Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bleach 518

Ichigo heads up to the spirit palace after getting a call from a certain someone in Hueco Mundo.

Now who could this someone be?

Urahara calls back to Soul Society via a video screen projected out of Kon. Urahara, Orihime and Chad appear on the screen to show Ichigo that they are alright, but suddenly a familiar and hostile voice rings out in the background. That person is chased out by Orihime and Chad. Urahara tells Ichigo that they've made an arrangement with that person and also tells Ichigo to do what he thinks is necessary. After the call, Ichigo asks the bald bearded captain about fixing Zangetsu, and the bald captain states that there is some Reijutsu that can reforge the blade into something resembling the original. Ichigo agrees to go with Zero Division, but is surprised that they have to go to Kukakku's place to launch the column elevator back into the sky. Ichigo wonders where's Ganjuu, but Kukakku refuses to tell. After Ichigo and the Zero Division is launched, Ganjuu appears and Kukakku tells Ganjuu to go back to training with Ginjou, Tsukishima and Giriko.

After a short bumpy ride, Ichigo and Zero Division arrive at the Soul Palace.


As we could tell by the cheerful voice, it was Urahara who was calling from Hueco Mundo, and it looks like they were saved by none other than Grimmjow!!!! Kubo is hiding Grimmjow's face for some reason (saving him for a big flashy return?), but who else in Hueco Mundo has a sword, is pretty strong, and hates Ichigo? I wonder what Urahara has in mind by staying around in Hueco Mundo. Onto the second part of the chapter, the Zero Division needing Kukakku to launch the elevator back up was pretty dumb, but we see the return of the Fullbringers this chapter and they are training with Ganjuu. I guess all of the previous bad guys are going to join forces to battle the Vandenreich. So when is Aizen going to join?



    This makes everything worth it.

  2. so it was grimmjow great then but the fullbringers didn't they die already

    1. they died and ended in Soul Society maybe.

    2. They died and went to the Rukongai were all human souls go. Kukaku then found them and recruited them. If not they would have wandered around the Rukongai until there next reincarnation.

  3. Wonder is the fullbringers still keep their memories? The little kid that Chad helped oh so many chapters ago seemed to remembered everything so I guess that they kept them.

    Who is the "mysterious guy in Hueco Mundo"? I'll take a chance and say that is Grimmjow. Why has his face haven't been shown yet? I'll go with "Kubo is being his usual Troll self again."


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