Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Bleach 586

Ichigo chases after Yhwach but is shot at by Uryu.

Maybe two never really liked each other that much.

Rukia and company battle the group of eight Sternritter, and this lets Ichigo chase after Yhwach. Ichigo approaches the tower but Uryu shoots arrows at him. Orihime and Chad arrive via a hollow portal to shield Ichigo, but then Yhwach, Uryu and Haschwalth ascend to the skies via a flash of light.


Not much happening this week. Looks like this will either end of being a prolonged chase, or Ichigo will have to find some way back up to the Zero Division's realm while Yhwach is allowed to run wild up there. Uryu is going along with Yhwach's master plan for now, and it'll take a while to see where his true loyalties lie. The only thing that was really interesting was the return of Orihime and Chad. I guess they accomplished whatever they were hoping to do in Hueco Mundo. I wonder when Grimjow will show up and catch up with Ichigo lol.


  1. As the other battle .. Ichigo is running here and there .. nice timing there by Orihime .. and where are the others .. We shall wait and see what is the true goal of Yhwach's

  2. What Bazz-B said about there being "too many" shinigami didn't make sense to me. Mistranslation? Also, Orihime's outfit - WTF Kubo? Has she ever worn anything as ridiculously revealing before? Seems OOC.

    1. Yeah I didn't get Bazz-B's comment.

      When you got the goods, why not show it off lol. Fan service for the win!


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