Wednesday, June 18, 2014

One Piece 750

The Straw Hats and allies battle the Donquixote Family on multiple fronts.

Let see if Fujitora can take the heat.

Luffy's bull-riding group charges up Doflamingo's mountain, and the other coliseum gladiators also make it onto the mountain from another direction because Sabo is holding off the Marines with his newly acquired Mera Mera powers. Kyros is also in the city fighting his way toward the mountain. Meanwhile, Franky tries to blast the factory but ends up getting suplexed by Senor Pink who wants to settle things one on one. At the royal plateau, Usopp, Robin, Rebecca, and company make it to the top to meet up with King Riku and Violet. Violet has the key to Law's seastone handcuffs, and Rebecca, Bart and some of the dwarfs will help Violet deliver the key while everyone else attack the factory.


The battle is progressing and not looking too bad for the good guys so far. With Sabo holiding off the Marines, Don Chinjao and the other gladiators get a free pass up the mountain and will occupy the attention from Doflamingo's execs, and this gives Luffy's group a path to the top. I guess Kyros will make it up the mountain via the long way but will show up for something important. Sabo with the flames will also be an interesting match-up against Fujitora. Franky runs into some trouble at the factory, but I think he can take Senor Pink one one one, and there are dwarfs coming in to help. The good guys seem to have a larger number of strong fighters, but of course there are a lot of people after them because of Doflamingo's bounties. The most conspicuous missing bad guy is Jesus Burgess, and we don't know what he is up to in all of this chaos.


  1. Sabo is going to be fine and Zoro too can handle it.

    1. Sabo doesn't have to defeat Fujitora and the marines. All he has to do is survive and keep the marines occupied. So he can probably just run around shooting flames as long as he can avoid getting pinned by Fujitora's gravity attacks.


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