Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Kakumeiki Valvrave 09

L-elf and the students add some more firepower to their nation.

These two are already BFFs.

Finally there is some defense.

L-elf may be an one-man-army and a master strategist, but he is no match for quick hand of Shouko.

L-elf takes over as military and security chief and puts the students through boot camp and comes up with defense and security strategies. Under L-elf's directions, the module is headed for the moon which is neutral territory. L-elf and Haruto also bunk together since they are now best buddies, although L-elf had to knock Haruto out when suddenly Haruto went into vampire mode. Everything is going smoothly except that Raizou keeps trying to get into the yellow Valvrave in order to avenge his dead friend, and Raizou is put into solitary confinement for his behavior. Kyuuma is still hit hard by Aina's death, but he focuses his efforts at becoming a better soldier by repeatedly assembling and disassembling a rifle. Haruto and Shouko are worried about Kyuuma and Shouko wants Haruto to go say something, but at the moment the module comes under attack by Dorssia forces.

We have the Blue Ranger.

We also have the Yellow Ranger.

The fleet commanded by Cain attacks with grunt mechs and long range fire from their ship cannons, but thanks to L-elf the module now has shields to block cannon fire and has point defenses to handle the grunt mechs. Haruto and Saki launch and chase Cain's fleet, but that's what the Dorssia forces want. While Haruto and Saki are tied up by Cain's forces, another fleet commanded by Commodore Manninger attacks the module. The module's shields overload from the attack and the whole module loses power. Kyuuma's point defense turret gets blown up and he retreats into Valvrave bay and finds Raizou who has escaped from jail thanks to the power outage. A confrontation with Raizou leads Kyuuma to realize that he wants to pilot a Valvrave and get vengeance, and so he takes the blue Valvrave out. The blue Valvrave's shields prove durable against Dorssia attacks, and its scatter crossbow makes quick work of the grunt mechs. Ideals from Manninger's fleet show up, but Raizou flies out in the yellow Valvrave to back up Kyuuma, and Raizou uses the Valvrave's many arms to tear up one of the Ideals. Manninger decides to fire the siege cannon on his ship even though his forces are still in the way. Kyuuma goes to block the shot, and in the process he sees a vision of Aina. Kyuuma's blue Valvrave successfully deflects the siege cannon shot, and Kyuuma blasts the command bridge of Manninger's ship, killing the commodore. With Manninger dead, Cain orders the retreat.

Back at the module, Raizou and Kyuuma are given hero's welcomes. The only one not happy is Haruto, who takes a swing at L-elf because of course L-elf ignored Dorssia's obvious diversion tactic on purpose sothat Raizou and Kyuuma would become Valvrave pilots by their own volition. Kyuuma calms Haruto down and reveals during his vision that Aina told him that they would not become a couple. The students then start celebrating their victory and Kyuuma is back in a good mood.

This is not part of the deal! All of the other Valvrave pilots should be girls who will become my harem!

Meanwhile, L-elf confronts Takumi in the lower levels of the module with the partial Valvraves in holding tanks. L-elf knows about Takumi's military background, and Takumi reveals that the entire module, all of the students and other inhabitants were gathered for the purpose of developing the Valvraves.


L-elf takes over the student nation, and now they actually have much needed defense and security. Of course, L-elf isn't a saint, and he was willing to jeopardize to whole module just so that Kyuuma and Raizou would claim their Valvraves. The episode was mainly about the two new Valvraves joining the robot Power Ranger team, which means there is at least plenty of action. It's no surprise that Raizou and Kyuuma took the pilot seats, and both new Valvraves seem to be pretty overpowered as expected. This goes especially for Kyuuma's blue mech which can block and deflect shots from even giant particle cannons. Its scatter bows also make short work of the grunt mechs. Raizou's yellow Valvrave is more offensively oriented and has lots of arms with can shoot lots of bolts. Kyuuma also stopped being down because Aina somehow dumped during the vision after she died, although at least the Aina wasn't naked in the vision like in so many Gundam series.

Now that four out of five Valvraves have been claimed, the burning question is who is going to be the pink ranger? Unless Valvrave decides to be unconventional, the pink Valvrave will go to a girl, and at this point Shouko seems likes the leading candidate. Her "rival" Saki is a Valvrave pilot, so she might become one to even things up? None of the other girl characters have done much to deserve a spot.

Various other issues came up in this episode. Apparently the girl in the Valvrave OS need the pilots to bite people so she can feed. I guess L-elf and the other non pilot students had better watch out. The whole module turns out to be a giant facility made for developing the Valvraves, and Takumi will probably explain in the next episode. However, the Valvraves are developed, the Dorssia commander Cain is interested in the technology and has his own agenda, but his second in command Kriemhild has taken notice and might start doing something about it. Maybe Valvrave is finally going to become serious, but I hope it does stupid stuff from time to time so I have something to make fun of.


  1. The Op displays a list of characters starting with Rukino Saki, Inuzuka Kyuma, Yamada Raizo, etc... with the first three claiming their Valverave in that order. If the pattern holds, speculation is that Renbokoji Akira (the hacker girl) will get the last one since it probably fits her best as some kind of spellcaster.

    1. Oh yeah, I forgot about Akira. She's a possible candidate.

  2. Yeah she was MIA during the last attack and all remember was her soda can next her computer.

  3. We probably won't know for another 2-3 episodes. If it is Akira, Shouko (the only person besides her brother who interacts with her) will need at least that many episodes to get out Akira out of her hikikomori shell.


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