Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Naruto 611

Back up arrives for Naruto.

You and what army? 
Me and this army!!!

Hachibi jumps in for the short range tailed beast bomb, but the Juubi swats the bomb back into Hachibi with its hand. Naruto Sage-clone pushes Kakashi out of the way and is destroyed by Juubi's tail. Kurama and Hachibi both run low of chakra, and so Bee and Naruto are on their own for now. Madara and Obito call Naruto incompetent and the Juubi fires its tailed beast beam at Naruto at allies, but the beam misses thanks to some jutsu to the arriving Konoha ninjas. The other teams from the Shinobi Army arrive to back up Naruto, and Naruto gets ready to use some new-fangled wind element jutsu against Madara and Obito.


It's time for all the other characters to get in all the battle. A lot of the nameless ones will end up being fodder, but the named characters will get a chance to something notable before Naruto takes over the spotlight again. We'll see how numbers can be used to battle a giant chakra beast with an annihilator beam and two Uchihas with extra-haXX0r eyes. Oh, and there is Naruto's so called new technique. It had better not be a couple of clones forming a larger wind shuriken.


  1. advice: you should read mangastream translation ;) (there is no new technique for Naruto)

  2. *facepalm* Lol naruto is trolling obito! (hes such a child)



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