Friday, February 15, 2013

Sekirei 140 & 141

The Final Stage of the Sekirei Plan starts.

Finally, the Sekireis have come back to Kamikura Island.

Chapter 140 summary:
The Disciplinary Squad are waiting at the shore for something to arrive. Benitsubasa gets impatient, so Karasuba tells her a story. After Takethito sacrificed himself to save the Sekireis, Karasuba was given the job of returning his belongings to Miya, and a distraught Miya attacked Karasuba and leaves her barely alive. Karasuba looks forward to fighting Miya, but her no. 1 target is still Yume although she doesn't reveal this to Benitsubasa. Karasuba stops the story when she spots what the squad has been waiting for in the seas: MBI has somehow brought Kamikura Island much closer to the shores of Tokyo, and it's on the island that the Sekireis will battle it out in the final stage.

Chapter 141 summary:
Minato and the other remaining Ashikabis and Sekireis are informed of the Kamikura's arrival and are brought to the island by MBI's private army. The private army also stops the media from approaching the island. Shortly after arriving on Kamikura Island, all of the Ashikabis start feeling woozy. Minaka does his usual grand speech through the speaker system and then explains that due to prolonged contact with the jinki, Kamikura Island emits a certain special energy. Sekireis and regular humans are immune, but to Ashikabis the energy is like poison gas, and the only way to counter the effects is to have jinki in hand.


The Final Stage of the Sekirei finally starts, but to our surprise it'll start on Kamikura Island instead of Kouten. I guess Kouten might be the place for the final showdown or the final destination of the winner. The choice of Kamikura Island as the battle place explains the need for the jinkis, as the Ashikabis can't survive on the island without them. The jinkis will probably have other uses down the line, which hopefully will include giving power ups. We'll have to see how the final stage is set up.

In other new, we learned why Miya hated Karasuba. Karasuba was the one who delivered the news of Takehito's death, and Miya snapped and attacked Karasuba for delivering the bad news. I'm a little disappointed by this since I thought Miya's dislike for Karasuba would have deeper roots. Of course, Karasuba probably wants some payback for the beating she received.


  1. I kind felt underwhelm by this two releases. Their were dissappointing in get me excite for what should be an excite battle royal. I did find amusing the promise 87 and 88 made to each other thou...


  2. Hasn't Miya ever heard the saying "Don't shoot the messenger?" Seems like Karasuba was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and ended up the punching bag for Miya's grief anger.

    1. I think Karasuba will take Miya down if they have to fight in order to set up Karasuba vs Misubi in the final final battle.

  3. Two chapter at a go. awesome. So, the battle will be on the island. It better be epic.


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