Saturday, October 20, 2012

To Love-Ru Darkness 03

Mea enters Rito's dreams, and later Momo tries to set up Rito and Yui.

Let me see. Let me see!

On the rooftop of the school, Mea taps into Rito's dream. In the dream, both Rito and Mea find themselves naked together in a bath tub. Rito is surprised that a naked stranger is in his dream, but Mea is eager to get closer to learn more about Rito. Combing through Rito's dream world, Mea learns about Momo's harem plan and the part about adding Yami to the harem (along with dream scenes of Rito, Momo and Yami doing very naughty things), but she is then forced to sever the link when Yami appears in the real world to confront her. Yami forces Mea to get off Rito and warns Mea to keep her hands off of the still sleeping Rito, and Mea promises that she won't steal Yami's prey and leaves. On her way back to the class, Mea notes that Momo's plan is the exact opposite of her master's plan, and she wonders which plan will succeed.

Yami can be really scary when someone tries to take away her Rito.

The next day at school, Nana brings Mea to meet Lala, Yui, Haruna, and Rito, and Haruna and Rito have vague feelings that they've met Mea. Yui and Nana warn Mea that Rito is a pervert, but Mea states that it's just bodily urges. While the group is chatting, Momo is watching from her classroom and wonders if she can add Mea to her harem plan. Momo also notices that Yui seems flustered around Rito. From behind a corner, Yami is also peeking into the conversation and wonders what Mea is up to.

After school, Yui is getting her stuff from the cubby-hole area when Rito approaches her. Rito explains that Lala, Nana, and Momo left early for something and Mikan has to clean up her father's apartment, so he wants to go home to get dinner ready. Since Rito's house and Yui's house are in the same direction, Rito wonders if Yui wants to walk home together.

Localized rain showers courtesy of Momo.

Later, Momo is flying back home. Lala and Nana had dragged her along to watch Magical Girl Kyouko, and Momo decided to leave early. On the way, Momo spots Rito walking with Yui and decides to help the two get along. Momo then spots the perverted principal nearby and uses some special pollen to drive the principal into action. Nearby, Yui and Rito pass by a park, and Rito points out that the two of them once hid in the park to avoid the perverted principal. Suddenly, the principal appears on the street and charges at them, and Rito instinctively grabs Yui's arm the two make a run for it. As Rito and Yui get closer to Rito's house, Momo stops the principal with more pollen and then uses another plant to create a localized rain shower to drench Rito and Yui, and this forces Rito and Yui to take shelter at Rito's house. In order to keep Rito and Yui in the house, Momo uses one of Lala's gadget to project holograms to the windows to make it seem that it's pouring outside, and Momo also puts up a force field to slow down Lala and company when they return.

Inside the house, Rito tells Yui to take a shower while he takes her clothes to the dryer, and Yui is slightly embarrassed at the notion of taking a bath at Rito's house while she's all alone with Rito. After Yui takes the shower, Rito is surprised to find Yui dressed in only a shirt. Rito was sure he left a track suit for Yui to wear, but Momo had secretly switched the clothes. Momo then turns off the electricity to help with the mood, but Rito steps on something and falls on Yui, and Rito ends up on top Yui with both lying on Rito's bed. Momo thinks that her plan has failed and Yui will push Rito away for doing something perverted, but to Momo's surprise Yui puts her arms around Rito and starts saying that if Rito promises not to do perverted things to other girls then she'll do (something inaudible). From her perch on the roof, Momo is elated at the development and is busy getting off herself, but suddenly she notices that her sisters, Celine, and Mikan are back. As Lala and company are wondering why they can't get into the house, from far away Mea shoots at Rito's house with a beam cannon formed by her right arm and deactivates the force field.

Getting real up close and personal.

Looks like Momo got what she wanted.

Someone wanted action? Here's action for ya.

Back inside, Rito breaks free of Yui and wonders what Yui was doing, and Yui lies that she was just joking. Lala and company then appears at the door and Nana wonders what Rito and Yui were doing on Rito's bed. Rito tries to explain the situation, but Lala states that it has been sunny all day. While Rito and Yui are wondering what's going on, Mikan has the feeling that this was all Momo's work. On the roof of the house, Momo realizes that Rito wouldn't have taken it all the way anyways, but she wonders why her force field was suddenly gone. Meanwhile, on the roof of a building some ways away, Mea is questioned by her female boss about what she was doing, and Mea explains that she is only throwing a little wrench into Momo's harem plan. The boss then states that some guests will be arriving from outer space, and Mea looks forward to how Yami react.


I guess the pacing right now is 1.5 manga chapters per episode, since this episode covered the latter half of chapter 3 and the entirety of chapter 4 of the manga. We get tons of nakedness once again which is in turn countered by the bright white light/fog censorship. The anime continues to follow the manga very closely. There was some pretty good developments this week (by To Love standards of course). Mea taps in to Rito's mind and learns of Momo's harem plan which goes against Mea and her master's plan to turn Yami back into a killer. Rito is obviously a closet pervert, but we discover that Mea is pretty perverted too and is instantly attracted to Rito's groping ways.

The rest of the episode was Momo trying to set Rito and Yui up, and things went surprisingly successful. Even though ultimately Rito aborted on the kiss, Momo can see that Yui obviously likes Rito quite a bit despite her usual attitude towards him. It was fun seeing Momo putting Yui and Rito into her little game. Mea and Momo are also playing a game at the moment given how their goals are opposite of each other, and for now Mea has the advantage since she knows what Momo's up to but Momo doesn't know who she really is.


  1. Well it seems that your expectations of having 1.5 half chapters in one episode were right on the money. Congratulations!

    About the episode. The censoring was heavy but I couldn't avoid to notice a couple of things like the water droplets during the shower and its reflections and the part with Momo's fantasy. In the manga there were only mosaics (even in the Tankobon) but they went ahead and tried a heavily censored scene. Makes you wonder how the BDs are going to be.

    Another thing that picked my attention, but it may be only me, was the poster at the office of Rito's dad the one taht said BEACH. It said DVD in a corner and the background looked a lot to Seretei to me. But maybe I'm over thinking.

    1. I thought it was going to be 2 chapter/episode. It'll probably be 1.5-2 I'm guessing.

      Not surprised to see a Bleach poster, since To Love is still part of the Jump family.

      I noticed the water droplets too, the effect was kind of tacky imo.

  2. Darm, I dont know if I should just skip watching this series, the censoring is heavy

  3. Seriously, how many are there that think Rito is a pervert?! Really... He is not a pervert because he always turns red when he sees someone naked. And he never does perverted things because there's always someones or somethings fault!


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