Thursday, January 17, 2013

One Piece 695

Straw Hat and allies make their way out of the lab at Punk Hazard.

Every self-respecting giant robot has a powerful ranged blast attack.

At the tanker dock, Shogun Franky continues to battle Baby 5 and Buffalo. Baby 5 and Buffalo finally inflicts some damage to Franky’s robot, but Franky blows them away with his Shogun Cannon attack. At this moment, the rest of the Straw Hat and allies escape out of the lab in the mine cart. Seeing that they are outnumbered and outgunned, Baby 5 and Buffalo nab Ceasar and tries to fly away, but Nami uses a thunder cloud to stop them in their tracks with lightning. Usopp then downs Buffalo with projectiles from sling shot and snags Ceasar with a seastone cuff shot.

Somewhere out on the ocean, a man wakes up and resumes his journey towards Punk Hazard.


The Straw Hats show off their strength and depth in this chapter. With his robot suit, Franky was able to deal major damage to Buffalo and Baby 5 by himself, and Usopp and Nami showed off their chops as well. Buffalo and Baby 5 probably aren’t the strongest members of Doflammingo’s crew, but fighting them was a good gauge of strength for the Straw Hats to see how their crew members stack up against already established forces in the new world. With Baby 5 and Buffalo defeated and Ceasar in seastone cuffs, it looks the Straw Hats and allies may be able to leave the island before Doflammingo arrives. There is a mystery man on the sea also heading towards Punk Hazard and I wonder who it could be.


  1. Well... Buffalo and Baby 5 were no match for Franky. Things are going good for the alliance.

    There is a theory that the shadow is Aokiji.

    By the way, did you notice the number of "Shadow" guys in this arc!? Yeti brothers-Vergo-Underworld brokers-Flammingo's subordinates-Man at the sea.... Oda is overusing it!

    1. Yeah I heard the Aokiji theory too. It's plausible. Everybody likes to hide in the shadows in this arc haha.

  2. I don't know if this comment is too late but something's bothering me:

    Buffalo told Law that Dofla kept the "Heart" seat for his sake. Is it some kind of organization? in a card deck there's the Joker and the Heart but we had already the Ace of Spades (Ace, duh) and the Diamond (Jozu) so it would seem repetitive...


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