Tuesday, December 18, 2012

One Piece 693

Franky fights Buffalo and Baby 5 as the rest of the Straw Hat alliance try to escape.

Franky still needs to work out some bugs in his robot.

Franky spots Buffalo and Baby 5 in the air and starts shooting. Buffalo and Baby 5 return fire, and Baby 5 turns herself into a bomb and drops right in on Franky's robot, causing a big explosion on the tanker. The explosion wakes up Ceasar who realizes he still has Smoker's heart in his possession.

Back in the lab, Luffy waits for Chopper and Brook's groups to meet up. Chopper, the marines carrying Mocha and Brook with the petrified Kinemon make it into R block, and Luffy gives to go ahead to jump on the escape cart. Elsewhere in the lab, Mone drags herself to a console and phones Doflammingo. Doflammingo wants Mone to activate a gas bomb in the lab to wipe up the kids and everyone else with only Ceasar being able to survive, and Mone plans on doing exactly that.


The battle is not quite wrapped up just yet, and escaping the lab is about to become a bit more complicate for Luffy and allies. Ceasar still has Smoker's heart, and Mone is going to activate a self destruct system to wipe out the evidence. And of course, there is Doflammingo's reinforcements fighting Franky at the tanker. It's unclear whether or not Law will be able to kidnap Ceasar in accordance to his plan. Ceasar is down, but there are various other things going on that will swing things back into Doflammingo's favor.


  1. Smoker's heart issue was a great misplay, maybe Law can do something about it.

    Luffy's just doing as he pleases, this alliance has donde very little in Law's favour while he has to concede all of Luffy's demands.

    1. Luffy is not the scheming type. he just does what he feels like, and we'll see how long Law can stand that.

  2. What if that isn't Smokers heart, what if its Mone's and when ceasar destroys it he kills mone instead just as she is about to push the button.

    1. That would be an amazing move on Law's part, and if IRC Law had Monet's heart.

    2. I think that is exactly what happened. Monet is so easy to fool, but Caesar sure as hell is.


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