Friday, August 2, 2013

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun S 16

The conclusion to Touma (with Mikoto and Misaka 10032) vs. Accelerator.

This is my show, so it's only fair I get to look heroic too.

Touma the Immortal rises again.

Accelerator finds that the Misaka clones are spinning the wind turbines around the city to mess with his ability to create plasma from the air. Acclerator tries to pscyhoanalyze Mikoto as to why Mikoto is helping the clones, and Mikoto answers that she considers the Misaka clones her sisters. While Accelerator and Mikoto are busy chatting, Touma manages to get up despite the inhuman amount of injuries he has. Accelerator is intimidated for the first time and then makes the same mistake of trying to finish Touma by touching him. Touma breaks Accelerator's finger with his right fist and then knocks out Accelerator for good with his patented right hand. Touma then collapses from his injuries.

Apparently in Railgun, Rock beats Paper.

Touma wins by KO, but it was pretty close to being a double KO.

Later at night, Touma wakes up in hospital and sees a bandaged Misaka 10032 sitting at his bedside. The next morning, Mikoto visits Touma at the hospital, and Touma tells Mikoto that 10032 visited him and Mikoto should be proud that the Misaka clones exist. Outside the hospital, Mikoto spots Misaka 10032 with her kitten. They walk together and Mikoto wants to tell that 10032 that she's there to help if 10032 needs her, but 10032 is playing on a swing. Mikoto then gets embarrassed when two little girls think Mikoto is younger than 10032 because of her Gekota keychain, and 10032 takes a moment to rip on Mikoto before calling her a big sister who would risk her life to save her little sisters. Afterwards, 10032 tells Mikoto that the experiments have stopped, and she asks Mikoto to help her find meaning to her new found lease on life, and Mikoto agrees.

10032's words are like arrows through Mikoto's heart.

Going to be a while before Mikoto makes any progress.

Later in the day, Mikoto had made some cookies at Ruiko's place to give to Touma, but she unexpectedly bumps into Touma on a bridge. Touma is still banged up but can't afford to stay in hospital for too long, so he's limping back to his apartment. Mikoto fails to work up the courage to give Touma the cookies, but she does remind Touma of her name. Right after Touma leaves, Kuroko teleports in to check on Mikoto, and Mikoto teases Kuroko and runs off.


The first half of the episode was waiting for Touma to get up and knock Accelerator out for good while Accelerator and Mikoto chatted and had some flashbacks. I'm not surprised that dragged out that whole moment, but I don't like the wait especially since I already know what will happen. From the flashbacks, it seems that all Accelerator wanted was to fit in with the other kids, but thanks to Academy City he ended up killing 10000 Misaka clones and I'm not sure what conclusions can be drawn from that. And so Touma knocks out Accelerator, and the Level 6 Shift project is over.

The second half of the episode was more fun since it features Mikoto getting embarrassed by both Touma and 10032. All of the Misaka clones have Mikoto's number, and 10032 already has a good grasp of Mikoto's personality even though Mikoto hasn't spent that much time with the clones. With Touma, Mikoto is tripping over because of her own personality quirks rather than Touma having her number. Touma makes fun of Mikoto of course, but he doesn't really know her that well. Mikoto is too proud and embarrassed to say thank you.

And so the big, all important Sister Arc comes to a conclusion. The next episode looks like some sort of filler with the girls doing their friendship routine. I wonder what the rest of the season will cover.


  1. I thought the first half was good. It was a chance to really focus on Mikoto's development through this arc. From someone who was utterly shocked and disturbed by the fact that these clones existed to treating them as family. Easy to see how much that meant to Misaka 10032

    Some fun embarrassment in the second half though. Nice that her biggest worries had gone from the insanity of this experiment to being unable to easily give Touma homemade cookies. Still, she did get him to say her name straight out which is kind of a win for her.

    1. I guess I'm just impatient. Mikoto accepting the clones as her sisters is an important moment, but I just wanted to see the knockout haha.


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