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Code Geass: Akito the Exiled OVA 01

As many probably know by now, Code Geass is back with a series of OVAs focusing on the war between Britannia and Europe. I know the first episode came out over two months ago, but it's Code Geass that I haven't wrote about, so here's the post. It's not like I'm that timely with my anime blogging anyways.

Nice disarm technique by the pretty lady. Not a very smart move by the guy.

The EU really wasted their KMFs by using them as suicide bombs, considering that they held a considerable close range agility advantage over the Britannian KMFs.

Around the same time when the Black Knights are rebelling against Britannia rule in Area 11, Britannia has also invaded Europe and is at war with the Euro Universe (EU). The EU's 132 regiment fails to recapture St. Peterburg and finds itself surrounded by Britannian forces at the city of Narva. The W-0 special unit composed of Japanese/Area 11 pilots are sent on a suicide mission to open up a lane for 132nd's retreat. The W-0 commander loses his cool during the battle and detonates bombs on the W-0 Knightmares to use them as suicide bombers, but the unit's strategist Leila Malkal takes over command of the unit after confronting the commander. Leila disarms the suicide bombs, and the final surviving W-0 pilot Akito Hyuga destroys two Britannian KMF squads on his own to force the Britannians to retreat.

After the operation, Leila and her team return to Paris where Leila is promoted Lieutenant Colonel by her boss General Gene Smilas. Leila asks for more support for W-0 including that from the regular EU forces, but Smilas rules it out. After Britannia's conquest of Japan, many Japanese people fled to Europe as refugees. The refugees are referred to as Elevens and are kept in specific areas and are looked down upon by mainstream EU society.

In addition to face carving, we Elevens can also have a technique to make you impotent for life.

In the evening, Leila attend an upscale dinner party and Akito accompanies her as her bodyguard. At the party, Leila doesn't bother to talk to anyone, but she is approached by her three adopted brothers. Leila was the daughter of Britannian nobles who defected to the EU. After her parents passed away, Leila was adopted by the influential Malkal family because of her noble heritage, and she also has an arranged marriage with one of her adopted brothers Johann who is a playboy. Johann approached Leila and starts saying rude things telling Leila to become his mistress instead. Having seen enough, Akito restrains Johann and threatens to carve up his face with a whisper. After scaring off Johann, Akito and Leila go sit on the balcony, where Akito offers to change and destroy the world if it doesn't suit Leila's tastes.

In a large abandoned subway station somewhere in the EU, a trio of Elevens youths led by Ryo Sayama deals with the mafia to obtain a Glasgow KMF. The mafia boss wants Ryo's gang to join them, but Ryo's group instead activates planted explosives to kill the mafia boss and his men. With the Glasgow in their possession, Ryo's group proceed with their plan to kidnap General Smilas.

Smilas is traveling with Leila and a convoy of escorts through the Eleven-inhabited regions. Akito is in the convoy inside a KMF transport truck. As the convoy passes through an abandoned city, Ryo and his two friends launch their attack by blowing away the road bridge used by the caravan. The limousine transporting Leila and Smilas barely brakes on time, while Akito's truck loses control and jams against the walls of the bridge. Ryo attacks with his Glasgow and destroys the remaining escorts, while Leila and Smilas are forced out of the car when Ryo's accomplice Ayano throws a bomb underneath the car, and Smilas is captured by Ayano.

Who needs a KMF to take down a KMF when you got a grenade launcher and badassery on your side.

May not seem like it now, but these guys will be one big happy family somewhere down the road.

At this moment, Akito shoots his way out of the transport truck in the Gardmare KMF and battles Ryo's Glasgow. Ryo shoots off the Gardmare's arms, so Akito jumps out on foot to face Ryo with a grenade launcher. Akito anchors onto the Glasgow with a cable shot from his grenade launcher and uses the high speed winch to tow himself underneath the Glasgow where he disables the KMF with two grenades to the groin. Leila tells Akito that she wants the target alive. Ayano knocks out Smilas and goes after Leila, but Leila disarms and restrains Ayano. With Ayano captured, Ryo jumps out of the Glasgow to surrender. The third member of Ryo's group Yukiya appears and threatens to detonate the bombs strapped to his body if Leila and Akito don't let his friends go, but Akito doesn't believe Yukiya has the balls to blow himself up. Leila asks what does Ryo's group hope to achieve by kidnapping Smilas, and Ryo answers because they want access to the newest KMFs so that he and his friends can make a place for themselves. Leila offers to Ryo's group to join the W-0, and as EU gunships circle overhead, Ryo realizes that he can only agree.

I can make stupid comments because I have the Geass.

Somewhere in Britannia at the headquarters of the Knights of St. Michaels, Lord Michele Manfredi discusses with his right hand man Shin about his knights' deployment to St. Petersburg in response to what happened at Narva. Shin wants command of the knights. Narva tells Shin that Shin will succeed him in five years and he sees Shin as his brother, but Shin is unsatisfied with the answer and uses his Geass to make Manfredi commit suicide.

In the early morning, Leila wanders out of her office in a castle and sees Shin using pebbles to represent the gravestones of the W-0 comrades who died during the previous battle.


I liked this episode quite a lot. It was a nice introduction into the OVA series. A big reason is because I like slick mecha action, and Sunrise is usually very good with that, and something with significant budget like these Code Geass OVAs the action is extra-slick. The battle at Narva and the attack on General Smilas' convoy had some really fast yet detailed sequences with Akito kicking ass.

The action alone was probably enough to give me a favorable impression of the show. The other elements didn't look too shabby either at first glance. The OVA focus on the war in Europe, but Japan/Area 11 is still an important part of the story. The mainstream EU society isn't too keen on helping the Elevens refugees, but they'll depend on Akito and the Elevens who serve on W-0 unit. The EU's treatment of the Elevens will probably be one of the important themes of this OVA series.

As for the cast, we have Leila the smart, caring and not to mention beautiful female commander who has some trouble with her status in her adopted family, and then there is Akito the ninja-like Japanese bad-ass. And there are the three terrorists led by Ryo who are pretty bad-ass but not quite as good as Akito. It didn't really make sense how Leila could have Ryo and company join W-0 after they tried to kidnap a general and kills dozens of soldiers in the process, but I suppose the show must go on. We saw Leila's support team, but didn't learn too much about them.

It looks like Akito and Shin of the Knights of St. Michaels are brothers. Shin has a Geass of some sort that he used to make his boss commit suicide, and Akito has been Geassed, possibly by Shin. The questions are now how Shin received the Geass and what are the extent of his powers, and what has Akito been Geassed with. Nobody from the Code Geass TV series has shown up in this episode, but the preview shows that a couple of familiar faces will show up. This episode has made a good first impression. Let see where Akito the Exiled goes from here.


  1. I got to see this OVA Code Geass earlier this summer and I enjoy part of its. I did feel overwhelm with the introduction of all the characters in this one single OVA. I can felt rush by it. The preview for the next OVA was very interesting and I am looking forward to see it.

    1. I thought it wasn't too bad. They didn't really go into to too much about the characters, especially the supporting ones. It'll take time to flesh them out.

  2. Its good . Definitely,and this is coming from a guy who's a former fan of code geass franchise. But that was just another talk, since I always held gundam unicorn to be far superior than this ova. Sucks to know that they are on a hiatus for a couple of months, sunrise really loves to make their fans itch for something and wait painfully.


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