Wednesday, November 28, 2012

One Piece 690

The battle continues at the lab and the Law and Straw Hat alliance is gaining the upper hand.

Cutting Vergo and Doflammingo's operations down to size.

A bloodied Ceasar gets up and screams at Luffy about messing with Doflammingo. Ceasar then tries to cheap shot Luffy with an explosive blast, but Luffy dodges and punches Ceasar in the face again. In other parts of the lab, the other parties are running from the gas and converging on the Secret room, and Usopp has stumbled into the second floor. In the production room, Smoker continues to battle Vergo. Smoker is using his smoke ability to charge Vergo repeatedly, and Vergo knocks him down with his haki-hardened bamboo stick. Smoker is down for the count, but his efforts paid off and he stole back Law's heart from Vergo, and Law puts his heart back into his body. Law calls for Doflammingo through Vergo's Denden Mushi and states that he is going to ruin Doflammingo's plans. Doflammingo is confident Vergo will beat Law, but Law cuts Vergo and the entire production room in half and states that things have changed since Whitebeard's death. The Marines are preparing for something and the world is on the move, and Law plans on helping the change by destroying Doflammingo's operations.


The Law and Straw Hat alliance are starting to gain the upper hand in this battle. Luffy probably won't fall for Ceasar's tricks again, and it looks like Law has Vergo beat unless Vergo is really good fighting with his body in two pieces. Doflammingo is sending reinforcements, but the immediate threat will be Shinokuni. The priority will be escaping the island, but maybe some other significant events will happen before we are through with this story arc.


  1. Makes me wonder how Doflamingo's reinforcements will even enter the fray here considering Shinokuni's enveloped the entire island!

    And maybe Franky's got something up for this occasion. He pretty much pulled a vanishing act after Law freed everyone chapters earlier, and Oda's deliberately keeping the attention inside the lab...

    1. Hmmm I completely forgot about Franky. Did he go back to the ship?


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