Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Bleach 522

Ichigo, Renji and Kon arrive at a new palace to meet the creator of the zanpukto.

The new stop doesn't look so bad. In fact, it looks great.

Ichigo, Renji and Kon arrive at the new island in the sky and is met by the over-the-top owner Nimaiya Ouetsu. Nimaiya takes Ichigo and company into his flashy Galaxy Phoenix Palace that's full of beautiful women and Nimaiya continues being goofy. Renji and Ichigo isn't sure what to make the situation until a girl name Mera kicks Nimaiya in the face and gets him to be serious. Mera and Nimaiya take Ichigo and Renji to the real "palace" which is a crummy looking house on a cliff. Ichigo and Renji steps into the house and immediately fall into a pit. Standing at the door, Nimaiya explains to Ichigo and Renji that all the women they saw in the flashy palace were zanpuktos, but Ichigo and Renji can't tell because they don't "love" their zanpuktos. Nimaiya then takes out Ichigo and Renji's broken zanpuktos and breaks them further. Nimaiya states that the pit is known as the "Rage of the zanpuktos", and if Renji and Ichigo can get out alive Nimaiya will reforge their zanpuktos.


Looks like things are going to get serious for the first time since this Zero Division business started. Ichigo and Renji were healed and then fed, so now it's time to work a bit so they can get their zanpuktos fixed. True to Zero Division tradition, Nimaiya can be goofy as hell, but at least he has something serious for Ichigo and Renji to do. I guess the pit is full of feral zanpuktos that Ichigo and Renji will have to defeat or something, and in the process learn more about how zanpukto's work.

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