Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Spring 2013 Anime First Impressions: Monogatari 2nd & Senki Zesshou Symphogear G

I haven't really gotten around to checking out any brand new shows of the summer 2013, but I am watching the sequels for the Monogatari series and Symphogear, and here is what I thought about the series after watching two episodes.

Monogatari Series 2nd Season

Who says girls can't have fun on their own?

I'm not sure how this is the 2nd season of the series. Given we already had Bakemonogatari and Nisemonogatari, wouldn't this be the third season of the show? That aside, Monogatari 2nd still more or less the same when it comes to its clean stylized art, the cut-away text and the endless conversations that dominate the show. I can't say I'm the biggest fan of the series' conversation-heavy style, but I liked what I saw in the first two episodes. The curvy Miss know-it-all Tsubasa once again gets into some supernatural trouble, but instead of Koyomi swooping in to help, the show has paired Tsubasa together with the beautiful yet formidable Hitagi for the first two episodes. They sure know how to appeal to their fan base by putting the two hottest girls in the show, not to mention rivals in love, together and have to sleep and take baths together. The fan service is fun if nothing else. I was surprised that Hitagi showed so much concern for Tsubasa, and also surprised that Hitagi came off as somewhat perverted and goofy during her interactions with Tsubasa. The interactions are fun to watch, although it does change Hitagi's image a bit. Hitagi is still quite sharp tongued and spends time analyzing Tsubasa. We'll have to see where the series will go with this pairing.

Senki Zesshou Symphogear G

Slicing' n dicin' in style.

I didn't think Symphogear would have a sequel. I thought the fighting was over and done with in the first season, but apparently the Noises are back and now there are some rival magical girls for the Hibiki and friends to battle. It's too early to say much on the story, but the good thing about Symphogear is that the music-infused action can be very good, and the first two episodes had some exciting sequences of the Symphogear girls showing off various attacks causing lots of Noise creatures to explode. I'll be happy if they keep up with the battles.


  1. I'll say after the toothbrush incident in the previous series I was a bit worried about Monogatari. But it's started off well. A lot more focus on Hitagi and Hanekawa. I was surprised by Hitagi's behavior, but I can somewhat rationalize it. You spend so much time with perverts like Kanbaru and Araragi and it's bound to rub off. Also might just reflect her continued steps to recovering emotionally. Lived a long time in that awkward state after the crab incident so might just be seeing more of her natural personality.

    I didn't expect Symphogear to get a second season either. Though I could see it happening. Even the last episode showed the noise remaining a threat, just less of one without Fine to control them. Now they add in this mysterious group and other symphogear users. Certainly seems to have the makings of a decent sequel.

    1. I'd put the toothbrush incident in the same bucket as Hitagi and Tsubasa taking a bath together, but of course the latter is more acceptable because it's too unrelated hot girls instead of a brother erotically helping his sister clean her teeth. I suppose Hitagi is trying to open up more, although she comes off as goofy which changes her image.

      Symphogear looks good so far. Story seems to be setting up decently, but as long as we get a good dose of action I'm all for it.


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