Saturday, December 8, 2012

To Love-Ru Darkness 09

Yami and Rito are stuck holding hands thanks to Lala's invention, while Oshizu tries to probe Mea's mind to find out the identity of Mea's master.

Rito and Yami are a couple now...?

When not walking around on the ground, Yami lives in her spaceship. The last few days Yami hasn't really slept and spent her "sleeping time" doing combat training in an effort to regain her killer instinct.

The next day at school, Rito thanks Rin for taking care of Mikan the other day, and Momo is happy with the development. Later in the hallways, Celine shows up and hands Yami Lala's magnet invention. Rito spots it and tries to get the thing away from Yami, but the invention activates and Rito and Yami are stuck holding hands for the day. After the other girls convince Yami not to cut off Rito's hand (the effects wear off after time), Yami decides to go buy some taiyaki and Momo tags along. Nana decides to tag along too and asks if Mea will come with her, but Mea states that she has business to attend to.

Sharing food and hand feeding are what couples do.

After visiting the taiyaki stand, Yami comments that holding hands with Rito reminded her of her childhood, but she warns Rito not to get any wrong ideas. Meanwhile, both Nana and Momo are a bit jealous of Yami, although Nana is more tsundere about it while Momo wishes Rito's hands were stuck to her butt. Yami ends up going to Rito's house for dinner. Yami goes to the washroom afterwards and smothers Rito with her hair to keep him from peeking. Yami then states that she needs to take a bath. Momo volunteers to help but Mikan is a bit wary of the suggestion, and Nana surprises Momo by volunteering to help. Rito wraps his eyes up with a towel this time as Nana and Yami take a bath together, and things quickly go wrong when Rito accidentally grabs Nana's tail. Rito trips and gropes Yami and gets a good look at her chest. Yami punches Rito away, and then Nana is to treated to a up close view of Rito's "package" which leads to Rito getting an even worse beating.

Nana has a pretty active sense of imagination as well.

Since Rito's bed is too small, Rito and Yami sleep in the living room on a futon, and neither can fall asleep. Yami explains that she hasn't slept well since becoming an assassin because she has sleep with "one eye open" to respond to threats. Rito apologizes for the bath incident and also for saying various things to Yami even though he doesn't know Yami's past. Yami states that holding hands with Rito reminded her of her time with Dr. Tearju Lunatique, and Yami is going to tell Rito more about her past.

Being a ghost has its perks.

Meanwhile, Oshizu leaves Mikado's mansion to pick up some ice cream, but she spots Mea walking in the streets. Oshizu decides to possess Mea's body in order to find out the identity of Mea's master. Diving down into Mea's mind, Oshizu first finds a naked Mea being licked by a bunch of Rito-Cupids (Rito as a little angel). Journeying a little deeper, Oshizu finds herself inside one of Mea's memories. The event took place on an alien world, and in the memory Mea was confronted by a group of alien bounty hunters who claims to know Yami's location. Mea turns her hair into multiple blasters and wipes out the bounty hunters and manages to learn of Yami's location, As the Mea in the memory is about to report back to her master, Oshizu is confronted by Mea who noticed the intrusion. Mea states that she can't allow Oshizu to continue further, and suddenly Oshizu is being consumed by a dark substance. Oshizu is forced to return to her own body and ends up sitting on ground in fear. Oshizu wants to know who or what Mea really is, but Mea declines to answer.

Cue Creepy Mea.


The story moves back to the namesake of the series Yami once again, and looks like we'll be finding out about her past in the next episode. Those who follow To Love-Ru probably know that Yami is identical to Eve from the Black Cat manga, and thus the mentioning of Tearju Lunatique by Yami is no surprise since one Tearju Lunatique was also closely relate to Eve in Black Cat. Before that though, we get some laughs from Lala's magnetic invention which last time caused Rito's hand to get stuck to Lala's tail, and this time he's stuck holding hands with Yami. It's probably not the worst thing that could happen to Rito, but he did get a few beatings and almost got suffocated.

The whole Rito and Yami being stuck together was one chapter, while the Oshizu part was drawn from an earlier chapter that the anime didn't cover completely. Oshizu tries to read Mea's mind to find out who Nemesis really is, but being a killer Mea has plenty of mental defenses to keep out intruders. Being a more advanced version of Yami, Mea has the mind-link ability and also the ability to form energy weapons which she demonstrates to great effects in the part of her memory that Oshizu saw. I guess the producers chose to put this segment with Yami's segment because it has a little bit to do with both Yami and Mea's pasts.

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