Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Bleach 584

Ichigo gets outnumbered even more.

Once again, everybody wants a piece of Ichigo.

Candice loses an arm from Ichigo's attack, but she gets Giselle to grow her a new one. The girl group are suddenly sniped off by Bazz-B, who appears with three other Sternritters to steal the kill. However, the girl group survives, so it's now Ichigo is facing eight opponents. Suddenly, a bright light shines from Vandenreich HQ, and Yhwach is about to make his move.


Ichigo screwed around too much and now he is faced with a 1 on 8 handicap, but there is a chance it might not come to that. Given what Yhwach said at the end, maybe he'll just kill the remaining Sternritters and absorb their powers. Haschwalth and Uryu probably will stick around for the time being though. Ichigo is still has his bankai and probably other power-ups, so he probably will stand his ground for the time being. The main question now is whether the other Sternritter will get taken out by Ichigo or Yhwach.

Oh, and I thought NaNaNa was following Renji around. Whatever happened to that?

On a not so-related note, I wonder what Aizen is doing these days. Maybe the shinigamis will consider letting him out to fight as a last resort.


  1. Nice review! Though the chapter was a little dumb. I know is cool and all but Ichigo should have gotten serious from the get-go. Maybe he is afraid to be the first to power up cause that never turns out well for anybody, but he was still facing 4 enemies and being worried about them getting hurt...seriously?!
    He will probably get some back up in the next 1-3 chapters, I wonder how many Sternritters will he "actually" take out before he gets overwhelmed, if that even happens of course.


    1. Haha thanks. Don't know if Ichigo will get to kill any of the Sternritters since Yhwach might do something, but yeah I expect Byakuya, Rukia and Renji to show up soon.

  2. That Liltotto, she is business all the time.

  3. Ah Ichigo, the darling of everyone .. everywhere he appears, people act .. now what will happen next!!


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