Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sekirei 137

Minato goes through declarations by Matsu and Kusano, while Miya chats with Yume.

Fall asleep, and you miss your turn.

Matsu explains that the final battle between the final two Sekireis and their Ashikabis will take place on the floating island of Kouten, but before that there will probably be another round of battle at Kamikura Island, where the Sekirei space ship was found. Afterwards, Matsu and Minato go find Kusano and finds her sleep, but Kusano wrote down her declaration on a piece of paper that she loves Minato, and Minato whispers that he loves Kusano as well.

Meanwhile, Yuma and Miya spar in the yard. Yume wonders why Miya didn't get married and winged. Miya notes that Yume doesn't know the accident that killed Takehito and answers that the man she loved wasn't an Ashikabi, and that was all there was to it. Seo and his Sekireis arrive, and Miya takes the opening to smack Yume on the head with her wooden sword. Yume reverts to Musubi who wonders what was going on, and Miya tells Musubi to use the love that she has to make herself stronger in battle.


Yume's return didn't amount to too much. We learn a little bit more about Miya's situation. It made sense that Takehito wasn't Ashikabi material or else he probably would have winged her, but we still don't know how he died. In other news, Matsu explained some more stuff, and Kusano's declaration was cute and short... and she was asleep. Yume's return is cut short because Musubi's declaration is coming up, and the whole next chapter will probably be devoted to it.


  1. i was kind disappoint by the exchange between Miya and Yume. I was hoping for little bit more info.

    1. Yeah me too. alas, this is Sekirei, so it goes slow.


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