Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Rosario + Vampire 66-5

The final showdown continues.

Everybody except the kitchen sink showed up.

Tsukune and Moka use their shinso power to blast Alucard into pieces, but Alucard quickly regenerates into a giant blob of grotesque flesh and gloats about how he is going to unleash his monsters all over the world. Alucard also states that Tsukune should be supporting the monster since Tsukune is not human anymore. Alucard tries to cause more doubt in Tsukune by revealing that the Holy Lock is actually responsible for turning Tsukune into a shinso. Many other supporting characters including Gin and various people from the youkai academy and relatives decide to show up and help fight Alucard, and Tsukune gets his focus again and the battle starts again.


Meh. This is the second last chapter of the series, and I had trouble taking it seriously. It seems like Rosario + Vampire isn't trying anymore. This could have been more exciting if the series saved Moka and Tsukune's power-up to this chapter of the final chapter. Not surprisingly, pretty much every surviving non-evil character decided to show up to participate in the final battle, although it be nice if they were portrayed in a more serious manner. I'm not expecting much from the final chapter given how things have gone. Hopefully it'll defy my low expectations and give us something good to remember.

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  1. And so as expected Alucard was not defeated .. rather he unleashed his hordes of minions on earth. What can the quickly arranged rescue teams do .. Tsukune to the rescue


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