Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bleach 527

Zaraki defeats Unohana, and the narrative moves back to Ichigo and Renji.

The Greatest.

Zaraki stabs Unohana but screams for Unohana not to die because he hasn't fought enough yet. Unohana dies happy having brought out Zaraki's true power, and Zaraki then hears the voice of his zanpukto calling out to him.

Meanwhile back at Nimaiya's shack, Renji has stands bloodied but triumphant but Ichigo seems to have flunked Nimaiya's test. Ichigo wants to continue but Nimaiya states that the asauchi didn't choose Ichigo which means he's not a real shinigami and therefore Nimaiya is not going to fix his zanpukto. Nimaiya tells Mela to remove Ichigo and send him home. Ichigo breaks free, but Nimaiya sends Ichigo away with some teleport technique.


Oooooo Kenpachi Zaraki finally talks to his zanpukto. I'm so looking forward to Zaraki going bankai and kicking everyone's ass. That would be pretty awesome. Unohana says that she's going to die which is kind of sad, but if the trade off is Zaraki getting to know his zanpukto and going bankai then she died for a worthy cause.

In other news, Ichigo actually failed at something, leading Nimaiya calling him a poser-shinigami. This comes as a surprise, but it's nothing more than temporary setback for Ichigo. Maybe Ichigo failed because he's "special" lol, and he is going to get Zangetsu back in some way that bends the rules. Ichigo didn't get his zanpukto from the way that Nimaiya described it, so maybe this process doesn't work for him. We'll have to see where Nimaiya sent Ichigo.


  1. Ooo, stupid but crazy plotkai prediction: Unohana is Kenpachi's zanpakuto sword spirit.

    1. Hmmmm... wait.... no that's not gonna happen, as good as that sounds.

  2. Kubo loves these "Dont'cha" characters. Hirako talks like that too.

    Lemme tell ya' TJ boy:

    Yer makin' a good job 'round her with ya' blog, for real yo.

  3. And finally, Zaraki hears the name of his sword.Pity Unohana had to die. Ichigo is still a human, he must DIE and then become a shinigami. My theory that is.

    1. Hmmm that's an interesting theory. My theory is Ichigo is going to do it his way which will happen to be better than the usual way haha.

    2. Ichigo has been hinted as a Shinigami, Vizard, Vasto Lord and now a possible Quincy. I think it was about time that somebody tells him upfront that he is NOT something.

      Of course this is only for him to do something outrageously dangerous in order to fight (and surpass everybody in the way) without a real explanation of what he actually is... As usual.

      Well. It's the final arc so maybe we could get some answers.

  4. I am going to try the impossible here and guess Kubo's train of thought but... If those Asauchi or whatever are the base for a shinigami's zanpaktou then why would Ichigo have a zanpaktou without ever having a Asauchi? I say he's probably going to tie his forming of a zan with his quincy powers. Like say he forged his sword himself like quincy form their bows and arrows, something along those lines.

  5. ichigo is like naruto. They always go a roundabout way to train an ability so people should be surprised though I'm still on the yachiru is Zaraki's sword.


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