Wednesday, January 2, 2013

One Piece 694

Franky continues to battle Baby 5 and Buffalo, while the Straw Hat and alliance try to escape the collapsing laboratory.

Whose heart is it anyways?

Baby 5 knocks down Franky Shogun (Franky's robot) with her bomb attack, but Franky gets back up and continues to the battle. Nearby, Ceasar stabs what he thought to be Smoker's heart, but it actually turns out to be Monet's heart and this stops Monet from activating the self destruct on the lab. It turns out Law had tricked Ceasar and gave him Monet's heart instead. Even though the self destruct was averted, the lab is damaged from battle and is rocked by an explosion, and the Straw Hat and alliance have to knock debris out of the way as they make their way out on the cart. Unbeknownst to them, Doflammingo is personally flying his way towards the island to deal with the problem.


A commenter from my previous One Piece post actually predicted that Ceasar had Monet's heart instead of Smoker's. Pretty clever that Law had the foresight to do this. This stops the threat of the lab blowing up on the Straw Hats for now, but a bigger problem is on the way in the form of Doflammingo himself. I think the question now becomes whether or not Law and the Straw Hats can kidnap Ceasar or whether if Doflammingo's forces will retrieve Ceasar and be able to rebuild their operation. I think the Straw Hat and allies can beat Baby 5 and Buffalo, but it might be a little early for them to fight Doflammingo head on. We'll see if a direct confrontation will take place.


  1. I think we can say that Monet died there.

    Dofla is a serious threat, I wonder what is going to happen to avoid a head-on fight.

    I think that there will be a big break, like no chapter until 2 weeks.

    1. Yup Monet should be dead.

      Either the good guys get off the island before Doflammingo arrives, or maybe the lab will blow sky high and all the gas will cover the escape. I don't see the Straw Hats fighting and beating Doflammingo at this juncture.


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