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Eureka Seven AO 04

Ao pilots the Nirvash into battle with the giant G-Monster carrier.

You mean those things aren't giant particle beam weapons?

I'm gonna dual wield... oops, forgot I have no left arm.

The Okinawan Defense forces send fighters against the G-Monster, but their weapons are ineffective and the the fighters are quickly chewed up by the smaller G-Monsters. Fleur and Elena get to work with Fleur picking out the small G-Monsters with Alleluia's sensors for Elena to shoot them down with the Kyrie's autocannons and specialized missiles. Team Pied Piper then notice Ao approaching in the Nirvash. Ao is in the process of figuring out the controls of the Nirvash and doesn't realize that he is flying into the carrier's ZoA (Zone out of Action?... basically the G-monster's detection range). The G-monster fighters scramble towards the Nirvash, but Fleur saves Ao by nabbing the Nirvash and landing on a beach. Fleur then teaches Ao about ZoA (G-Monsters don't attack out of their ZoA) and tells him to stay put, but Ao wants to fight and protect the island. Ao suggests that Fleur lure the smaller G-Monsters away while the Nirvash sneak in and hammer away at the carrier from up close, and Ivica and the Triton's computer program Georg actually agree to the suggestion. To carry out the plan, Fleur flies near the carrier to get the G-Monster fighters chasing her. Meanwhile, Ao flies up to Triton and receives one of Kyrie's spare cannons to replace the Nirvash's missing left arm. Ao then flies in right above the carrier and puts round after round into the carrier. The smaller G-Monster figure thing out and hones in on the Nirvash, but Ao throws the Nirvash's machinegun into the carrier's vent and shoots at it with the cannon arm. The machine gun explodes and it triggers a chain reaction which destroys the entire carrier. With the carrier destroyed, all of the smaller G-Monsters also explode. Back on the island, Naru and her family along with many residents watch the explosion, and Naru is worried about Ao but gets into a coughing fit.

Strafing IFO style.

Ao and the Nirvash end up drifting to the main island and Ao is saved by a man. Meanwhile, Gazelle, Pippo and Han venture into the quarantine zone around the Scub Coral. Pippo's father Teruhiko is part of the quarantine forces, so Gazelle gets Pippo to extract the guards while he and Han sneak in for a closer look. The two of them then see the Team Pied Piper IFOS extracting a much larger version of the green cube that Gazelle was transporting. After the extraction, the Scub Coral becomes inactive.

Fishing in alien coral for glowing green cubes.

Back on Iwadojima, Toshio is at his clinic tending to Naru when Ivica and Rebecka arrive. Ivica explains that he knows Ao's mother Eureka and Generation Bleu has a program for protecting Ao. Toshio takes out the picture of Eureka and infant Ao and states that Ao's old enough to make his own decisions. Naru then asks Ivica and Rebecka to take her to meet Ao, and Toshio tells Ivica to give Ao a message.

On the main island, Ao's rescuer takes him on a tour of the technologically advanced Capital District. The special district is prosperous and full of FPs, but there are also protests from people wanting the United Nations military to leave the islands. Ao's rescuer then brings Ao out of the city to the less prosperous outskirts and explains that even though the islands have gained independence, the UN military continue to occupy the islands causing tourism and fishery to go down. The man brings Ao to a small noodle shop run by a woman he knows. While Ao and the man are eating ramen, the woman takes a picture of Ao and sells him out to the UN forces but the man and Ao find out.

The man takes Ao to the Trapar particle factory where he works. During the cab ride Ao wonders why the man saved him, and the man states that when he was little there was a Scub Burst event and it was an IFO similar to the Nirvash that saved the day. At the factory Ao and the man are met by Naru and Team Pied Piper at the factory, and Naru already has Ao's clothing packed up. Ivica relays Toshio's message to Ao, and in the message Toshio states that the Nirvash belonged to Ao's mother Eureka. Eureka piloted the Nirvash towards a Scub Burst event 10 years ago and never came back, and Toshio tells Ao to stay alive. Ao has a feeling that maybe if he pilots the Nirvash he can one day find his mother again, and so he asks to join Generation Bleu and Ivica agrees. Ao then has some moments alone with Naru and Naru gives Noah to Ao. The two of them then spot UN IFOs approaching from the distance. The UN had hacked into the cab camera and found out where Ao is and they are after Ao and the Nirvash. Ao goes to the junk beach where his rescuer had hidden the Nirvash. Ao says good bye to his rescuer and Naru and takes off in Nirvash to dock with the Triton. Unbeknownst the crew, Gazelle, Han and Pippo have also sneaked on board, but they are found by Noah.

Not exactly the most convincing disguise.


