Sunday, February 10, 2013

Deadman Wonderland 52

After a year-long hiatus, Deadman Wonderland is back as Ganta and friends try to take control of the Mother Goose system.

He could use a sandwich and a drink.

Ganta and the team come upon the Mother Goose system that can be used to either release Wretched Egg's full power or shut her down. Ganta inputs his Branch of Sin to unlock the Mother Goose system which gives access to the shutdown button attached to a blob of Shiro's flesh. Ganta is about the press the button, but the group is attack by Hagire who has been patched up by Yosuga. Yosuga accompanies Hagire and defends him with her Branch of Sin, and Hagire unleashes all the Branches of Sin he had copied on the Deadmen. Hagire's goal is to deactivate Mother Goose and let the Wretched Egg on the loose, and his attacks overwhelm the Deadmen. Hagire walks to Mother Goose to deactivate the system, but Ganta (who can barely move due to the effects of the crystal in his chest) grabs his arm. Hagire easily kicks Ganta away and tells Ganta that he was the one who decapitated Azami and also tells that Shiro is Ganta's "-blank-". Ganta is stunned by the revelation and Hagire tries to strangle him, but the other Deadmen get back up and attack again. Hagire gets pissed off by the Deadmen's determination and sprays his blood/Branches of Sin all over the place, but the Deadmen refuse to go down and the battle continues.


Deadman Wonderland comes back after hiatus with a nice and meaty (45+ pages) chapter with an exciting battle between the Deadmen and Hagire. Ganta was oh so close to shutting down Wretched Egg for good, but of course Hagire, being not quite dead yet, storms back with a vengeance to continue on his crazy plan of letting the Wretched Egg loose on the world. Yosuga is being unreasonable in helping Hagire, but she probably only cares about protecting Sakigami's body rather than Hagire. Hagire overwhelms the Deadmen at times, but the Deadmen and resilient and determined to make a stand, and it was funny seeing Hagire getting more and more pissed and making the "Why You NO Die?!" face at the end of the chapter. Whether or not the Deadmen and Hagire will win is up in the air, but I would like to see Shiro herself show up. We know she has to show her face in the final stretch.

While everyone else was busy fighting, Ganta couldn't really do much, and he was further stunned by Hagire's revelations. First, Hagire was the one who killed Azami? I think that might help give some Ganta some motivation if he can gather himself up again, but it was the second revelation that hit Ganta hard. The obvious guess would be Shiro is Ganta's sister. I can't think of any other possibilities. Now what would bring Ganta's mother to do something like this is another question.

I also noticed that Senji didn't fight in this chapter. Senji was shown in a few panels but I didn't see him actually fighting against Hagire. I guess he is back in the submarine and watching the fight through the cameras?


  1. Yeah, Senji seems to be standing by. Understandable with the whole losing an arm thing. Saw him in one panel standing around with that former guard who is overseeing this operation. I wouldn't be surprised though to see him try to get there if he can to help.

    Do wonder about what Hagire told Ganta. I'd also guess it'd be about Shiro being his sister since at this point what else could shake him like that?

    Definitely was a surprise though that Azami wasn't killed by Shiro despite appearances. Of course we still have his entire class massacred by Shiro, so not like there is no motivation at all here.

    Regardless I was more surprised by Hagire period. Maybe I missed something, but had no idea that creepy guy had been stealing the bodies of deadmen all these years. Not to mention his whole goal to release the restraints on Shiro and just cause another disaster.

    I think they might have to take down Yosuga at this point. I can understand her wanting to protect that body, but frankly this is too important. That body is doomed anyways, it's like a zombie at this point. If Yosuga is going to risk dooming everyone for something like that, have to take her down along with him.

    Glad to see the cast standing strong here. This is their chance to shine and should be interesting to see what'll happen. Think this makes sense since if there is going to be a last conflict it will be between Ganta and Shiro. Having everyone wasted from fighting Hagire leaves them unable to step in for that fight later.

    1. Hagire is the crazy evil nut job from the start. He just wants to mess the whole world up and don't have any sane motivations for letting Shiro loose.

      I think Hagire's old man body was his original body, but he's been augmenting himself and then stealing Sakigami's body for its abilities.

      Yosuga... I don't care that much about the girl, so if the Deadmen need to kill her then so it'll be.

    2. Yeah, really needed to re-read some of the earlier chapters to get a better feel for that. Been a while and kind of forgot just how messed up Hagire is. Really is just going to deactivate the Mother Goose System completely for the lols.

      He certainly is the greatest villain in the series. Shiro has one heck of a bodycount, but her story is mixed with a great deal of tragedy. Hagire is just pure evil right there.

  2. After what seems to be infinity, we have another chapter. It was worth the wait. The old man just cant die. Pity


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