Wednesday, January 12, 2011

One Piece 610

Luffy and friends continue to look around Fishman Island while an ominous prediction regarding Luffy is made.

Proof that stars attract.

Keimi leads Luffy's group into a part of the island known as Coral Hill to her boss Madam Shirley's place, and the group managed to find willing donors to give Sanji blood. Elsewhere, New Fishman Pirate member Hyouzou is carrying Hammond and another comrade (both knocked out by Luffy) back to headquarters, while nearby a couple of mermaids investigate around an open barrel.

After Sanji's condition is stabilized by Chopper, Luffy and Usopp meet Madam Shirley and learns that she is a famous psychic. Keimi then takes Luffy and Usopp out to meet Pappug, and when they find Pappug at the Mermaid Cafe they also find Brooks hanging out with the mermaids. Pappug leads everyone on to a taxi to go to his mansion, and on the way Pappug and Keimi explain a bunch of things about the region, such as the fact that the captain of the Flying Dutchmen is Van Der Decken XI (grandson of the original Van Der Decken and that the island is under protection from "Big Mam" Charlotte Linlin, one of "the four emperors".

Back in Coral Hill, Madam Shirley suddenly has a vision and screams out that Luffy must be expelled or he'll destroy the island.


Mostly an informational chapter this time. We learn that merfolk and fishfolk interracial marriages make for interesting combinations, that Van Der Decken is not a ghost and has been bothering the mermaid princess, that one of the four emperors has forces on the island, and someone with a straw hat is probably going to destroy Fishman Island. It's probably going to be a while before we find the implications of the last three items, and for now Luffy and friends are still mostly taking in the sights. The Straw Hats manage to regain one member, but a couple more are still missing. Not much else to say at this point. Just have to see how thing unfold.


  1. Luffy is a good guy. How could he possibly destroy them?

  2. do mermaids poop? ROFL

  3. Big Mam? it could be worse... it could be Kaidou. You can't expect a better deal than EPICBEARD, so be happy Fishman Island.

    I wonder if Shanks owns some islands; Roger did not care about territory so I guess "Skanks" is the same.

    Things are getting really interesting, so much in the air... or water.

  4. @Bonanza
    Who knows if it's Luffy. Luffy might be a nice guy, but he is powerful and has a penchant for getting into trouble, so it wouldn't be that surprising if he burst Fishman Island's bubble or something.

    Do they lol? Of course they do.

    The other three emperors all have or used to have territory, so I'm guessing Shanks does too.

  5. Can you believe it? Fishman Island was just on his way to the new world, he just needed to declare it his land and bang! free protection (he is not an ass to charge for security).


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