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Queen's Blade Rebellion 06

Yuit, Annelotte and friends try to rescue Mirim once again, but Mirim doesn't really want to be rescued.

As always, some screen shots are of questionable nature.

Let's all get in on the good vibrations.

To counter Mirim's vibration armor, Yuit builds her own versions for herself and Annelotte, but Yuit's products only have the unsettling vibration but not the increased power and defensive abilities of Mirim's armor. LunaLuna returns the abandoned cabins and states that she heard from people that Mirim single-handedly defeated a fortress on her own, and the battleground is not too far away. Yuit knows that Mirim isn't fighting willingly and thus she wants to convince Mirim to go back home with her.

And thus, Yuit and Vante journey to Mirim and Ymir's war camp. Yuit sneaks in and spies Mirim having a meeting with Ymir. Mirim gives Ymir a letter to send to her mother, but after Mirim leaves Ymir tosses the letter in the fire and this is seen by Yuit. Afterwards, Yuit goes out to a field of flowers to make a flower ring for Ymir, but Yuit and Vante appear before her. Yuit tries to convince Mirim that Ymir is only using her, but Mirim wants to continue because she feels that she is doing something good and being appreciated by Ymir. Yuit hears Ymir calling for Mirim and is forced to leave for now.

Normal Annelotte not doing too well against Mirim's bad vibrations.

This is not a good attacking position unless the attack has something to do with passing gas.

Yuit and Vante return to the abandoned cabin to meet up with Annelotte and LunaLuna again. Yuit is bummed that she couldn't convince Mirim, but she refuses to give up and Annelotte agrees to help. And so the group sets up an ambush as Ymir, Mirim and some soldiers leave the war camp on their way back to Gainos. Yuit has Vante toss the cart of soldiers away while Annelotte fights Mirim. Annelotte can't overcome Mirim's armor's power and she gets bashed around a bit. LunaLuna jumps in to tie up Mirim but gets stunned by the vibration. Vante come to Annelotte's aid, but Ymir takes to opportunity to try to steal Vante's controller from Yuit. Yuit gets the controller back to force Ymir to retreat. Annelotte continues to battle Mirim and tries to stab out the vibration stones on Mirim's armor, but she cannot overcome the vibration field and is sent tumbling. Mirim comes in to deal the finishing blow, but suddenly Annelotte's collar activates and she transforms into a sinister-looking form with red eyes, pointy years, black hair, and gold armor. At the same time in Gainos, Aldra senses something is going on. Back to the battle, the sinister Annelotte breaks Mirim's armor with brute strength. Mirim tries to run but is overcome by the armor's vibration. Annelotte then tries to stab out the vibration stones on Mirim's armor. Yuit and Vante try to make Annelotte stop, but sinister Annelotte sends them flying with a wave of her hand. Annelotte then succeeds in breaking Mirim's armor and absorbed the dark red energy expelled from the broken vibration stones into her collar.

Stab'em in the boobs...

What is that stuff coming out of.... on second thought, I don't want to know.

After the battle, Annelotte returns to normal form and falls unconscious. Yuit comes to check on her friends, but she is knocked down by Vante as Ymir has gotten the controller. With Vante in possession, Ymir tells Ymir that she has no need for failed experimental subjects and rips the flower ring that Ymir had given to her earlier. Ymir orders Vante to attack, but suddenly Captain Liliana and her flying ghost ship appears and she steals Vante (and the controller) from Ymir.

Well-deserved barrel in the face for Ymir.


That was a pretty terrible episode once again, but it was fun especially when the main fight rolled around. The start wasn't too interesting as it featured obligatory and otherwise pointless fan service with two soldiers giving Mirim a bath, and Annelotte and Yuit trying on the vibration armor and getting that funny feeling. The middle was some drama between Yuit and Mirim which wasn't anything special as you would expect. However, I continue to be feel sad that Ymir has become such an evil manipulator now instead of the goofy entrepreneur she was before.

The battle was when the episode really went into the realm of ridiculousness and became fun. Mirim handled normal Annelotte rather easily, but evil Annelotte suddenly showed up and wrecked everyone. The finish to the fight is one of those really hilarious terrible Queen's Blade moments. Evil Annelotte repeatedly stabs at Mirim's boobs (where the vibration stone is located) and then once the armor break the stones (positioned "strategically" on Mirim's armor) emit huge streams of red... "fluid" that gets absorbed by evil Annelotte... you can only see crap like this on Queen's Blade. We don't know about Annelotte's alternate form and why she absorbed the stuff coming out of the vibration stones though, but it may have something to do with Aldra. Ymir, Yuit and Vante also did their part in the fight, and as expected Ymir tried to steal Vante and succeeded. However, it was great that Liliana showed up and then stole Vante from Ymir, and Ymir finally showed some of her goofy side when Liliana had a ghost pirate toss a barrel into Ymir's face to dislodge Ymir from Vante.

So next episode, Annelotte and Vante will venture into Liliana's ghost ship to get Vante back. Let's hope we'll see something decent some more hilariously bad stuff.

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  1. Annelotte is said to be half-demon, and is probably Aldra's sister.


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