Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Rosario + Vampire II 59-2

Continuation of chapter 59 where Tsukune is in danger of becoming a ghoul while being surrounded by Gyokuro's ghoul soldiers.

Not so smug now.

Tsukune is struggling to control the spread of the ghoul powers on his body as he and Moka are surrounded by Gyokuro's ghoul soldiers. Gyokuro gloats and points out that it was Akasha's decision of using herself to seal Alucard and Moka's act of giving Tsukune her blood that caused this to happen. Moka begs Gyokuro to spare Tsukune, and Gyokuro replies she might keep Tsukune alive to experiment on with an evil smile on her face. Moka tries to hit Gyokuro, but Gyokuro decks Moka instead and orders her ghouls to kill Moka and Tsukune. Surrounded by the ghouls, Tsukune comforts Moka and releases the next stage of the holy lock in order to power up and kill all the ghouls. Tsukune, in his half-ghoul form, goes after Gyokuro and cuts her on the right shoulder.


Rosario + Vampire is always like this: quite predictable, but still pretty enjoyable. Tsukune hasn't completely lost his marbles to the ghoulishness yet and powers up to take out the ghoul grunts, and this sets him up in a one on one battle with Gyokuro. We are all eager to see Gyokuro getting taught a lesson or two, although I think it would also be more appropriate if Moka was the one to deliver the "Know you place" roundhouse to finish Gyokuro off. After all, Gyokuro is Moka's evil stepmother. The questions now are how long can Tsukune hold it together, and how Moka and the other will need to save him. Tsukune is going to lose control sooner or later, and with that it's possible that Alucard will go nuts too.


  1. Congrats to Gyokuro for making a classic villain error. Instead of just letting your mass of ghouls do their thing, you decide to walk right up to the main characters and gloat.

    As always Tsukune is throwing caution to the wind and just doing everything he can. If it means he'll go nuts later and nearly kill everyone...well that's his call. Agree there is no doubt he's going to hit his limit sooner or later.

    Will just have to see how it all turns out. They do need to beat Gyokuro to get some control over Alucard (unless she was full of it and it won't actually work). But even if they topple her there is still that figure that was behind Fairy Tail itself.

    Should be fun to watch though. Maybe Kurumu will return to the scene in time to help get Tsukune back under control when he inevitably crosses the line.

    Kind of sad that Outer Moka has almost become as useless as Inner Moka. Just sitting around crying and calling out to Tsukune. Just go out there and kick everything into submission!

    1. Gyokuro likes making these classic villain errors. That's why she's gonna get beat. I have doubts of that little controller being able to control Alucard tha twell.

      At this point, Tsukune is gonna risk it all. How it turns out is still up in the air.

      You mean Inner Moka has become as useless as Outer Moka? I think Moka is not at full power so she's not that strong right now.


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