Monday, January 21, 2013

Gantz 376

Long hair giant alien kicks the American Gantzer Team's asses.

"His motion defies all logic!!!"... man that's some hilarious shit.

After plastering the Wanderlei Silva lookalike against the wall, the long hair alien goes to town on the American team and kills them all. While the fighting is happening, Kaze is transferred, and Mary McClane (the hot girl who was on the Tokyo Team) tags along with him. After killing the American Team, the long hair alien issues a challenge to Kurono to come face him.


I remember now. The long hair alien was the alien captain who marked Kurono and faced the Kurono tag team, and now he wants to face Kurono #1 mano a mano. We have no Kurono tag team anymore since Kurono #2 is dead now. The giant aliens seem to be beat, and if all the Gantzers fired at the the long hair guy they'd probably kill him, but of course we know that Kurono #1 will step up to the challenge. Not sure how much this fight matters in the grand scheme of things, but Kurono #1 gets a chance in front of the millions and billions people in the world to prove that he is The Man.

In other news, the new hot girl Mary McClane seems to have taken a liking to Kaze. I don't remember when that happened, but not surprised that some girls like the big, hulking muscular types like Kaze.


  1. So will there be a raunchy sex scene with this new girl? We really need a raunchy sex scene.

  2. "His motion defies all logic!!!" It's the hair! Cut his hair!


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