Thursday, July 11, 2013

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun S 13

Touma finds out about the experiment while Mikoto takes out her frustrations on a lab associated with the Level 6 Shift project.

Somebody is looking a little crazy there.

Accelerator you sick freak.

Mikoto is at a loss as to what she can do to stop the Level 6 Shift project now that she discovered that Tree Diagram has been destroyed. Mikoto decides to vent her frustration on a nearby lab associated with the project and proceeds to destroy the lab. Mikoto's mind gets dark and she plans to destroy everything associated with the project until it stops, but she comes back to reality and realizes this won't work. Mikoto then sees a screen showing Accelerator killing Misaka 10031 by reversing her blood flow, and the sight of 10031's death causes Mikoto even more anguish.

Oh... shit...

After killing 10031, Accelerator remembers the first experiment in which he beats up Misaka 1 and tries to leave the experiment room, but the scientists tell him to go for the kill since the Misakas are just manufactured clones. Misaka 1 fires her pistol at Accelerator but she is killed by the reflected bullet. After the trip down memory lane, Accelerator leaves the alley to get dinner.

Mikoto sure has a lot of Sisters.

Meanwhile, Touma comes out of the bookstore only to find the black kitten. He goes into the alley and finds signs of the battle and eventually finds 10031's bloody mess of a body. Touma calls the Anti-Skills, but by the time they arrive everything has been cleaned up and the body is gone, and the Anti-Skills think Touma gave a prank call. After the Anti-Skills leave, Touma wonders what happened and then he sees Misaka 10032 carrying a large bag over her shoulder. Touma grows suspicious and eventually other Misaka clones show up explaining that 10031 was killed and they are just part of some experiment. The Misakas leave, and Touma ponders about what he thought on the bus ride. Touma then decides he go talk to Mikoto and arrives at the Tokiwadai dorms.

Back at the destroyed lab, Mikoto comes to a conclusion about how to stop the experiments.


Anime blogging is delayed this week due to the holidays last week and bunch of other stuff, but it's not like I'm ever close to being the first out of the gate when it comes to blogging about anime.

Back to the show: those of us who watched To Aru Majutsu no Index knows where the story is going, but the Railgun version has enough new details to make it interesting. It's sad to see Mikoto feeling hopeless again. Finding out that Tree Diagram had been destroyed made her angry and destructive, but then she was brought crashing back down when she saw 10031 being brutally killed by Accelerator. Mikoto comes to some sort of realization at the end, but it probably won't anything good given how depressed she must have been. We still have to wait for a certain spiky hair guy to do something about it.

I don't remember if 10031's death in Index was so bloody. Accelerator was a pretty sick and twisted SOB at that point of the story. It's not that he doesn't have a conscience, but the scientist are egging him on and Accelerator is pretty used to it and seems to have become cruel out of boredom. The flashback to the first experiment was a nice added detail. We'll just have to see how Railgun covers the remaining parts of the arc.


  1. I thought the flashback was nice to have. Shows how at the start Accelerator wasn't nearly as cruel as he is at this point. He seemed a bit surprised frankly when the first clone got herself killed, was ready to leave as soon as he pretty much won the fight.

    But of course by now he's just going further and further. Get dulled by the experience and thus a need to go further just to avoid getting completely bored.

    1. Yeah, Accelerator at the start doesn't come across as the type who'd kill thousands of girls in cold blood, but the scientists egged him on and he develops cruelty due to the repetitiveness.


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