Monday, December 30, 2013

To Love-Ru Darkness 39 and Special Chapter

In chapter 39, Yami settles into her life in Sainan High, but then something happens. In the special chapter, Run invites Rito to help her with a sexy photo shoot with him being the photographer.

Yami is about to have a bad hair day.

Chapter 39 summary:
Rito wakes up in the morning and finds Momo in his bed like usual. Momo tries tempting Rito but he pushes her away, saying that he's not going to participate in any harem plan. Momo tells Rito that a bunch of girls are interested in him, and even Yami is starting to show an inclination towards liking Rito. Later at school, Rito trips on Yami and gets chased by her, but he is saved by Haruna and then a bunch of other girls come in to make the situation messier. Momo realizes that there are still a lot of obstacles to overcome for the harem plan.

Later, the girls from Momo's class have swimming lessons at the pool. Tearju shows up in a bikini and Momo teases Nana about her flat chest, leading to an argument. Yami and Mea watch from the other side of the pool, and Yami states that Mea's actions (2 chapters ago) had made her realized that the people in Sainan High accepts her for who she is, and so it'd be fine if she and Mea remained on Earth. As soon as Yami says that, her hair starts going wild and out of control. Nemesis appears on top of a building saying that this is the activation of Yami's inner darkness. Momo and the others come around to see what happened, but they can't see Nemesis. Nemesis continues speaking to Mea through a mind link and states that everything she has done is for the future of Mea, Yami and herself. Mea's hair then starts turning black and Nemesis takes over the body. Nemesis (in Mea's body) then tells Momo and cohorts that she had correctly guessed that Yami's inner darkness is activated when Yami becomes complacent and doesn't want to fight anymore.


It doesn't take much to bring out Rito's inner beast.

Special chapter summary:
Rito gets a call from Run asking him to go to her house to help her with something. Rito had promised Mikan to do yard work, but Momo volunteers to do it for him. Rito arrives at Run's house and finds it's only him and Run as Ren had gone out for something. Run wants Rito to take photos of her in a bikini, but of course this is really an excuse to tempt Rito. To help Rito's, Run has a special camera which turns its wielder into a pro photographer. Rito takes the camera and wears the synchronizing head piece, and he becomes a really demanding and somewhat perverted photographer who gets Run to make increasingly revealing poses. At the end, Rito tells Run to get naked, but Rito is getting too excited and so the camera overloads and blows up in his face.


So apparently the chapter last month was chapter 38. I was somehow informed that it was a special chapter masquerading as a real chapter, but whatever. To this month's chapter, the story with Yami's "inner darkness" is finally getting going. It sounds like this "inner darkness" is a mechanism planted in Yami so that she will keep on fighting and killing when she doesn't want to fight anymore. Adding to that is that Nemesis had somehow taken over Mea's body, which means a confrontation could be brewing between Nemesis and Momo's group. We'll have to see if Yami will really transform into some dark berserker mode at this juncture, or maybe this is just a preview of what's to come.

As for the special chapter, Run has always been one of the boldest girls in Rito's harem, and Rito shows his inner pervert once again when he's synced to the camera. Too bad the camera wasn't durable enough and the photo session ended without going beyond the ecchi border. Rito is definitely a perverted beast beyond his outermost layer of consciousness.


  1. Finally, we are going somewhere with the whole darkness story. Looks like Nemesis has her victory .. for now. The estra chapter was awesome. Pity Rito had to ruin the moment. Just relax o harem king

    1. Rito's inner pervert is too strong for any equipment to handle lol.

    2. The funny thing is that Momo is actually working in making his inner "carnivore" stronger without turning Rito into a complete pervert... Good luck with that.

      Now something about Nemesis. Could it be that instead of possessing Mea in this chapter Nemesis is actually revealing to have been a part of Mea the whole time?

      I mean in the past chapters there have been instances that could actually be little clues like that nobody has actually seen both of them together. Every scene that has both of them talking they are alone.

      When Azenda arrived they even make a joke about Nemesis not meeting people and letting the PR to Mea.[ToLoveRuDarkness]-ch05_02.png

      And Nemesis only talked to Mea after Azenda left.[ToLoveRuDarkness]-ch05_04.png

      There is a scene where both of them are in the street and a girl even jokes about the cat ears that Nemesis is sporting but nobody around them mentions Mea at all.[ToLoveRuDarkness]-ch25_04.png

      There is also the whole point of Oshizu detecting something dark inside Mea when exploring her subconscious but is stopped before learning more.[ToLoveRuDarkness]-ch11_32.png

      This whole thing is eerily similar to the movies Psycho and the Fight Club where the MC would talk to somebody else but it ended up being just a second personality.

      So, Is Nemesis another personality in Mea? Who knows. Maybe this whole thing is just over analyzing a Manga heavy with fanservice but I still find the theory quite plausible.

      A couple of things if this end up being true.

      The first is that if Nemesis is another personality inside Mea then, Who is the original personality? In her flashbacks Mea only remembers waking up in a dilapidated Lab and meeting Nemesis so our guesses would be as good as anyone. I personally think that Nemesis is kind of an AI like the Lunatique AI in charge of Yami's ship if only because the conversation between Yami and Lunatique brought the point of an AI experience normal life. It also wouldn't surprise me that Nemesis ended up being a coping mechanism that Mea created to deal with loneliness or even ended up being the whole "Darkness" transformation after all. Or even a combination of all of them (Darkness is an AI that was born from Mea extreme loneliness. Yami, as her sister, had to awaken it in the complete opposite way)

      The other point is a rather silly one but couldn't avoid thinking about it. If Nemesis is actually a different personality inside of Mea then that means that Rito fondled Nemesis body before even meeting her!

      That has to be some kind of record.


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