Monday, January 14, 2013

Sekirei 139

Miya reminisces about Takehito.

The last kiss goodbye.

Miya sits on the walkway outside and thinks about Takehito. Years ago, Takehito and Miya are sitting at the same spot gazing at the moon, and they can see Kouten close to the moon. Miya is synchronized with Kouten and can control it, and Takehito regrets not being an Ashikabi and thus not being able to free Miya from Kouten. Takehito has broken off with MBI and wants to spend the rest of his life with Miya, but Takehito gets an emergency call from Minaka asking him to come the rescue. Takehito kisses Miya and runs off. At MBI, some sort of Sekirei-tech motor went off and one of the jinkis was activated. Takehito has to stop the energy from destroying the Ashikabis and Sekireis, and at Karasuba's "suggestion" he decides to reverse the field so only normal people like him are affected. In this way, Takehito sacrificed himself to save the Sekireis. In exchange for doing this, Takehito got Minaka to promise to let Miya live as a normal woman. Back at Izumo Inn, Miya senses what's going on and looks out at the direction of MBI, and afterwards she sees Karasuba walking towards the inn.

Back to the present, Seo asks Miya why she moved Kouten down to Tokyo as Seo knows only Miya has control of Kouten. Miya answers that at this stage of the game, she can no longer remain a spectator.


I guess that was big reveal about how Takehito died. It was... not quite as dramatic as I was hoping for, but I suppose it's not surprising that Takehito would sacrifice himself to save the Sekireis. Kind of hoping it was more than just some random crisis though. So Takehito wasn't murdered or anything and he wasn't Minaka's enemy even though he left MBI. The chapter also possibly answers why Miya hates Karasuba, since it was Karasuba who "suggested" that Takehito invert the field to save the Ashikabis and Sekireis at the cost of his own life.

The other news is that Kouten's appearance was due to Miya's will. I guess Miya will be participating in this Fourth Stage, and that's sure to make things interesting.


  1. I like author gave a backstory but story did feel a tad flat IMHO.

    I kind just to wonder if all this train by Miya on Musubi and Tsukiumi has been to defeat her.

    I guess it maybe couple month before we find out why she decision.

    The chapter feel very short story progressing even slower...


    1. Yeah, it's possible that Miya is training Musubi to defeat her. Still, I'm hoping for a showdown between Miya and Karasuba though, and the final fight seems to be pointing to Musubi vs Karasuba.


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