Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Naruto 614

Shinobi Army vs. Juubi continued.

Spike showers are effective against purely infantry forces.

The army gets Shikaku's strategy before the command center was blown up, and the strategy centers around (you guessed it) Naruto getting his fox mode back. Neji and Hyuugas guard Naruto from the Juubi's attacks. On top of the Juubi, Madara complains about not having a living body to become the Juubi's host. Obito states that Madara can easily have the Juubi aim downwards to blow up the Shinobi Army, but he can't because it'll also kill Obito. Madara needs Obito to perform Rinne Tensei to revive Madara, so Obito has Madara's fate in his hands and declares that he is calling the shots. Obito then gets the Juubi to fire wood spikes into army which kills many. Naruto gets back into Sage Mode and tries to help with wind shurikens but there are just too many spikes. Naruto is in danger of being hit, and so Hinata throws herself in front of Naruto. However, Neji throws herself in front of them both and is pierced by the spikes. The earth jutsu users manages to squeeze the juubi with mini-mountains to stop the attack for now, but it's too late for Neji who says his last words and dies in Naruto's arms. The Juubi breaks out of the earth trap and Obito taunts Naruto about letting Neji die.


This is a war, and wars have casualties and the series is now more serious about killing off a couple of named good guys. Shikaku, Inoichi and Ao got blown up last chapter, and this chapter Neji gets shot full of spikes. Maybe this will get Naruto to do something now, but he is still waiting for Kurama to charge up at the moment. Sage Mode doesn't seem to be too effective in this situation. We didn't really see much of Shikaku's last strategy which was a little disappointing.

On the side of the bad guys, Madara wants to become the host for the Juubi, but in this case his zombie body throws a little wrench into his plans. If Obito needs to use Rinne Tensei to revive Madara, then how's Obito going to survive and live his perfect Tsukuyomi-induced dream world? I guess Obito doesn't know how to do infinite Tsukuyomi and needs Madara to be the host? I must be missing something.


  1. Neji died a pretty anti-climatic death: "I got hit. No use in helping me. Kthnxbye."

    Obito: Buuuuu! Naruto!

  2. "I guess Obito doesn't know how to do infinite Tsukuyomi and needs Madara to be the host? I must be missing something."

    Sasuke....Then again you won't know how he'll react when he finds out about Obito. Then again Kishi likes to make him OP so he probably already knows.

  3. why the hell was this out on tuesday?!! the damn spoilers on facebook ruin it for me.


  4. I like that Kishimoto tried to explain why Madara and Obito used the Juubi to destroy the shinobi alliance army HQ instead of the army itself, but why couldn't Obito use Kamui or even Izanagi to survive the Juubi blasting the army at close range? That would probably take out all but the strongest/plot-armored characters. Honestly, if Madara can single-handedly own the 5 Kage, then he, Obito, and the Juubi should have no problem decimating the shinobi army.


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