Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Eureka Seven AO 01

The "sequel" to the highly regarded Eureka Seven is here. I was too busy last week to cover this in time. I don't want to set my expectations too high, but I hope Bones will deliver something worthy of the Eureka Seven name.

The only IFO you'll see in this episode.

I thought the kid was supposed to have turquoise hair?

In the year 2025, Ivica Tanovic and Chistophe Blanc of the Swiss company Generation Bleu survey the damage in Tokyo, and Ivica mentions that the only one who could have stopped this tragedy was the girl with turquoise hair.

In the Okinawa Islands which are now an independent nation, foreign boy by the name of Ao Fukai lives on the island of Iwadojima with his guardian, an elderly doctor named Toshio Fukai. One day, Ao gets called away by his friend Naru to help her find her pet sloth Noah in the forest. After finding Noah in the forest, Ao leaves Naru and Noah at a building and returns to the beach in his FP. Meanwhile, the three friends Gazelle, Pippo and Han are driving in their FPs transporting something for the Japanese military. Han and Pippo are not sure about the deal, but Gazelle thinks it's no big deal. Gazelle activates the so-called "tracking device" from the Japanese military but the device produces smoke and blows out Gazelle's FP's generator. Gazelle crash lands on the beach and nearly hits Ao in the process. Gazelle gets out of his FP to argue with Ao. Pippo and Hans land nearby and on his way out Pippo trips over and drops the merchandise they are transporting. Gazelle and company retrieve most of the items and put them back in the case, but they miss a bracelet which is taken by Ao. Han looks at Gazelle's FP and sees something strange. Suddenly, Gazelle's FP emits a column of light that rises into the sky. Pippo recognizes it as a Scub Burst and tells his friends to run while they can, and Ao uses the opportunity to get away. Ao returns to the place where he dropped off Naru just in time to catch Naru who is having a fainting episode related to the Scub Burst. The column of light disappears and a Scub Coral emerges on the beach creating a large explosion. Ao loads Naru and Noah into the FP and drives away as fast as he can. In the rear mirror Ao sees another column of light and this time a black flying object known as the G-Monster emerges. Ao crash lands his FP near some power poles, and he and Naru get out to see explosions on the other side of the hill.

I forgot how colorful Trapar particles can be.

Gazell's gang fly away from the Scub Burst deliver their merchandise to a Japanese warship, but the Japanese discover that the bracelet is missing and so Gazelle and friends have six hours to find the missing item. Meanwhile, after dropping Naru off, Ao returns to his home where Toshio is heading out due to treat the people injured by the Scub Burst event. Ao wants to work to help Toshio, but Toshio insists that Ao enroll in school and get ready for the entrance ceremony tomorrow. Ao and Naru have a phone call where they get into a bit of an argument, and Ao plans to give Naru the bracelet the next day to make up with her.

Giant piece of alien coral striking the ground qualifies as a disaster.

So this is the enemy.

The next day, Gazelle's gang return to the beach only to find that there is giant hole where the Scub Coral used to be. Gazelle's gang then decide to look for Ao. Meanwhile, Naru and Ao get ready for school, but another Scub Burst occurs. A massive chunk of Scub Coral lands on the ground creating a huge explosion, and the G-Monster appears again and starts randomly blasting things with its energy weapon. The government of the Okinawa Islands contract Generation Bleu to deal with Scub emergence, and Ivica and Team Pied Piper are in orbit getting ready to sortie. Back in Iwadojima, Ao runs to Naru's house and finds it destroyed. Ao takes out the bracelet and gets angry at the G-Monster, and suddenly the bracelet glows and displays the text "Eureka Ao". Ao is then reminded of a memory of a turquoise-haired woman wearing the bracelet. Gazelle and friends arrive to try to take back the bracelet, but Ao refuses to give it back.

Who might this be, I wonder...


I'd say that's a pretty decent start to the new Eureka Seven series. The thing that stood out the most was just how good the animation looked. There was next to no mecha (LFO... or I think they call the mechas IFO in this series) action, but still I was very impressed by the production quality. Bones is known for having good production quality, but some of visuals in this episode looked on par with an anime movie with a good budget. The sounds and music also play into the high budget feel of the episode.

As for the story and characters... it's a little early to say much. What we do know is that there is Scub Corals; there are references and flashbacks to someone who looks like Eureka from the original series; and that Ao is the hero and he'll get turquoise hair and pilot the Nirvash. This episode presented a whole bunch of other things from Generation Bleu to the G-Monster, but of course we don't know much about them. I actually found this episode a little hard to follow at first. One reason was some of the terminology that was being used (for some reason it took me a while to figure out what a FP was), and the other was that I kept thinking if the new series would have a connection to the original. The world of AO seems completely different than that of the original, and this time we actually have recognizable earthly landmarks and nations. We'll probably find out the answer to that and the various other questions in due time. Maybe it would be better for me to think of Eureka Seven AO as a brand new series rather than any sort of sequel.

We'll finally see the new Nirvash and some mech action next episode. I'm certainly looking forward to it.


  1. It was kind of tricky to get into the series with all the modern landmarks and countries. Of course not like I remember the original series going too deeply into those things so it could have been similar, but just never made a point of.

    But I also planned on treating this like a new series. If the original cast isn't likely to appear and we're going to be in the future probably easier to just treat it as something new. It'll have to stand on its own merits anyways since flashbacks and images of presumably Eureka isn't going to keep people engaged.

    Still it was a good start. The visuals really were nice and things got pretty crazy from the start. Ao doesn't seem like a bad guy and that's one fiery friend he has there.

    Good start, but curious to see where this series goes.

    1. It was also tricky because some of the terminology has changed, but then some of the stuff from the original also carried over and it's helpful to remember it. I found the first episode a little... overwhelming at times, although I'm not sure that's the right word to describe it. Still, enjoyable episode, and if nothing else it certainly looked fantastic.


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