This episode... wasn't as good as I thought it would be. I was hoping the giant G-Monster carrier battle would take most of the episode and would at least be as good as the episode 2 battle. We have a freaking giant enemy carrier, and Elena and Fleur are in the mix as well so there was potential there for a spectacular fight. The fight ended up being shorter than I thought, and Ao and company didn't really have any difficulty destroying the G-Monster carrier with just some machine cannons. I guess the G-Monsters just explode easily or the machine cannon rounds that the IFOs use are super-duper-explosive. I was hoping for a more drawn-out battle with more thrill, so I was a little disappointed by the action.

The battle took up the first half of the episode, and the second half had a bunch of scenes leading up to Ao joining up with Generation Bleu. After the battle, Ao ended up on the main island after being rescued by some guy. It was a quick change of pace from the first half, but I understand the episode is trying to fit in some more background material on the Okinawan islands and their distaste for UN (or US) forces who refuse to leave. It's not the best transition, but it was helpful for Ao to see how things are on the main island before he sets off on his journey with Team Pied Piper and Generation Bleu. It was no surprise that Ao joined up with Ivica at the gang, but it seems that Gazelle's little gang has tagged along for the ride. Naru however is staying at home, but maybe that will change. I can't see Naru and Ao being separated for too long as they are the male and female leads.

The second half had some interesting bits. First was Team Pied Piper's extraction of the green cube from the Scub Coral. We don't really know what those cubes are, but they caused Gazelle's FP to blow out and led up to the first Scub Burst in episode 1. Removing the cube made the coral inactive, so it's probably the heart/energy source of a Scub Coral. The second was that the UN forces are after the Nirvash too. There is something going on with the UN and Japanese forces regarding the Nirvash and Eureka, and this important issue will probably be unraveled slowly as the series goes on. The UN forces might be one more potential enemy for Ao and Generation Bleu in addition to the G-Monsters.


  1. I have to say my reaction to the antennae for the blue unit was exactly like that picture. I completely believed they'd be some beam spamming weapon, but instead it was a combo move. Pretty solid strategy really to have one take in all the data and transfer it over for the missiles.

    I did expect the episode would be more focused on fighting the carrier. Thought we'd have some super triple attack. It was fine since it was an efficient way to take the enemy out, I just expected some more...well flash to it. At least Nirvash didn't have to stab anything with it's remaining arm (that would have been tough).

    At least they hurried Ao off the island. We need to move on with the plot anyways. The situation is pretty complex. Now that the Nirvash works everyone wants it. Found the line interesting that the IFOs were based off the Nirvash. But where did this world's Nirvash come from? What happened to Eureka when she 'vanished'? And why did the OP change to Eureka turning to face Ao with a jewel in her forehead? I swear I'll have to watch that OP intently every week to catch future changes.

    Did find it interesting that they took the 'core' out into their units. Is that how they are being powered? It makes sense though in some ways. If they don't take that out the Scub Coral will remain active and more Secrets will show up. With the Scub Coral now inactive the island will be fine.

    I also suspect Naru isn't going to stay out of things for long. Too important for that.

    1. Yeah, I was surprised that those things weren't weapons. The two Team Pied Piper IFOs have to rely on teamwork to work efficiently. I wonder if the homing laser spam from the original will ever make a comeback here lol.

      If you didn't mention about the OP, I would have completely missed the jewel thing. Gonna make us watch the whole show including the OP...

      I wasn't sure about the Scub Coral thing. Did the Kyrie take its core out to absorb the Scub Coral energy or was the cube fished out of the coral. Don't really know at this point.

    2. The Nirvash has been remodded by the US,China and I think france to. It was stated in ep 1,2 or 3. Thats why it looked sooo different then the one shown in the flashblack plus I would assume that is also why it now has 1 cockpit instend of 2. But I saw in the preview that it was turning back to its orginal colour. I read that there is an Ep 00 that bridges e7 and AO together. So it might be worth checking that out and seeing if it tells you what happened to Renton and Eureka

    3. I know the Nirvash was under possession by various countries, although I didn't catch the parts of the episodes where that's mentioned.

      I skimmed through the episode 0/Eureka Seven 51(?) and that just made things more confusing. The episode was a bunch of recap footage from the original series and mostly of Eureka saying that she wants to be born a human and live with Renton, but it's a wish that should never be granted. Maybe Eureka was sent back in time to save Earth? Only wild theories work at this point given the huge difference in the settings.

  2. Great... now the UN are antagonists too, just like in Gundam 00. Ao shouldn't be too naive in trusting Generation Bleu. Their motives are still unclear, and even if Team Pied Piper has been helping him the overall organization might just want to use him and the Nirvash for their own ignoble purposes.

    1. Hmmm good point. We don't know if Generation Bleu has any ulterior motives as well. Team Pied Pieper probably means well, but not sure about the rest of the company at this point.


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