Friday, April 13, 2012

Zetman 01 - First Impressions

Zetman is one of the new series I'm checking out for the Spring 2012 anime season. I like sci-fi and action and don't mind a bit of monstrosity and blood, and Zetman fits the profile. I've read sporadic chapters of the manga but never actually started following the series, but now that the anime is here I thought I should check it out.

Jin might not have the most stylish outfit, but he has style when it comes to beating up punks.

Some organization created artificial human/monsters called Players, and these Players were used in gladiatorial battles for the amusement of the rich. However, the Players gained sentience and rebelled, and several Players escaped into the world. The organization tried to create something else to hunt down the Players, but a scientist on the project took the baby boy and disappeared.

Grandpa wouldn't let me take a turn riding the shopping cart.

Several years the later, the baby has grown up into a boy named Jin and he lives with the scientist Gorou Kanzaki in a shack among the homeless people. Jin is friends with Kouga and Konoha Amagi who come from a rich family, and the three play around as friends of justice to help people in need. One day, Jin saves a woman named Akemi from three thugs, and as a reward Akemi gives Jin 10000 yen. Jin returns to the homeless area and finds that everyone including Gorou has been killed by the serial killer that's running about. Jin didn't understand what death was and carts Gorou's body around looking for help, but he is refused by a doctor and his calls to Kouga remain unanswered because Kouga's father didn't want his children hanging around the homeless. Jin finally turns to Akemi who works at a hostess club. After the police looked over Gorou and questioned Jin, Jin is taken in by Akemi.

Nice shoulder tackle there by the lady.

Jin and Akemi go shopping for the next day, and on their way back they are attacked by the serial killer who is a Chameleon-like Player. Akemi tries to protect Jin, but the Player swats her away with his razor-sharp tongue. Jin sees Akemi bleeding on the ground and it reminded him of Gorou's death, and this causes him to power up and smash the Player into some concrete. The Player is knocked out, and Jin falls unconscious. A mysterious man shows up and wishes Jin would grow up quicker. A hooded Player also shows up and questions the man, and man claims that he killed the Player because the Player broke the rules and attacked humans. The hooded Player then uses his bladed arm to dissolve the chameleon Player's body.

Big lizard guy chose the wrong formerly-homeless kid to pick on.

Jin wakes up in hospital being watched over by the police detective. Jin goes to another room to see Akemi who has a wound on her face, and the two share a tearful embrace.


That was a decent first episode. The beginning seemed different and moved much faster than what I remember in the manga, but it does the job introducing the basic back story, some of the important characters, and a taste of the action that'll be in the show. The art style, animation and production quality looked decent enough, and hopefully that'll carry through as Jin grows up and really starts fighting the Players. I always thought it was interesting that at the beginning of the story, the Players were used for entertainment purposes rather than as a superhuman/weapon type of experiment as originally intended, but that may not matter much later down in the story.

Overall, I liked what I've seen so far from Zetman. I've only read sporadic chapters from the manga so I don't really know the story, so I'm looking forward to see how this one turns out. I won't be blogging the series though since I've already committed to blogging three anime series for the season already.


  1. Off topic: The first episode of Eureka Seven AO was fantastic.

    1. I'll blog and watch it soon. Had to travel the last couple of days.


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