Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bleach 526

Zaraki and Unohana continues to battle.

If only this is fighting, then what has everyone else been doing in this series?

Zaraki thinks he has beaten Unohana but he gets cut instead. The battle continues on Unohana goes bankai. Zaraki "awakens" and realizes this is the "fighting" he has been looking for. Silently, Unohana and Zaraki agree thtat they both live for fighting. Unohana has developed her healing techniques so that she can keep on fighting, while Zaraki limited himself so he can enjoy fighting. When Unohana fought Zaraki for the first time, she realized that Zaraki would take over the title of Kenpachi and that her job is to bring him to the next level. Back in the present, Unohana silently bids farewell as Zaraki stabs her with his sword.


I guess this is last chapter for the Unohana vs. Zaraki fight/training session. Unohana actually went bankai, but it's unclear what her bankai actually does except paint the background dark. I guess it gave her an accelerated healing factor and maybe upped her speed/attack power, but the chapter didn't care to elaborate. Nothing else was really knew, and this was a battle Zaraki was going to win no matter what. It's good to see Zaraki getting the spotlight, but I think this training session has gone for long enough. Time to move on to Zaraki kicking some ass or back to see how Ichigo and Renji are doing. I still hope that Unohana doesn't actually die, but the chances of that happening might not be very good.


  1. what was all that melting flesh about?
    was it part of her bankai?

  2. And so it ends, and the strongest Kenpachi is left standing

  3. If only I kept up w/bleach manga lol.


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