Monday, December 30, 2013

Claymore 146

Clare, Miria and company team up with Cassandra and the other Awakened to gang up on Priscilla.

Good news is that Clare landed a hit. Bad news is Priscilla is going back into her endless regeneration mode.

Under the combined attacks of Cassandra, Chronos, Octavia, and Miria's band of warriors, Priscilla is starting to get hit but she is transforming back into her awakened form. Meanwhile, Clare is trying to get her body moving, and she realizes that she now values her life because of her comrades and Raki. Clare eventually gets herself back in the fight and lands a hit on Priscilla. Miria lands another hit on Priscilla, but Priscilla can now easily regenerate from the attack and gets behind Miria, but Clare comes in and slices Priscilla's right arm into pieces. Clare then challenges Priscilla to finish the fight right then and there.


A rather short chapter for Clare to get her mojo back. Clare realizes that she doesn't want to throw her life away for vengeance anymore, but in any case she still needs to step up and defeat Priscilla. I'm still waiting for Clare to show off something other than Quicksword. It's strange that Cassandra is now cooperating and just attacking Priscilla for the moment, but Cassandra can probably sense that Priscilla is by far the biggest threat. I don't know how long Cassandra is going to cooperate though. Priscilla is getting her Awakened powers back, and so the longer this fight goes on the more it'll favor Priscilla. It's too early for Priscilla to die, so it'll be interesting to see which direction this battle goes.


  1. I always look forward to your reviews! Thank You!

  2. Claymore is progressing at such a slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww rate... At this rate, the manga will be done in 3 years time maybe?

    1. Three years seems a little soon, given how slow it goes sometimes. Claymore is one of the those mangas that may never end.


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