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Kakumeiki Valvrave 24 (Finale)

Haruto and L-elf battle against Cain's Valvrave II for the final showdown.

Here comes the final boss.

Nice block using the sword draw.

The world is shaken by the image of Amadeus regenerating from having his throat slashed. Both ARUS and Dorssian forces decide to back off and evaluate the situation. Cain launches in his newly outfitted Valvrave II and forces Akira to fly off the top of the module which ends the broadcast. The Magius use their influence to do damage control, but the seeds of suspicion has been sewn. The Dorssian Royalists starts a revolution back on Earth, while the ARUS president escapes and also plots to overthrow the Magius.

The final boss survived this one just because Valvrave are built better than Kirschbaums.

Cain is confronted by Haruto and the Valvrave I, along with X-eins in his Kirschbaum. A-drei tries to join the fight but he is headed off by Q-vier who is just looking for someone to fight and doesn't particularly care who he fights. Cain shakes off X-eins and hammers Haruto's Valvrave into the module. Cain flies into the module along with X-eins, and X-eins sacrifices his Kirschbaum for a close range cannon blast which destroys Valvrave II's staff. X-eins' disabled Kirschbaum falls into the water and explodes.

Back out in space, Saki takes advantage of the break in battle and pushes Module 77 away from the big ARUS colony. Q-vier goes after Saki but A-drei restrains him. Saki throws a wheel at both of them which causes separation between the two Kirschbaums. Both Q-vier and A-drei fire their Kirschbaum's pistols, but Q-vier gets hit and dies because his Kirschbaum's right shield arm is damaged from the fight against Raizou.

That was a disappointing death for Q-vier. He needed to die in fear.

The anti-establishment combatant wins.

Inside Module 77, L-elf gets Haruto to take over his body so they can use L-elf's training to fight against Cain. Haruto and Cain continue to battle and fly back out into space, and Cain lectures Haruto on how the Magius isn't evil and has kept peace and order from the shadows. Cain's Valvrave II grabs onto Valvrave I and tries to extract Prue tries to pull Pino out of Valvrave I. Valvrave I is leaking runes badly and Haruto is almost out of memories, but he powers up one more time, break free from Valvrave II, and stabs Valvrave II in the cockpit. Before dying, Cain releases Prue so Prue can reunite with Pino in Valvrave I, and Valvrave II subsequently explodes from the damage.

Haruto died memory-less, but at least he died a winner.

A little late to be feeling sorry.

Some time afterwards, L-elf wakes up and finds himself in the pilot's seat. He goes to check Haruto and Haruto has already forgotten everything. L-elf tells Haruto that they are friends, and Haruto flashes a smile and dies. Shouko and her group of stuck-ups finally decides to join the rest of the survivors. Shouko learns of Haruto's demise from Akira and Shouko cries for a while, but then goes back to her usual self.

After the battle for Module 77, the world falls into a period of chaos. Humanity goes on a witch hunt for the Magius, and A-drei leads the Royalists during the Dorssian civil war. Satomi and Takahi get married in front of the academy, and the wedding is attended by L-elf, A-drei and Kriemheld. Takahi tosses the bouquet and it is caught by A-drei much to do displeasure of the single ladies in attendance.

Hundreds of years in the future, Saki and Akira finish telling the story to the young prince in a derelict classroom within the Module 77 academy. The year of the battle for Module 77 is marked as year 0 of the galactic empire. Satomi arrives and informs Saki, Akira and the prince that some aliens have invaded the compound. The two aliens stumble into a room containing bust carvings of Haruto and the other students who died during the course of the empire's history. Shouko is in the room wearing the red pilot's suit. The aliens point their weapons at Shouko, but Shouko reaches out with her hand and encourages the aliens to engage in a dialogue with her.

Damn, you stopped just before we got to the good part. 

You are gonna have to watch all the sequels to see how things got to this point.

The End


A lot of questions are left unanswered, but that was a pretty good final episode. The final battle between L-elf/Haruto and Cain was an exciting, back and forth contest, a number of characters got killed off, and the good guys won. Can't ask for too much more in a half hour episode. At the end, it actually looked like Haruto might live just with no memories of his previous self, but then he bit the dust. It'd be cool if Haruto lived, but since we are already expecting his demise it wasn't too disappointing. Other thoughts on this finale:

- Q-vier's death was a bit disappointing given his blood-thirsty personality and him being directly responsible for Raizou and Aina's deaths. I was expecting Akira to kill Q-vier in rage to avenge Raizou, but Q-vier ends up dying by an accidental shot from A-drei.

- Shouko was entirely useless during this whole final battle. I don't know what she was thinking after she found out the truth about Haruto's immortal body. She gives no support, doesn't even say goodbye to Haruto, and Haruto dies without remembering who she was. If Shouko is not going to play any role in the final ordeal, what is she there for?

- It's interesting that only the female Valvrave pilots survived.

- I guess Shouko did feel sorry enough after Haruto has died that she took up Haruto's spot as red ranger and presumably the pilot of Valvrave I. She probably took up the cause and help create the galactic empire in Haruto's name, but that still doesn't make up for the fact that she decided to do absolutely nothing during Haruto's final battle.

So in the end, we get the first piece of history of the galactic empire that the survivors for Module 77 went on to create. There are still a lot of questions that remain unanswered, such as why did Jior have the Valvrave program, and what is the origin behind Pino and Prue (as they seem to be different from the Magius such as Cain and Lieselotte)? Also, Satomi eventually became immortal as well, and we didn't reach that point of the story yet. Given the emphasis on the flash forwards throughout the the series, it's possible there could be a sequel. The problem is that Haruto is dead, and I don't know how good a protagonist Shouko will be. On the other hand, it might be fun to see Shouko, Saki and Akira take over the galaxy with girl power.

Overall, Kakumeiki Valvrave has been a pretty compelling mecha series, especially after what happened at the finale of the first half. The protagonists Haruto and L-elf have their flaws, but they worked together and got pretty far. There was one point in the first half where the series seemed like it might become a joke, but then things got serious and the story became a exciting roller coaster. The second half has been excellent for the most part, with Marie's emergence and death and the catastrophe that hit Module 77 (episode 21) as the highlights. This is of course complimented by Sunrise's beautifully animated mecha action. I certainly enjoyed the show.


  1. I hope a sequel is made.

    1. I'm not a fan of Shouko, but it'd be interesting to see how this ragtag group ends up creating a galactic empire.

  2. I don't know if Satomi becomes a Valvrave pilot. The future Satomi might be a the great grandson or something. Getting married would probably shift one's priority to growing old with one's partner. So unless something happens to his wife very early on...

  3. It's been a while since I commented here!

    Anyway, bout Valvrave... yeah, too many damn unanswered questions! But I also believe there's too much wasted potential. While these last few episodes were great, we're never gonna see why Satomi became a Kamitsuki or whatever.

    We're never gonna get the nature of Prue and Pino are we? Just gonna be forever known as the rabid spirit of JIOR hate and a rapist.

    1. Are you saying Pino is a rapist? How so?

    2. Well, considering how Haruto went all nuts and raped Saki, with Pino being VERY much aware of it...

      it's as if Haruto got posessed by Pino. The implications are shoved down my throat.

      Now, just so you know, I'm not some social justice guy, yet alone all gung-ho about it. But ya know, the implications were there. >_>

    3. Aha okay I see your point. Forgot about the first season.


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