Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Naruto 619

Sasuke, Orochimaru talk to the zombie Hokages.

Being a Hokage is rather hazardous occupation.

Orochimaru summons the four dead Hokages with Edo Tensei, but at first the Hokages chat among each other with the first two Hokages wondering who Minato is. Orochimaru eventually introduces Sasuke to start the Q & A session. Sasuke first asks Sarutobi about forcing Itachi to kill off the Uchiha clan, and Sarutobi confirms what Sasuke already knew through Tobi that Itachi did it for the good of the village and to protect Sasuke. Tobirama, the Second Hokage, isn't surprised that the Uchihas was planning an insurrection and states that the clan is possessed by evil, and upon questioning by Sasuke Tobirama basically states that the Uchihas are emotionally unstable which drives them towards darkness and hate. Hashirama has issues with Tobirama's prejudice towards the Uchihas, but Tobirama states that it's better for the village. Sasuke then turns his attention to Hashirama and asks him what is a shinobi and what is the village.


Quite a dialogue heavy chapter, but the contents were pretty interesting. The First and Second Hokages get to talk with their own personalities, and we find that Hashirama is a pretty easygoing (maybe even a little goofy) guy while his brother Tobirama is more serious and also very prejudiced against the Uchiha. According Tobirama, basically all Uchihas are mentally ill, and that "illness" is related to their Sharingans. I supposed this would explain in part Sasuke, Madara, and Obito's behavior through the series lol. I am not a fan of the Uchihas by any means, but Tobirama's attitude isn't exactly charming either. Tobirama is partly to blame for the Uchiha mess and also all of the zombie ressurection business since he invented Edo Tensei. The preliminary round of questioning went well, but now we have to see what sort answers Sasuke is really after.

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  1. Good to see the Kages back. So the Uchihas are mentally unstable because of love. Interesting.We wait to see Hashirama answer to Sasuke/s question


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