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To Love-Ru Darkness OVA 02

In the second OVA, Rito and Yui try to capture Run's space skunk; Nana and Momo play a joke on Rito; and Rito becomes perverted after smelling some alien flower.

Yui and her overactive imagination...

Part 1 summary:
Yui wakes up having dreamed about a time in elementary school where she tried to get a scared kitty down from a tree near a local temple. Yui's brother Yuu teases Yui about going out on a date with Rito, but Yui denies it. However, soon after leaving the house Yui bumps into Rito who is going home after helping his dad with his dad's manga work. The two of them then spot the alien skunk that Run had unleashed upon the school. Yui tells Rito to grab the skunk, but the skunk notices Rito and sprays both Rito and Yui, turning them into little kids. Rito and Yui try to give chase but Yui trips because of her now too-large clothing and Rito gets a full unobstructed view of Yui's rear end. Rito and Yui spot Peke flying around gathering clothing data for Lala, and the two gets Peke to modify their clothing to fit their current body sizes.

Mea is hanging out with Nana and Momo but she is concerned that her master hasn't called her for a while. Suddenly, the skunk comes by and sprays the three girls, turning them into younger versions of themselves. The alien skunk runs amok in the city and turns many of Rito's friends and acquaintances into little kids including Yami, Mikan and Haruna. Rito calls Run and finds out that Ren had accidentally let the skunk out of their house. Ren felt sorry for the skunk so he kept it as a pet. After learning about this, Yui comments that Rito is shameless in having Run's number. Rito explains that he has Yui's number too and doesn't do shameless things on purpose. Yui starts fantasizing about that time when she and Rito were alone in Rito's room (chapter 4) and if Rito had taken her "offer" and went all the way and Yui eventually becoming Rito's wife. Yui snaps out the fantasy due to embarrassment, and at the same time, Rito spots the skunk. The skunk jumps right onto Rito's face and jumps off, and Rito ends up grabbing Yui and the two fall to the ground in a naughty position. Yui screams at Rito but the two quickly get back to the task at hand. Rito and Yui locate the skunk on a small ledge on top of a tall, steep wall. The skunk almost slips, and Rito is going to climb up to get the skunk. Yui is worried but Rito states that he is good at this kind of thing, and this reminds Yui of her childhood memory:

In elementary school, Yui tried to rescue a trapped kitty on a tree but she can't climb the tree. Yui tries to get boys from her class to help but the boys ignore her. Yui goes back to the tree and finds a boy climbing the tree to get the cat while his younger sister watch, and the boy tells his sister that he is good with these sort of tasks. The boy retrieves the cat and asks Yui if it's her cat, and Yui states the cat might be the cat someone is looking for in the posters on the street. Yui didn't know who the brother and sister were back then, but now Yui realizes that they were Rito and Mikan.

This show is named for Yami, so she has to make an appearance somehow.

Back to the present, Rito gets to the skunk but he slips, but Yami arrives to catch him and the skunk. Mikan, Nana, Momo and Mea also arrive, and after everyone returns to normal they go to Run and Ren's house. Nana offers to put the skunk in her transmitter phone so the skunk gets taken care of and Run and Ren don't have to be wary of the skunk running away and causing trouble, and the issue is resolved.

The next day, Yui asks if Rito had always helped his dad wit the manga work, and Rito answers yes and adds and he sometimes takes Mikan to the nearby temple to play. This confirms to Yui that Rito was indeed the boy she saw in elementary school, but in her mind Yui still refuses to admit she likes Rito.

Who'd have thought Momo would ever get pissed at Rito?

Part 2 summary:
Nana talks with Rito in Rito's room. To Rito's surprise Nana asks what Rito thinks of her flat chest and if Rito sees her as a woman. Rito tries to be nice and says Nana is attractive in her own way. Nana uncharacteristically takes off her tank top and gets real close to Rito. Rito tries to push her away but ends up touching her chest, and Nana inches even closer. At this moment, Momo bursts out of the closet to put a stop to things, and Rito then finds out that Momo and Nana had switched bodies to play a joke on him. After returning to the original bodies, Momo teases Nana about Rito also liking flat chests.

Rito has been "enlightened".

Part 3 summary:
In Rito's backyard, Celine is playing around with Momo's cellphone and summons some flowers. Rito smells a pot of the flowers and suddenly becomes perverted. Momo arrives shortly after to find out from Celine that Rito took a whiff of the flower that can change people's personality. Meanwhile, Rito asks Lala to give him the see-through-clothing glasses and uses it examine Lala's naked body. On the way out Rito also takes a look at Mikan. Rito goes back to school and has a good time looking at all the girls with the glasses. Wanting more, Rito plans to use Lala's other inventions to rip off Haruna's clothes and tie her up, but before he can get there he is confronted by Momo. Being perverted and horny, Rito grabs Momo and states that he wants to use Lala's invention to carry out the harem plan. However, Momo gives Rito a whiff of another flower to turn him back to normal. Rito passes out from the over stimulation during his run as a pervert, and Momo promises to guide Rito little by little towards getting the harem. The following day, Rito is afraid to look at any of the girls at school.


The three segments of the OVA covered a manga chapter and I suppose two specials, but I don't remember reading or blogging about the one where Nana and Momo switched bodies to tease Rito. If that turns out to be anime-original then it wasn't bad, but I think it's probably just a short special that I missed.

In the first part, we have Yui liking Rito some more, but being the typical tsundere she is she refuses to acknowledge that she likes Rito. In the second part, we have Nana liking Rito more, but being the typical tsundere she is she refuses to acknowledge that she likes Rito. Of course, there are only two tsundere girls in this series, so the third segment was something different with Rito turning into a complete pervert and running amok. I think Momo's flower brought Rito's subconscious predatory nature to the surface lol. Anyways, this was a fun little OVA, and with that I've covered every episode associated with the first season of the TLR Darkness anime.


  1. The second part is based on chapter 18.5

    The third one is a classic 'beware what you wish for' for Momo. BTW, it was oddly convenient that there seemed to be only girls in the school during Rito's berserk run. If he had run into any guys, it would have stopped him cold.

    1. I went to read it. Must have missed it when it came out.

      That's true haha. If Rito ran into the perverted principal... lol. But maybe Rito was just mentally blocking out all guys.

    2. I wouldn't blame him if he just blocked all the guys out.

      By the way, the tankobon where this stories appear (Vol. 5) had a couple of pages as a bonus. One was a sketch showing Yui and Rito growing back after the effect of the skunk's gas wore off, while still wearing the clothes modified by Peke to fit their smaller bodies (Yui's expression is priceless). The other one was another sketch related to the 'perverted Rito rampage' incident. It showed Mikan waiting outside the bathroom while Rito was taking a shower and wondering if she should come in (related to his offering of bathing together earlier). I find it a pity that they weren't included.

      Oh. and I'm beginning to believe that Yui has a pregnancy fetish.


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