Thursday, November 29, 2012

Amanchu! 32

Futaba and Hikari go through a fitness test at school.

Alright, Hikari. No need to stare. 

Hikari is admiring how pretty and composed Futaba looks at the beginning of the school day, but Futaba soon goes back to her own unsure and fearful self once gym class rolls around during which there is a fitness test. Hikari and Futaba go about the tests together. Futaba is weak, but she shows good flexibility and agility. They move outdoors to the track. In the 50m sprint, Futaba runs out into the lead, but then she is passed by some person. At that point, Futaba stops trying and ends up finishing last.

The last event is the 1km run. Futaba is concerned, but Hikari has an idea and whispers it to Futaba. Katori-sensei sounds the horn, and Hikari and Futaba are the last one off the starting line. The two run in the back of the pack until the last lap where the two friends pick up speed, sprint past everyone else and cross the finish line first. Hikari had told Futaba to hold back so they have a better chance of winning, and it worked. After the run, Hikari notes that Futaba likes to be the best and doesn't like to lose, although Futaba herself doesn't want to admit it.


The start of the chapter with Hikari admiring Futaba's graceful form had yuri vibes written all over it, but then again Amanchu! has had those vibes all along. Of course, there is nothing wrong with a girl admiring another girl's looks. We learn a little more about Futaba's personality this chapter. She's unsure of herself and kind of a scaredy cat, and now we know part of the reason is because she doesn't like to lose. She wants to be the best or at least good at something, or else she stops trying or becomes discouraged. Oh, and Futaba is a decent runner. At this point, she's still pretty dependent on Hikari, but maybe at the end of the series she'll be confident on her own.

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