Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bleach 523

Ichigo and Renji are tossed in the pit against a bunch of pissed off zanpuktos, while Unohana starts “training” Zaraki.

Murder face.

Ichigo and Renji are in the pit with a bunch of humanoid form zanpuktos called asauchi that have mouths where their eyes would be . Mimaiya explains that these creatures are zanpuktos that shinigami students are given to train with and develop into their own individual zanpuktos. Mimaiya states that the zanpuktos are angry because Ichigo and Renji have been using their zanpuktos wrong, and zanpuktos are neither tools nor companions for the shinigami.

Meanwhile, at a secluded, sealed-off cave for war criminals, Unohana (with an intense murderous aura) is going to start “training” Zaraki in what probably will be a fight to the death.


Damn, I didn’t know Unohana was such a scary person. It sounds like the so called training that she’s going to give Zaraki is a fight to death which would be unfortunate since one of them has to die. Or maybe by “dying” they don’t mean actually die, but Captain Commander Kyoraku seems to have accepted the fact that only one of them will make it out alive. Obviously Zaraki is not going away since he’s getting set up for a power up, and hopefully Unohana will get a chance to fight the bad guys with her “murder face” on too.

On the other side, Renji and Ichigo are also training, but it remains to be seen how they are going to survive in the pit without their own zanpuktos.


  1. Is Kenpachi the main character yet?

    1. Not yet. Kenpachi will return when you least expect him to.

  2. No, not yet. But maybe in the spin-off he will be.

    I liked this chapter for the way it showed Unohana if for nothing else. For the longest time it showed that the 4th division captain could scare practically anybody in the Bleach universe and now we know why.

    1. Yeah, maybe Aizen really was about to shit his pants when she showed up in the Central 46 Chambers.

  3. you know i was hoping for some joke about that face, but alas. It was an okay chapter I feel like ichigo is going to be the one with issues for a while because of his super saiyan black form.


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