Friday, February 1, 2013

Rosario + Vampire II 60

Tsukune uses his ghoul powers to battle Gyokuro.

That's no way to treat your future stepmom/son in law.

Tsukune releases his holy lock some more to get power to battle Gyokuro. Moka wants Tsukune to stop, but Hokuto tells her that Tsukune is doing his best to protect her and she and Hokuto need to worry about the other ghouls. Tsukune and Gyokuro engage in hand to hand combat that moves to the rooftops. Surprised by Tsukune's strength, Gyokuro gets serious and takes off her limiter, and this gives her eyes on her palms that allows her to instantly learn a magic attack and use all of the attacks that she has learned. Gyokuro attacks Tsukune with fire, lightning and the Dimensional Sword, but Tsukune blocks it with the Tonfa of light and hurts Gyokuro badly with a tonfa attack to the body. Tsukune tries to finish Gyokuro, but his arm suddenly transforms again which stuns him. Gyokuro and Tsukune then start slugging it out with punches and Tsukuen realizes that he is slowly losing consciousness and the last thing he thinks of is Moka's smile. Tsukune finally knocks out Gyokuro with a body shot before falling unconscious himself, and Moka races in to catch him.


Glad to see Gyokuro finally get the beating that she deserves. Tsukune powered up with the power of Alucard and the power of love prove too much for the evil future stepmother-in-law to handle. Gyokuro showed a power-up, but it was funny how it only slowed Tsukune down briefly. Gyokuro didn't last all that long once she started fighting, but then again she isn't the real boss of Fairy Tail. With Gyokuro out of commission, the problems are how would Moka save Tsukune from turning into a ghoul, and of course there is still Alucard. The good guys need to get Gyokuro's remote control, but I have a feeling Alucard would be too much for the remote control to handle. We also have to check on Touhou and all of the others as well. This battle is still far from over.


  1. No, April issue comes out in March. It's weird I know but that's how it is.

    1. Actually you are right. For some reason I thought we were at the beginning of January.

  2. Good job by Tsukune on this one. Just decided he was going to win no matter what he had to do in the process. Pushed himself as far as he possibly could in order to bring down Gyokuro. He knew what was on the line and got the job done. Can definitely respect that kind of attitude.

    Though it's chapters like this that makes me wonder why they bother playing the harem card. There is literally no doubt in his mind who his girl is (of course it was clear from the start of the series, but you know what I mean). Just break the hearts of the harem and let them start the healing process.

    But agree this isn't over yet. Have to clean up the enemy forces and deal with the Alucard situation. Somehow I don't think this is going to be settled soon (maybe this fight, but feel like Alucard can't be resolved so easily).

  3. Tsukune actually won .. didnt see that coming. I was hoping he would struggle a bit

    1. Yeah, I'm surprised that Gyokuro went down so quickly. I guess they are gonna devote more time to Alucard instead.


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