Wednesday, January 23, 2013

One Piece 696

Straw Hats and allies celebrate their victory on Punk Hazard.

Becoming the Pirate King can come later. Time to eat and party first.

Ceasar, Buffalo and Baby 5 have been fished out of the water and trapped in ice. Smoker allows the Straw Hats and Law to take the tanker and he has contacted the G5 Base for a ride off of the island. The G5 Marines managed to pry the method of counteracting the petrifying gas from Ceasar, and some of them plan to enter the lab again to save their comrades. Franky and the crew fix the damaged tanker ship, while Law uses his powers to remove the bad drugs from the kids and heal Mocha. The kids are then handed over into Tashigi's custody. Meanwhile, Brook accidentally drops the petrified Kinemon and he shatters, but for some reason he is only encased by the gas and survives. Momonosuke also turns back into a human boy and is reunited with his father. At night, everybody parties together and enjoys a banquet cooked by Sanji. During the festivities, Luffy declares to Law and Smoker that he is going to take down the Four Emperors.


They got the final party going, and so it looks like the Punk Hazard arc has come to a close. Doflammingo and some mystery guy are on their way, but at the moment the Straw Hat-Law-G5 Marine alliance get to celebrate their hard fought victory. Most of the immediate issues have been resolved. I don't get how Kinemon and Momonosuke miraculously returned to normal. Hopefully they explain that later.

With this arc in the books, the Straw Hats and Law will take Ceasar and challenge the Four Emperors. Kaidou was the Emperor that was using Doflammingo's artificial zoan fruit to create his army. Someone (Law) mentioned taking out Shanks, but I doubt Luffy and Shanks would really fight each other. Things could change though in a couple of hundred chapters haha.


  1. Law's plan was to fight Kaidou not Shanks, Luffy was the one who stated "So the first one is not Shanks? I see". Luffy wants to fight Shanks as he promised him that he will have a crew that surpasses Shank's. Luffy later remarked that it matters not that Shanks is not the first as he will fight them all anyway.

    Theory of the day: Doflamingo will crash the party but the shadow guy (Aokiji?) will hold him so they can escape.

    I posted last week something about Dofla and that keeping the "heart" seat for Law. The wikia states that Doflaming kept Law's seat in case Law wanted to come back. Doflamingo is suddenly not such a bad guy?

    1. Doflamingo is above all a businessman, after all. There is that cruelty/callousness and cold calculation, but along with it cautiousness, long-sightedness, and the other side of the coin of cold calculation: keeping your enemies closer than your friends.

    2. Along those lines, I figure that even though Doflamingo underestimates Law (says he is nothing compared to Vergo), he still recognizes his talents and is willing to overlook transgressions (after all, for example, Baby 5 tries to kill him then he sends her off on an important mission). It makes sense to make use of people you may not be particularly fond of if they have abilities that may be utilized, and you can control them. I think Doflamingo is so confident in his strength and intellect that he does not feel threatened by subordinates who want to off him and may have prospects of rivalry in mind.

    3. If what I say about Doflamingo is the case, which indeed I take for granted, then I think what Law told him after defeating Vergo is made the more powerful. What Law is saying that, You are not as clever as you think, you are wrong to think you can control people like me without having to worry about being outmaneuvered. Of course, when Baby 5 and Buffalo arrive at Punk Hazard, they are unaware that Law's treachery is out in the open and Doflamingo has been gotten the better of at the moment.

    4. So I think Doflamingo's intellect has been humbled a notch by Law's outmaneuvering, but that he still thinks his strength will save the day at the end (when he arrives at Punk Hazard).

    5. Doflammingo is an evil bastard, but I agree with Medora that he's quite the calculating character and likely values the success of his business above immediately getting revenge on people who crossed him. Should be interesting to see if he arrives in time to run into the Straw Hats or not this time around.


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