Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bleach 536

Isshin's storytelling continues.

They skipped the actual romance part... disappointing.

Through Urahara's process, Isshin ventures into Masaki's inner world and saves her from being consumed by the hollow, and this allows Urahara to tie Isshin and Masaki's soul's together. Thanks to the process, Isshin is unable to return to Soul Society and thus opens medical clinic in Karakura Town. Masaki moves out of the Ishida's house after high school and visits Isshin often, and Ryuuken decides it's better to not bother Masaski. So eventually Isshin and Masaki got married and Ichigo was born. Ichigo's shinigami powers awakened when Rukia had visited him, and in Soul Society Ichigo's inner hollow had surfaces, which means the bond between Isshin and the hollow has been broken and this allows Isshin to regain his shinigami powers. Now all that's left to tell Ichigo is how Masaki really died nine years ago.


Isshin's story time has been pretty interesting thus far. After all the circumstances tied Isshin and Masaki's lives together, Ryuuken did the smart thing and just got out the way. I have to say, Masaki actually had a more curvaceous figure than she looked with her school uniform lol. It looks like Ryuuken settled for Katagiri instead, which given the situation isn't that bad of an outcome. Masaki passed the hollow to Ichigo, and Ichigo awakening his hollow powers gave Isshin his shinigami powers back. Now the last mystery is how Masaki died, since if she had her Quincy powers she probably wouldn't fall to Grand Fisher so easily. Or was she even killed by Grand Fisher? We'll know soon enough.

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