couple..!!! they even kiss LOL...!!! they even sleep together...!!! i want the a story go up there..!!


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