Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Rosario + Vampire II 39

Tsukune starts training to rescue Moka, but Kurumu isn't happy about it.

Half-naked Gin, and spatter on blood on the bed sheet... it can only mean one thing...

Kurumu wakes up from a dream where Tsukune states that he wants to stay by Moka's side (a scene from Moka's inner world). Kurumu then finds a half-naked Gin lying beside her and immediately attacks him. Kurumu then notices a spatter of blood on the bed sheet and thinks that Gin may have violated her. Kurumu was on her way to killing Gin, but Mizore appears from underneath the bed and reveals that she put the blood there as a practical joke. Mizore explains that Gin was actually here to look after Kurumu, as Kurumu had fainted after the battle due to overuse of her yokai abilities. Kurumu wonders where Tsukune is, and Mizore states that everyone else already went to train with Dongfang Bubai.

Kurumu follows Mizore to a room where they go through a magical portal on the floor and enter a training space created by Dongfang Bubai that's modeled a part of Hong Kong. Ruby appears and leads Kurumu and Mizore to the group consisting of Kokoa, Yukari, Haji, and Fong Fong who are in the midst of deciding training partners. Meanwhile in a nearby park, Tsukune is fighting Dongfang Bubai but gets kicked around. Dongfang tells Tsukune that at this rate he'll never be able to defeat Akua, but the old master states that there is a way to make Tsukune stronger faster. The method requires Tsukune's body to be modified so he can use yokai magic, but the body modification is extremely risky and may lead to death. Tsukune quickly accepts the method, but at this moment Kurumu arrives, and having overheard the conversation Kurumu begs Tsukune not to undergo the body modification. Tsukune reassures Kurumu that he's going to be fine but then states that he has to rescue Moka, and Kurumu thinks that Tsukune only cares about Moka right now and runs away in tears. After Kurumu's departure, Dongfang starts the spell to modify Tsukune's body.

Tsukune, you heartbreaker!


Mizore... that was not a very nice joke to play on Kurumu (and Gin for that matter), but you gotta love Mizore's deviousness. Gin came out the worst after the joke, but he has himself to blame for his reputation and lying half-naked beside Kurumu when she's waking up.

This chapter marks the start of Tsukune's training to become strong enough to tackle Akua and Fairy Tale, but the main focus was on Kurumu and her fear that Tsukune only has Moka in his eyes. Tsukune is bent on saving Moka, and it's understandable that his single-mindedness has Kurumu worried about her chances. Is Kurumu's tearful departure a sign that Tsukune's harem is breaking up? The girls can't probably all end up with Tsukune, and Moka will always occupy the number 1 position, so maybe it's time for the other girls to look elsewhere? Gin seems to be eager on catching Kurumu on the rebound lol. I'm sure that despite what happened in this chapter, Tsukune and his girls will unite at least in friendship to rescue Moka.

It sounds like Tsukune will get his power-up next chapter via Dongfang's spell. It's probably going to painful for Tsukune, but it doesn't sound like the training is going to drag on for very long which is good thing.


  1. Didn't care for the tasteless prank at the beginning. I only see it as Ikedai starting to troll his harem departure or not with it...

    I don't see how she was surprised he'd risk everything. He's done it before and more then likely will do it again. I'd like to think he'd do the same for any of the member of the gang...

    Let's hope something transpires with his holy lock coming into play with this transformation. If I remember correctly it has only two links left and having his body tampered with might cause those two links to break. I'd forgive the only 25 pages we got this month if that's what happens...

  2. Remember that gin loves sun, and tsukune will probably set things out with kurumu that will make her fall in love with him all over again

  3. You know...when you consider Mizore's been the victim of several rape attempts...this goes from just 'tasteless' to outright sickening.

    Also, is Tsukune a totally retarded moron? This chapter makes him look terrible. And Hello...SUN? Girl Gin's in love with?

    This chapter does not sound good...

  4. @Johnny
    Tsukune's chain will probably break sooner or later, although I'd would think Dongfang Bubai can do something about it since he's the master of sealing techniques.

    @Anonymous #1
    Gin does love Sun.... maybe he'll be a good senpai and help Kurumu find her way (without doing anything perverted).

    @Anonymous #2
    It is a bit of a downer chapter.

    Don't know if the author was thinking about Mizore's history for the prank, but of course rape jokes aren't exactly tasteful to begin with...

  5. Well, Mizore IS a youkai... And I think she did it to get back at Gin more, knowing that Kurumu would whail on him, no questions asked or needed.

    And everyone and their mother knows that Tsukune gets tunnel vision when Moka's concerned; even the other girls know this. All I can say is, I hope that Ikeda is kind to Kurumu at the end because the girl deserves a happy ending.

  6. Woah it's only 25 pages, at least I'm happy that things always move fast. Tsukune didn't hesitate for 3 chapters whether he should do the transformation or not.
    I think you guys think too much about the joke at the beginning.

  7. Nice chapter by the looks of it. Thanks for the summary. Its still not yet out though.

    Looks like things are heating up in the group

  8. Thanks for the summary. This'll help me wait for the scanlations

  9. Well, he was in love with Moka from the beginning. She is the love of his life! The other girls might attract him physically but certainly not more then that!

    Anyway, let's see if this is the whole chapter first!

    @Anonymous 1: He is in love with Moka, he realized it! Things have gone past the point where his kindness will put her at ease! In fact Kurumu should have realized that by now!

    @Anonymous 2: Gin is in love with Moka also and apparently likes to annoy Kurumu. He might like Sun but that doesn't mean he doesn't have feelings for other girls also! Let's not forget that Moka was probably the victim of the most rape attempts in the past.

  10. This isn't a translation! Let's see the English version and not guess the translation shall we?

  11. Wasn't the 2nd dark lord's name Tohou Fuhai?

  12. I really hope that Aono and Moka become a couple after this operation. Of course Hokuto might try to get Moka right after or during the battle.

    @Anonymous !: Impossible! This was coming for a long time, the decision of which girl to choose. It had to happen.

    @Anonymous 2: You don't understand too much now do you. Tsukune has been trying to get together with Moka from the beginning and has been trying to avoid making the other girls cry for a long time. These girls have been in his way for a long time, it was about time that he told them bluntly what he wanted to do!

    @Anonymous 3: Kurumu was probably the most oblivious of the girls of Tsukune's true feelings. This had to happen sooner or later. Ikeda didn't really have a choice. Anyway maybe Gin will tell her that your feelings are rarely returned.

  13. Maybe tsukune will find a way to get all the girls and moka only ikeda has the power to do this people and he probably wants to end Rosario vampire with a good ending where tsukune gets the girls and everything is happy or all of them will still love him and want him for themselves

  14. @Anonymous 6
    Moka doesn't want him to treat women like objects.

    Tsukune also loves only Moka.

    The other girls might attract him physically but nothing more. He sees the other girls as simple friends. In fact the other girls are obstacles for him, Kurumu and Mizore especially.

    Let's not forget that he only tried to kiss Moka. In fact if the other girls weren't there or he would have told them from the start how he feels he would have kissed her in the first month or months of high school.

    I get the filling that something tragic might happen. The bus driver and the chairman of the high school keep saying it. The bus driver warned Aono both times he started a new year at the academy and the Chairman also said that a "horrible destiny" or a "terrifying destiny" awaits them. Of course what he meant by "horrible" or "terrifying" is unknown. In fact everything that happened to him can be considered "horrible" or "terrifying" so maybe things might not be that bad. Best case scenario might be that everything is planned by the Chairman somehow!


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