Friday, January 3, 2014

Sekirei 154-155

Akitsu gets winged and unleashes her norito.

It's all about the kissing.

Mutsu is fending off Sanada's crazy three, while Sanada's other three Sekirei are messing around with Himeko. Meanwhile, Akitsu's scrapped Sekirei crest disappears, and she gets Mikogami to wing her. After being winged, Akitsu tells Mutsu to get Mikogami out of there while she unleashes her norito. As snow begins to fill the air, Sanada can see something is up and tells his crazy three to get out of range, but it's too late as Akitsu uses her all of her energy to unleash her Ice Erosion attack.


It's kind of cruel to let Mikogami wing Akitsu and then have Akitsu make the heroic sacrifice so Mikogami can make it into the next round? All for the better drama I suppose. It was nice Akitsu did get winged, but too bad she's going to be gone soon. I guess Akitsu can still enjoy being a winged Sekirei for a minute. Looks like Akitsu will take out the crazy three, which means the battle between Mikogami and Sanada is still not over.

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  1. What a short live moment between Ashikabi and Sekirei. Farewell Akitsu . Now onto other important battles


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