Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Gantz 377

Long hair alien calls out Kurono and threatens to crash the mothership into Earth.

Famous or infamous, there is no doubt that Kurono is now the world's no.1 superstar now.

Using Japanese, the long hair alien calls out Kurono for a duel, and if Kurono doesn't show up then he's going to kill all the humans on the mothership and then crash the mothership into Earth in a suicide attack. The crowd standing around Kurono start recognizing him and screams at him to answer the challenge, although surprisingly Ryou comes to Kurono's defense. Tae is crying and doesn't want Kurono to leave her, but under all the screaming Kurono is feeling really calm and that the world can't do shit to him. Kurono then tells Tae not to worry and that he'll be back.


People are pretty mean to Kurono these days, despite the fact that he has been saving their asses. Talk about being ungrateful. Of course, many of them don't know that Kurono has been battling the aliens and saving people and the alien's negative press on Kurono and the Gantzers might have some lingering effects. And of course, people don't want a giant mothership crashing into Earth and annihilating them, but rather than screaming at Kurono angrily they probably should be begging instead. Anyways, the long hair alien has everyone's attention by calling out Kurono and threatening to crash the mothership into Earth, and Kurono is going to answer the call. Whether or not Kurono survives the battle, I wonder if there is something more to the story afterwards. The giant aliens have been defeated, but what's the final threat? The aliens that the Truth aliens were fighting?

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